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I created this group for the lack of negative attention towards spike. could you blame me he is just so easy to hate.
If any one sees a fanfic that has spike getting killed, let me know I will post it A.S.A.P.

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It is good to see a group like this. There are so many Spike fan boys out there.

What kind of group is this?! This is terrible!

Ya'll niggas is just jealous.

330832 If you want to add it add it

sorry about not being as deligent about the group as I should be.

332629 add the story titled snip by snip, you can add the story here as to the site wont let me add it. i only joined this group to give you this story and i will now leave it. i enjoy seeing people die, but not over hate; as i dont have that emotion and dont understand why people feel it.
my cousin was stabbed to death and i kno the guy who did it, yet i dont hate him. linkhere

sorry I have been got grounded long story. any way I am putting the group in your hoofs to get stories here all up to you.

Do zombies count? I found a story where Rarity brings spike back to life

I hate spike so much he's all oh I'm scared help me and I am such a sucker for you twilight I hate him

330709 thank you because I couldn't talk to my friend till Monday:twilightsmile:

You need to create folders and the add stories by clicking "Add to Group" which is below a story. Folders first.

No folders= no stories.

I am sorry to say that I am having problems adding a story to our group:applejackunsure: but I will talk to my friend and he should know and Will tell me.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by V H Herman deleted Oct 4th, 2013

Thank you all who have joined my group it means a lot to see people take interest in my stuff so thank you:twilightsmile:

I love Spike, but seeing him suffer is secret delight of mine.

No. He's not easy to hate. I love that guy :twilightsmile:

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