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A Farewell letter to Derpy Hooves written by Doctor Whooves, explaining why he was not there during the fall of Cloudsdale or after that in the Fallout Equestria Universe.

Chapters (2)
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This is really bittersweet. A lovely piece for both The Doctor and Derpy.

Absolutely astounding, and actually feels exactly how the Doctor might have reacted when the bombs dropped in this universe.


This made me cry and it got me thinking of The 10th Doctor and Rose's relationship ended in Doomsday: https://youtu.be/5wdj16x6LYc

I really hate to nitpick, but I noticed an inconstancy in this chapter.

As soon as the ghoul-pony hears the noise she never thought she would hear again
"Can't Hear, or Speak. Only Write. Have letter."

Otherwise, great short story!


I was under the impression that the sound produced by the TARDIS was purely psychic, and that it was the reason why people who are around a materializing TARDIS do not normally immediately freak out at the unorthodox sound. [Excepting TARDIS-approved companions for the Doctor.] Unfortunately, I did not really have a word to describe this manner of extrasensory detection, and so settled with a less apt description of the effect.

Thank you for pointing this out, however.

Nicely done! I was just perusing through fallout stories and came across this. Very interesting and also encouraging for me since I am also thinking of bringing the Doctor into the world of Fallout. Makes me curious on what his mission was and what time this was set during the show's timeline. Like which regeneration he was and what companion he had previous.

A nice yet bittersweet conclusion. Again well done sir.

You know I just realized this might also be similar to if the Doctor ever went to Donna at the end of her life and gave back her memories (though that might not be that great but still)

I would consider this canon to the original fallout equestria story because of ditzys roll in helping littlepip. though i have to ask how long after the 10 years later chapter of foe does this story take place because foe gave us the impression that ditzy was perfectly fine 10 years later

Since you don’t have a front comments page, I’m going to say something besides that I liked the story. I also really appreciate the reference. I certainly like less than half of things half as well as they deserve.

I original wrote this to provide a framework for the doctor existing in FO:E. I am not sure if I will continue it, as I am currently working on a large fanfiction for an OC of mine. That fanfiction may not be able to be posted here according to the rules of this site, and it is not near able to be posted on fanfiction.

As gouls are expected to have a very long lifetime, I would guess 90-150 years later, but a specific number of years was not thought of while I wrote this.

Comment posted by Imagemaker deleted Oct 26th, 2019

For any reader who is thinking about audio adaptations, two individual groups are working on versions. I'll attach links when they are done. I am not interested in any other adaptations being done.

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