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Twilight is ecstatic, and can't wait to share her wonderful news with Celestia.

She just hopes that Celestia will share in her happiness.

Primary Cast: Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia

Preread by TheWraithWriter.
Edited by Level Dasher.

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I think I speak for everyone here when I say the following:

What the fuck?

Well this was a mental mind fuck and it was amazing!

The author would like to state that he is most certainly not consumed by bitterness.

I only had one free orphan point left on my frequent abandonment card

my frequent abandonment card

hey, just like my mom had!

*uncontrollable, incoherent sobbing*

I like

2tail #6 · Nov 13th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Horse foals take over 300 days to be born. So Celestia is limited to about 110 foals per 100 years.

Celestia is being over harsh with Twilight here. She is more likely to have a foal with one of her own grand^x kids then Twilight is to date anyone one who would be illegal for her to date. It was just bad luck that Twilight's top picks were bothers and sisters.

So the Law helps Celestia -- who was likely braking the law anyway -- more then Twilight.

Brain.EXE stopped working....

Nice dtart war reference.

nia #9 · Nov 13th, 2014 · · ·

This was my first pony fic as I am very new to the FIM fandom. And it was a great choice, clearly. I'm going to enjoy my stay here, thats for sure.

Then welcome to the site. I hope I haven't broken you forever.

I kind of want to upvote this but at the same time I don't want to encourage these kinds of stories either. Oh the dilemma.

What kinds of stories? (just curious what you classify this story as that has you in a dilemma)

Don't really know what to call these kinds of stories. These stories are funny and yet feel like a joke told that rushed too fast to the punchline and left me feeling upset that the joke wasn't longer or more detailed in some way, if that makes any sense at all.

As for the dilemma, that was meant to be a humorous comment to be honest.

This needs a Random tag.

Moose, you're wonderful. You know that, right?

To keep my sanity, I'll file this under "Twilunestia" and assume that Twilight now has... er, mommy issues.

5265054 I will not be tempted by Pikachu's boobs. I utterly refuse to.

This is utterly ridiculous.

Good work!

This explains so much . . .

Shi-nee! Turn off the force field and come out please! I promise to be gentle! Princess Cadence even wrote me a permission slip! Please?

5265657 I just added it to the Mother And Daughter folder. I'm not sorry. :pinkiecrazy:

So stupid and yet so clever! :rainbowlaugh: Good work!

:derpytongue2:we all get there and we know it.:derpytongue2: Sometimes the fandom is so weird but i love it.:pinkiehappy:

Why doesn't everyone have a frequent abandonment card? And more importantly, where may I obtain one?

You just never know...

Well, that was... interesting. :rainbowlaugh: Meaning that I busted out laughing midway and my dad gave me a weird look.

If it's in the hundreds of thousands pretty much everypony in equestria must be related to Celestia! This is freaking disturbing. And if both AJ and Dash are related to Twilight, doesn't that mean they're related too?! Oh my head...

5265394 welcome to the asylum if ya want any story suggestions just send a PM.

I think my brain broke reading this. I'd know for sure, but it just jumped out just now and said it's going to Canada.

Bahaha. Man, that could make a great game.

What Did Dinky See?

If the Flash Sentry she met in the human world is actually the pony versions twin, then that means that there are two other Flash Senty's in that world.

*My brain after reading this fic.*

That is what MLP needs: MOAR FLASH SENTRY! I am sure everyone agrees.*

*No one agrees.

My reaction to this as I read goes as follows: " LOL what the fuck am I reading?"

:derpyderp1: What did I just read?

This is amazing.
definitely worth a follower.

Ok wait.... WTF?


Yep! That's about where I am at. :facehoof:
Can't say I like this. But, everyone is entitled to what they want to wright and I'm entitled to dislike it.

This is freaking hilarious :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::yay:

Nice Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Reference and then again WTF...... Luna being both Sister and Aunt to Twilight Do i since an incest between Celestia and her Father in that comment thats like OMG.... and Applejack being related to Twilight in some way Oh boy Poor Twilight she cant get a brake

Prince Shining Armor was unavailable at the time of print for a comment.

Hmm.. I wonder where he went off to- Aaww shit bucker!:pinkiesick:
BBBSFF? (Big Brother Best Sex Friend Forever?)

Well have fun Twilight!:facehoof:

I opened this knowing that it would be stupid and I was not disappointed
a masterpiece

That last image... Luna not being just a sister and aunt to Twilight - Luna is Twilight's father?

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