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Good Fedora Pony

A Brony that loves to meditate and reflect on life. Loves to tell story's and loves to be honest. Amateur animator, 3D modeler, art creator, and good-hearted critic. ...I like anime too..


I have a 3D printer! · 8:43am Nov 2nd, 2020

Details of what I have been doing for the past two months.

A Secret is revealed!:trollestia:

Also, I am on a scary game marathon.

Enjoy my suffering and bad audio.:pinkiecrazy:

I am hoping to finish the next chapter of my story this week.
Wish me luck!

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1478158 what do you mean? :rainbowhuh: I just liked it, it was memorable, and it created some creative juice. It may not be perfect in the long run, but you see, even real books, have made mistakes. It certainly didn't count against them now did it?:twilightsmile: good job for a first time, you did not disappoint.:twistnerd:

Thanks for favouiting "Last Survivor", but I'd like to know why?:twilightsheepish:

I would gladly stand beside you, if you so wish it, and I shall heed thy call.

  • Viewing 78 - 82 of 82
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my litile art work.

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