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A Brony that loves to meditate and reflect on life. Loves to tell story's and loves to be honest. Amateur animator, 3D modeler, art creator, and good-hearted critic. ...I like anime too..


I just spent three hours on this! · 12:03am August 30th


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I forgot to add this here.(。_。)Its actually a pony video. · 4:02am August 25th

So ya, I did this and well...it is somewhat dated when i was editing, but I intend to finish it.

Let me know what you all think about it.:derpytongue2:

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So far so good ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) · 8:50am August 3rd

I have a new video up!

It's an outdated one but hay better late than never.

It's out of theme, but I did promise to post it next in my update video so...

Anyhow, I have half of a chapter for both of my stories finished!!!

My strategy is doing good so far, but can it hold for more than a week?...we shall see.

I will let you know next weekend.

Peace!!! ((((((づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ


My old SFM experience!/ upd · 8:14am July 24th

You know how this whole lock down thing has impaired all of us?

Ya, that hasn't happened to me.:rainbowderp:

Not only that, but we are busier than ever!!!:fluttershysad:

We do 'decorative curbing' as a family job, and the calls are still rolling!

And we didn't even advertise this year!

What free time I have is already spent doing something else more often than I care to count!

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Official update and story news. · 10:46am Nov 1st, 2019

Happy nightmare night every Bronies!!!

Hello, I am back, and boy has it been a long time.

Long story short, I was.....hesitant, to jump right back in as the series was reaching its inevitable end.

I'm pretty sure anyone can guess why I wasn't exactly thrilled to write again.

But through a series of blessings and misfortunes, I had gotten back what I lost.

My inspiration.

Just recently we have lost an irreplaceable member of our family. A dog named Kiss Kiss.

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Yesterday I became an uncle! · 6:28pm Feb 26th, 2019

My little sister just had her first child yesterday, a girl! (which I called on day one because I'm that good lol!) It's a bizarre feeling when you're going to a hospital smiling instead of frowning.

The delivery went well, aside from the poor little thing being bruised, but my sister and her boyfriend are so giddy about the whole thing.

It took a lot for me to not shed liquid pride upon seeing my little niece. Her dad, however, could not hold back.

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I made a thing, but it's not finished...yet · 1:41am Dec 28th, 2018

My first update on a thing that is important to me...in video format for convenience.:rainbowderp:

This also affects my story at the moment. just so you all know.:rainbowderp:

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My last year of YouTub approaches. Wow. · 8:59pm Dec 11th, 2018

When I made my channel, no one was excited, except for my little cousins.

No one was against it as I had already said that I was only going to do this for three years and then see where I was at.

I'm no whiz-kid, but I am above the average when it comes to planning things out.

Youtube was an experiment for my social skills, honing my confidence and broadening my skill set.

As of right now, I can safely say that I am better at typing, singing, speaking and smiling.

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I made a thing...it can be good? · 6:54pm Dec 7th, 2018

I made a thing...It might be embarrassing but it is the best i can do to provide a sneak peak at what go's on in my head.
even thou it is a rushed project that is far from perfect, i do hope that it can tell you how much I can do.
It is something...new, as their is nothing like it anywhere. I know it is not the best thing I have ever made as it literally only ten minutes to make. no scrip, no planing, nothing. what you will heir, is raw clay that manifested in a mere moment.

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New story/ update! yaaaaay · 9:29am Nov 29th, 2018

Broken, disappointed, sad, and sick...but not dead!

The last time I made a blog was nearly seven months ago! Wow, that would have made me sad at one time, but it turns out that almost everyone who followed me before hasn't even logged in since 2013...so ya lets let that sink in for a moment and let's not waste more time.

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