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Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pony procreation...


There's seven billion people. This planet doesn't need me. What do I have to offer?

"I've lived for 900 years, and never once have I met someone who wasn't important."
- The Doctor

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My oh my. That was amazing.

I hope that the doctor takes derpy aka Mel back to equestria and they fall in love and have little masters!:rainbowkiss::twilightsheepish:


What stuck out a me was "Have little masters".
You don't mean... DO you? :pinkiegasp:


I'm only 1200 words into the next chapter. Be patient :derpytongue2:


What you can do is tell your friends etc about my stories, that would be greatly appreciated.

Huh, I can't believe it's been four, maybe five months since I read your last story (My Little Luna, I'm not too big on dark stories with evil Twilight...). I gotta say, your writing style has improved immensely! Well done, and I hope to see more of this in the near future!


Have you only read MLL and this one? :rainbowhuh:

Fraid so...
I've been a little occupied with writing Puella Magi Twilight Magica, and reading other stories, not to mention my little problem with exams coming up in school.


Ah, makes sense.

Good luck with your own endeavors and I'm working on having the next chapter out in the next day or so.

Thanks, and the same to you. Also, please could you take a look at PMTM? I could really use some constructive criticism.

Talking pony in house.
Mother doesn't know pony talks.
Overhears Mel talking to pony, but doesnt hear Doctor talk.
And knows that pony/Doctor talks.
And now probably curiosity.

UPDATE!!!!!!!:flutterrage:......that is,if you want to:fluttershyouch:


Calm your tits I'm just doing the final edits right now on the third chapter

Is it the master?!?!?!:pinkiegasp:

Somehow, I think Ive heard that thunderstorm thing before. Maybe with daleks?:trixieshiftright:

Oh crap. I think I know whats going on; something similar happened in countless alien invasion movies. The circumstances were very similar in all of the movies, though still different. The end result, however, was always the same: the aliens used the humans as a food source. Please tell me that's not what's happening!


I can honestly tell you that your statement is not what's happening. :trollestia:

Kinda figured, just poking fun at all the B movies that the Sy Fy Channel puts up.


Nope, not Daleks at all.

But you will find out within the next 24 hours of me replying to your comment as I type this :P

Dude, this chapter was SO good! You finally brought Derpy back!


I'm ready to publish the next chapter but I'm just waiting to hear from the reviewer

(Not the reviewer:trollestia:)

So the cybermen leader has a head, but its completely see-through. Still humanoid but it looks very blue, and white (Maybe not the white part). Im seeing...
Humanoid daleks?
I think its something related to the Doctor Who series.

Is she going to wake up as ditzy...(derpy):derpytongue2:!?!?


Go have a look I just put up the finale

Dude, this is a really sad ending, I thought you were gonna save the mother and have Derpy keep her memories...
It was good though.


Then if you think it's a sad ending I achieved my goal :3

That was unexpected....."sigh" I guess it was good though:pinkiesmile:

*Off to somewhere cold to calm down*


I take it you liked it :P

It depends on how you define liked.
If its me missing a tag [Ex. Sad], and finding out on my own.
(Surprise feels?)Then yes!:pinkiesmile:

My feels... why would you do that? Why?! Nice job :)

"Well I'll be damned. I just saw a horse eat a pancake. Now I've seen everything." :rainbowlaugh:
I've seen cats eat spam (or however it's spelled...). It was funny....I guess?

4543373 I did, though the thought of the Doctor never travelling with Ditzy again brings a tear to my eye...:pinkiesmile:

No words. Just amazement. Will follow.

:fluttercry: sweet, is it ok for me to use some of the quotes stated here I like them

Sure, no problem. Just remember to credit me and the story if you wouldn't mind :twilightsmile:

"Affections touching across time"

Isn't that the name of an Inuyasha movie?

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