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Moon Gazer is a single father trying to provide for his son. He works in dangerous conditions for little pay and sometimes wishes for the days when he worked in the field of his dreams. Those days are gone now, replaced by the needs of his five year old son. He doesn't complain though, so long as he's happy, he's okay with a little sweat.

Star Gazer has a secret. Not many know this, he could be the only one in fact! His dad... is a super hero! He knows this to be true, and longs to join him as his side kick one day! It'll be awhile until then, as his father tells him. There are a lot of requirements to become a super hero. A GED, going to college; he thinks he's joking when he talks about pretty mares, but he's not entirely sure. One way or another, he'll join him and help defeat his sworn nemesis, DOCTOR OVERTIME!

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Super dad? Freaking amazing

StarGazer was my old OC name ^_^

Jeez I hope all goes well.

I wonder. Will he become part of Terradisia when miles gets there? No, no miles didn't take any one with him during the first visit but that first vist will probably wake something up in "super dad" and make him want to join.

Aaaaahhh the feals! I already like this story.

Huray for superdad.

5279978 I hope so bro, I hope so.

:pinkiegasp:-le gasp- how do you know of my father's secret identity. I must now strive to hunt you down and protect our family's sanctity through vigilante justice as...the Fallen Stargazer :P

:applecry: Please let him be alright.

Nice story so far, i like the concept of super-dad that doesn't exiat (yet?)

Oh no....poor Moon Gazer! He's literally working himself to death! :raritycry:

Moon has a condition called silicosis. Or Rocks in the Box. Hard rock miners get it. Or maybe black lung?

Why does this story make me happy and sad at the same time, like shouldn't that be impossible?

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