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Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pony procreation...


Chapter 24: In progress.

I’ve been in Equestria for over 1500 years, and the memory of what I did to Luna and Celestia is still there, like a dull ache that will never go away. As an immortal, I’m going to have the next few thousand years to get used to it. Despite that, only thirty years have passed back on Earth. I wonder what’s become of Luna since we traded places. Is she alive? Dead? Married with kids?

My name’s Catherine, and you’re probably wondering what I’m babbling on about. If you’ll bear with me, I’ll start where it all began.

Tags (character and otherwise) will be updated as necessary. Rated teen for strong themes.

Character Sheet. (Work in progress.)

Cover art by Silfoe
Textless version

Edited and Proofread by:
Jay the Stormtrooper
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That premise terrified me. I can't even look at this for now.

Oooh, what do we have here? Added to my Read Later!

This is inspired by "Royal Duties" isn't it?:duck:
Can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

8067832 Not entirely. Just the orb thing. Completely dissimilar otherwise.

They did not think this through, so how do they change bodies when they want to change. Luna cannot do magic with no horn and in a human body too


Luna cannot do magic with no horn and in a human body too

She'll find that out the hard way :moustache:

Sounds like a recipe for an 'Oh shit' moment.

8068121 All shall be explained :pinkiecrazy:

This is a fantastic story so far, you really have me glued in as I could literally can't stop myself from reading. Well done:twilightsmile:

I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy: until next time, good luck with writing the next chapter :scootangel:

8069862 I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Third chapter just needs proofreading and editing, and I've started work on the fourth. Despite there being no update schedule, I want to try keep the wait between each chapter as short as possible.

8069960 cool, well best of luck with writing the chapters and I hope you find a find proofreader:pinkiehappy:

If the time flows differently in both worlds. Then how are they able to talk to each other in real time? Seems the time flow was the same while they talked. Did the time only sync while the orbs were active? Or did the Earth's orb send the "visual/audio stream" back through time in the Equus? Or something else?
That's the only thing that's bothering me.


Seems the time flow was the same while they talked. Did the time only sync while the orbs were active?

You answered your own question :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Dark Shade 75 deleted Jun 9th, 2017
Comment posted by Dark Shade 75 deleted Jun 9th, 2017

8075527 Half a dozen proofreaders and that one mistake still managed to slip through the cracks...

8075531 I don't think so. Opening portals to other planes of existance where time flows differently will momentarily sync the respective time streams, otherwise the one living in the faster-moving (comparibly speaking) universe would look like a tweaker loaded on caffeine. At least, that's my argument for this.

Comment posted by Dark Shade 75 deleted Jun 9th, 2017


Should be "gist". Jist is not a word.

Oopsies. I changed it. I normally spell it as "jist", but it turns out "gist" is 18th century Old French. Turns out the word in meaning has evolved quite a bit over the last three-hundred years haha.

so from the premis im guessing she steals luna's immortal body and leaves luna...

8107431 You're not wrong, I'll tell you that much.

Stay tuned to find out what will happen :trollestia:

8075527 Not necessarily. It's just fine as is, and I actually think adding with clutters the sentence.

From a grammatical standpoint, since the author is already describing the appearance of the boss, with isn't technically needed. The exception would be if the author mentioned the charismatic glint for no reason at all in the middle of showing us something else.

Comment posted by Dark Shade 75 deleted Jun 9th, 2017

8124084 And you don't get to ignore the common courtesy of being polite in the comments.

Both ways are right, but I changed your initial suggestion back to 'and' because in hindsight, it felt more in line with how I wanted to describe the character.

An inconsequential word choice isn't going to do any harm.

8123675 Hmm, you're actually right. Thanks!

As I read it over in my head, 'and' is making the implication his charisma is already there, rather than suddenly adding it in. At least, that's how I look at it.

Comment posted by Dark Shade 75 deleted Jun 9th, 2017


You won't be missed.

Nice chapter, I'm liking the court proceedings and Celestia's interaction. Wouldn't it be a problem for 'Luna' when more complicated politics come into play? When is Celestia gonna notice, she can't be oblivious that her sister is a different person!

8184388 Part of staying in character is to convince Celestia that nothing is wrong with Luna


Good luck pulling that off while not making Celestia look like an idiot :rainbowlaugh:

8184785 I'm glad you're liking it so far :trollestia:

8184559 Ever heard of the expression "Pulling the wool over your eyes"?

8068100 Touch orb to screen, seems simple enough.


No?... Are you gonna drape a sheep over your face:rainbowhuh: ?

8185338 It means to intentionally deceive someone


Sooo Celestia knows? It's obvious that 'Luna' is decieving but do you mean Celly? Also you can't accidentally decieve someone (Or maybe you can:rainbowderp:) so it must be on purpose

8185609 Currently, Celestia does not know anything about Kate and Luna's switch.

Kate is be in intentionally deceitful toward Celestia so her real identity does not get found out.

So.......how is Luna's situation in Kate's body? I'll wait.

That won't be necessary to get into for quite some time.

Eh, you don't need everything in a chapter to be plot relevant, besides the dream sequence coupled with the days in court really helps sell the whole immersion for both the character and the audience in an alien setting. As for pacing I'll just say that we have a difference of opinion on it, as I thought it neither felt rushed or dragging, about the only thing off for me was the fact that Luna/Kate was so lucid after sustaining a concussion, normally I'd chalk that up to alicorn biology but even Celestia decided to mention how odd it was.

On the topic of concussions, I did do a little bit of research into them. While symptoms of concussions do have a fair few things in common, the effects are subjective; there's no clear cut way someone should or shouldn't be acting or how it effects them.

I heard the familiar heavy footsteps of my boss, Jared, walking down the well-travelled hallway before I saw the neatly groomed top of his salt and pepper hairdo float over the top of the cubicles. He was a respectable guy in his early forties and always had a charismatic glint in his eye. I found it a bit odd that he tended to brown nose people from time to time, but nothing really came of it. In the end, I chalked it down to him encouraging us to do our jobs right. The only thing that struck me as peculiar was he always wore the same blue suit to work while the rest of us changed it up from day to day.

best part is that my name is Jarrod. Close so very close pronounced the same but spelt difrently.


best part is that my name is Jarrod

I can honestly say I've never seen that name spelt that way right up until now :rainbowderp:

ooh this is getting good resourcefulness and a different mind set can really be clever in this world!

You hit the nail on the head with that.

I hope you guys are liking the more frequent updates!

Of course we do! Even better when a great author such as you updates :D

Hopefully I can keep up with the current trend :pinkiehappy:

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