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In Equestria, legend tells of a pony, all the colors of the rainbow, who will grant the wish of a pony whose heart is true. Tread lightly, though, for it is not a wish to be made without careful consideration.

The Rainbow Pony will grant a wish only if the wisher completes a unique task. Suffice it to say, these tasks are not what you’d expect.

If the Rainbow Pony gives you something wrapped in noctis wings, you will automatically know your task—words need not be spoken.

Some say that the pony’s colors on the outside compensate for the darkness on the inside, so think carefully before you attempt your task…

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i don't understand the ending. can someone please explain it to me?

5932621 Depending on what you're referring to, it's kind of supposed to be up to reader interpretation, but basically, the legend of the Rainbow Pony is true. If that's not enough, maybe you can PM me what exactly it is you're confused about and what detail you're looking for.


Given that the tellers of all the accounts refused to even share the task they were ‘assigned,’ it can only be assumed that the tasks are intentionally so horrifying or costly to them that they would not dare attempt them, and instead be forced to face their hardships head-on. All accounts confirm that no subject attempted their supposed task, and no harm ever came to them for it.

Imagine the Rainbow Pony meets Bender:

…The bone each subject received was somehow related to their wish (e.g., a pony who wished for financial assistance received a navicular bone, likely relating to the phrase ‘itchy hoof’). Finally, and possibly the most important, all subjects refused to reveal or attempt their ‘assigned’ task.

One has to wonder what those tasks are.
Considering the bone, it can't be good...

Interesting. Why is Scootaloo relieved?

5933764 Thanks for using the spoiler tag. :twilightsmile:
If you recall from the encyclopedia entry, no pony ever attempted their task, and none of them received any harm. Before she read that, Scootaloo thought completing her task was the only way she would be able to fly because she made the wish, but she didn't want to do it. When she realized that the task was a message, and not an actual assignment, she was relieved.
Does that explain it?

5932621 Perhaps this was the explanation you were looking for?

And could you two do me a favor and put the spoiler tag on those quote boxes?

5933836 Yes. Thanks.

This is going on my "read it." :pinkiesmile:


Then that brings up a question: What if a pony actually follows through with their 'task?'

5940300 The implication is that no pony ever would, either due to morals or cost (for those with no sense of morality). So the answer is, given that the Rainbow Pony is trying to give them a message (albeit through controversial means), what do YOU think would happen if they dared attempt it? Your answer would likely ride on what you thought the task was...


Not everypony would refuse to follow through. Some would be greedy and selfish, others would be mentally unstable and willing to do anything to achieve their dream... The scenarios are virtually unlimited if you look at it that way.

5940708 Well then, you have virtually unlimited answers. But I guess the true answer would be...
It depends on the pony.
That's probably not the answer you're looking for, but it's the answer you're going to get. And no, it's not a cop-out— it really does depend on the subject.

I don't see this as an open ended story. When you leave a story open, it's usually on how a character is going to respond to a situation. The author will then throw in hints that vouch for different choices.

The story feels like it's missing half the plot, sorry.

5942365 Ah, see, you're right, but that's not really what's happening. If you read some of my previous responses (all in spoilers), based on some of my wording, I'm not surprised you thought that was my aim, but the fact is...
The story isn't actually open-ended. The ending choice was absolute— Scootaloo wasn't going to do it. If that wasn't clear, I apologize—my editor did point out that I hadn't made it clear enough on my first draft, and I made a change. I guess not everyone made the assumption, though. What's supposed to be open is what a number of people have been asking— what was Scootaloo's task, and why was she relieved at the end? That's what I'm leaving to the imagination.
If you'd like to discuss it, head to the blog I linked in the A/N.

It seems a little more than open ended. If you are willing please watch puella magi madoka magica and reconsider adding more to this very entertaining piece. And if I've got you messed up with that anime suggestion, please also watch genei wo kakeru taiyou. ~doki

5947086 ... :rainbowderp:

I read the basic plots of those animes, and all I have to say is...

Woah. :twilightoops:

That's not quite the arena I was trying to get into with this story. I do understand the recommendations, though.

I hate to disappoint, but I think I'm leaving this one as it is. The dark tag was new territory for me— the fact that I managed to be this successful with this one was actually very surprising. :pinkiegasp:

Thanks for taking an interest, though! :twilightsmile:

Okay ~doki doki
I've been watching too much anime. But I'd love to see much more of your work in the future.~doki

1: Maybe I would look over this again. I think I found a sentence that needs rephrasing.
2: This seem unfinished.

1) Which one do you mean? Could you use the spoiler tag please?
2) Quite a few people see more coming out of this, but it was intended to be the way it is. If you have a suggestion, though, please feel free to head over here and let me know. All constructive criticism is welcomed.

5950658 “That didn’t work at all, but it didn’t get us any cutie marks.

5955255 Ahh, I see. I'm not surprised that threw you off. Look at the whole exchange.
They were trying to earn their cutie marks in busting myths, so the goal was to prove that something DIDN'T work. What they tried indeed did not work, and even though that was exactly what they were trying to accomplish, they still didn't earn a cutie mark for it.
Does it make sense now?

1. Please make a sequel.
2. What are "noctis wings"?

1) You're not the first to ask, but I'm sorry to say the answer is still negatory. For my own sanity, I don't really want to continue with this.
2) Noctis wings are the wings of a noctis pony (bat pony, and no, not like Flutterbat— they're a different species)

This is great, but it needs an ending (one vote for making it really dark).


6004076 I'm glad you like it! :twilightsmile: But this already has its ending.
I should also point something out:

I didn’t really want to go much further with this one, for my own sanity’s sake.

Sorry, but I'm leaving this one as is.


Darn! I guess I'll just have to imagine one. In any case, good work and keep writing.

I like the way this story turned out. At first I thought it ended a little early or was open ended, but I reread it and realized I had missed some connections my first time through.

I'm kind of surprised that anyone thinks that anypony would carry out the horrible task given to them by the rainbow pony. It's pretty clearly stated that the rainbow pony only seeks out those who are pure of heart. That also makes a pretty decent case for the rainbow pony being good themselves. They don't test ponies that will fail, they only test those who are good but feel the need to wish.

Or something, maybe I'm going too meta with this. :pinkiecrazy:

6034741 Nah, you didn't go into meta territory. It looks like you got the gist of it.
The point was that the RP would assign a task so horrifying that they knew the wisher would never attempt it. The message was for them to face their trials head-on and not try to wish them away/fixed, because that's what they were supposed to do— face them. The wisher would, like you said, likely be someone who felt desperate, but really was meant to face their troubles because they would become who they were meant to be or better because of it. Basically, they'd be failing the test by trying to take it in the first place (hopefully that makes sense).
And you were also right on it not really being open-ended. Something is open (to interpretation), but it's not the ending...

Bahahaha, just came back to reread this story man, and I am laughing at all those comments requesting closure. It's so sweet to see it happen to someone else.

Insert orgasm face here.

Also, remind me when you are next on, I wanted to ask something about this story. I keep forgetting.

Ah, I thoroughly enjoyed this. This story has just the right amount of mystery. You, sir, have earned an upvote! :yay:

Also, the cover picture makes a lot more sense after reading this. Nice choice.

5940708 I know it has been about 9 months since you said what you said, but...

The legend says that ponies ‘whose hearts are true’ may make a wish for the Rainbow Pony to fulfill.

Would somepony "true of heart" complete a task so many disliked, and felt relieved not to do, just so that the can have a wish granted? Remember, this task is repulsive to all that are shown it, so do you think that the good ponies would carry it out in greed and selfishness? The ponies given the task are not evil, selfish, or mentally unstable to the point of psychopathy. What do yo think the task is? Is it murder? Is it to do things which are sick, cruel, and twisted to foals? Is it regicide or homicide(or is that Equicide?)? Robbery? Extortion? Property damage? Killing ones friends? Torture? Would anypony with a true heart do these? No. That's why the Rainbow Pony doesn't give the task to a random wisher, only the good ones. If one was somehow able to be good enough to receive the task yet dark or desperate to fulfill it, do you think it would go unpunished? Unnoticed? The other ponies would not catch them and punish them accordingly?

7025617 You just hit the nail on the head, my friend. :pinkiehappy:


I just realized how similar their whole thing is to Skullgirls.

7026178 Hmm... Honestly, I've never heard of it, but after looking at its Wikipedia page, I guess I can see why you'd say that. :applejackunsure:


I've never played it, but I'm writing a collaborative crossover fic of it with TF2 with a friend of mine.

What's this? A fresh air of originality?

Thank you, author.

I got Skullgirls. I've also offered up a free key for it quite a few times on my facebook feed, but no takers. And it's funny, I never made that connection myself.

This was kind of a subversion of the Dark tag... I thought Scoots might have missed the point and be about to attempt it anyway, but no. Not that I'm not relieved.

I'm not sure the dark tag fits this story, but none of the other tags fit it either. I had to read the story twice to really understand it, but I can't see anything to change to make it more understandable without ruining it.

Good story. Very thought provoking.

Creepy. Possibly the lack of continuation makes it creepier (imagination fills in the gaps). Probably shouldn't have read this at 1am

Wow. amazing. love it. And creepy if you read it near to midnight. XD

I like the legend itself. It's creepy and has a good theme/moral.

The character writing I was sort of bored by. I didn't feel invested in what Scootaloo was thinking.

But upvote overall.

7026190 I have a question. Do ponies only have the one time to complete the task? Say if a pony chooses not to do the task, but a few years later does, for whatever reason, decide to do it, will their wish be granted? Basically, I'm asking if the opition is always available to them.

7033605 The implication is that the assigned task is so horrifying to the wisher that no matter their situation or desperation, they would never attempt it. While the Rainbow Pony specifically only seeks out those who are 'true of heart,' the task assignment is also a test of their morals and character. The wisher would fail the test by attempting it in the first place. Someone else made a comment about the possibility of a pony that might actually attempt the task, and 7025617 gave a spot-on response.

7033652 I was working off the idea that you have no idea what could possibly happen in the future, so a situation could come up where a pony might be desperate, or insane, enough where they might take the chance for the wish. Kinda like the Joker from Batman or Walter White from Breaking Bad, all it would take is one really bad day.

7033685 I understand that perspective. I'm saying that even if a pony was driven to madness, if they had any morality whatsoever, they STILL wouldn't attempt their task. That's how horrifying these tasks are supposed to be (can you imagine?). Now if somepony was driven so mad later in life that even their morals weren't a factor anymore, then cost would drive the restraint (hence the "horrifying or costly" part of the legend).
You're diving deeper into this than I really intended, but if you want to look at it from all angles possible, and still want the "what about the future" answer, then here's an addendum: If the true of heart who made a wish in the past do not attempt their task initially, as is the Rainbow Pony's intention, if madness drives them to the brink of a potential attempt in the future, the Rainbow Pony would reappear and change the task to something that even a pony in a state of insanity wouldn't dare do.
If you want to go on and say "everypony has their breaking point," then the Rainbow Pony would have no choice but to make their task a suicide, to prevent them from harming anypony other than themselves. If a pony got so far into insanity that they would actually attempt suicide to get a wish, then they're a lost cause.
The key here is the 'true of heart' part. Do you think the Rainbow pony would select a pony true of heart early on that could possibly go so far to the other extreme later in life?

7033923 This is more of a personal thing, but I really don't believe in the whole "True of Heart" thing. Any person, no matter who they are, if pushed hard enough, if screwed over badly enough, will break eventually. And then they will be willing to do anything it takes to survive and get what they want.

7034375 Well, that's your train of thought. You're entitled to it, and I won't judge you for it. If you stick with that, then any characters you may think of that would follow that path would eventually be led to that last (well, second-to-last) part of my previous comment. You haven't specified whether you actually liked the story or not, but regardless, you took your time to give your input on the story's premise, so thank you. :twilightsmile: You actually may have pushed me to answer questions that others may have asked, so now they're available.

7033234 Thanks! And thank you for the input. I really didn't delve too deeply into Scootaloo's mind when I wrote this because I didn't want the task to be revealed. I thought keeping her deeper thoughts secret would keep the suspense, but you're right— I probably could have gone a little deeper into her mind and still kept the suspense up.
It's not often that I get constructive criticism and an upvote— thanks! :pinkiehappy:

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