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Following the Doctor's disapperance from the wider universe, several of his former companions set out to track down the good doctor from whatever horrible situation of captivity he may be in. Their arrival in Equestria though hits an immediate roadbump in the form of Lyra Heartstrings, Human Hunter of Equestria. Thats not all though, as the Doctor reveals through complicated science that his former companions are in great danger of exploding, twice, unless they get to the TARDIS fast without Lyra finding them and all of Equestria going into a panic.

Cover Image by KYMSnowman aka Mr. Snowpony aka Awesome Artist You Should Look Up

Chapters (4)
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Oh look! It's the Doctor Whooves and Lyra story I was waiting to see happen. What took so long? The basic idea behind this is a fairly simple and very entertaining one.

Most of my issues are just technical. For one thing, you've got characters referred to as "the lavender unicorn" and such. That's such a common problem that it's actually referred to as "Lavender Unicorn Syndrome" in this fandom. Call your characters either by name or by a simple pronoun (he, she, him, her, etc.) Anything else looks weird.

The Doctor's dialogue is mostly good, but he tends to use less technobabble. The bit about "dressing a monkey like a duck" sounded like him, and a paragraph or so of technobabble is fine, but at times it gets too wordy and awkward. I didn't really understand "Close like a planet is close to its sun in terms of being close to the center of their galaxy to their universe” and it didn't sound like him.

Still, this is a solid effort and could easily turn out to be a fun story.

Lol doctor has some explain in to do

My thanks for your comment. That I was writing this after a sudden spurt of inspiration at 6am may have something to do with some of the technical issues. I'll be more moderate in the next chapter and if Celestia is willing I will be able to watch Doctor Who on Netflix.

I will also clarify now that in terms of chronological order, my take is that the Doctor fell into Equestria following Martha Jones leaving him and before Donna Noble became his companion in 'Partners in Crime'. Mostly because I haven't seen those episodes besides the third episode of that season, the finale and the 'End of Time' episode.

"DO-... DO-..."

Colour me intrigued and have some thumbs, this is an interesting start to a promising story! :moustache:

Mickey? What the heck is HE doing in Eques- oh he followed Martha. Of course. What was I thinking?
Now I have to wonder if Captain Jack (not Sparrow, to the uninformed) is the one on the loose. I hope not, otherwise within a year or so some centaurs will start running around.


Centaurs... hahahaha... no wait, that'd probably happen with Jack.... :twilightoops:

to the omnisexual man that is captain jack harkness, there is no such thing as "not sexy"


Then you all WILL be happy with the next chapter.

oooooo! I am so tracking this one! :rainbowderp:

Ooh! An update! Good chapter, eagerly awaiting the next!

Quick suggestion, I'd personally prefer it if you take an extra week between chapters just to buff them out a little more, make them a little longer. Maybe 3000-4000 a chapter? I wouldn't mind the extra wait for the extra length :scootangel:

400110 I suppose. I've just struggled to start this chapter here over the last week because of a series of in life events and wanted to get it up.

This is an awesome story!

Lyra though.... wow..... she is certifiably insane....but it totally works for your story, so great job!


Angel fails to live up to his name as usual. But in this case his judge of character isn't too far off. :rainbowlaugh:

i clicked on this chapter soley because captain jacks name was on it

419217 it was @#$%ing great

The greatest playboy in the Multiverse has come to Ponyville. :pinkiehappy:
Looks like Big MacItosh has some competition for the mares.

Martini cutie mark, hitting on anything with a pulse, sounds like the Captain Jack I know.


Juuuust wait until he gets into town. Which will hopefully be this Saturday.

472448 YAY! That's the day after my birthday. AWESOME! And also, ANYTHING WITH A PULSE AND SOME WITHOUT A PULSE!

472558 Its also the day after my birthday >.>
Granted it depends on how blown away I am by this upcoming episode...

472589 YAY for people with matching birthdays!


Awesome. Thanks. I really need to lengthen these Chapters. I just really wanted to get ok my ideas. Well now that plots are about to collide and I've added a new element it will give me more space to lengthen and be descriptive!!!!

Run Jack, RUN!
She'll experiment on you! Not that it'd really be an issue since he can't die...but I imagine being dissected once she learns that magic won't change him back short of transformation would not be pleasant. And once she learns he's immortal...oh boy, then the REAL horrors start!

This is getting exciting, awesome job, but now i'm excited for the next chapter. I hate having waiting between chapters.

heheheh gonna be good :yay:

Finally. Now that I have that out of the way I can hit my stride.

Hey, whadya know! I'd recognize that human Lyra image anywhere. I'm its creator, KYMSnowman. Thanks for using it and you are very welcome to continue doing so.

Congratulations, as well for the feature! I'll be sure to read the story when I get some free time to do so.

805500 Hehe. Finally I know where to put the picture to. Thanks for the inspiration!


No problem! Always a pleasure to be at service. :twilightsmile:


I love this. It combines two of my favorite shows. Thanks so much.



Happy to be of service myself. Well, now that I have the story branching I can sit down and develop the plot which I can assure you is about to get more interesting then it appears.

It's about time! Good work my good sir.:moustache:

wait.... im inclined to believe that captain jack is loose in ponyville....oh dear:rainbowderp:

I read the title of the chapter... And instantly face palmed, knowing pretty much what was going to happen...

The Diamond Dogs will
( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■



And David Bowie too!

MOAR! MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MO- oh wait, you just posted this a few hours ago... DAMNIT!! Now I have to wait for an update!! I hate catching up...

"in a hot tub with its girl friend" :rainbowlaugh: that got me

Eeyup. Its on the back of the rotation now. Next up is a 'Trixie! Order Up' update then 'FOE: Hightide'

wait, master...as in The Master? somthing else going down in poniville, yes? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

the drums doctor! always the drums!

you good sir have earned the a favorite and a like. I look forward to reading more i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj54/templea2/Fantastic.gif

Interesting story so far and looking forward to future chapters.

I am wonder though... where exactly in their own timeline does the Doctor and the others come from? I'm guessing Mickey and Martha are from either shortly before or sometime after 'The End of Time' but obviously the Doctor is from sometime before that, since he didn't know Mickey and Martha are married.


Indeed. I have not seen the season where he had Donna as a companion and in particular I don't really like her at all. Though one could certainly place him between the Sands of Mars and End of Time or after Last of the Time Lords.

Does this mean Lyra is The Master using a Fob-watch? Or is she under his influence? Or is there a third explanation?

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