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a group for fans of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. please, feel free to post any WoT Crossovers and fanart!

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Comment posted by Icarus720 deleted Apr 18th, 2015

All we need is a WoT fan to make it big in HBO or some such place

307342 That could make an amazing TV show.:pinkiegasp:

Thus brings the end of a series that was a part of my life and others.
As well as the unfortunate death of a good author:pinkiesad2::ajsleepy:

Though admittedly, like one or two books before I stopped, things were already getting weird and tricky to track due to the amount of people with different titles and affiliations running around and plotting all kinds of stuff, and running cross country naked.

This picture is a decent portrayal of my friends and I trying to keep up with all of the details:

Its good that he was able to finish his last book before the end. How did he die?

Lets raise an ale for Robert Jordan, the author of a damn good series!
I would watch the shit out of the television show if they made one based on the WoT!

305595 The 14th (and final) book came out recently so the series is done. Too bad Robert Jordan didn't live to see it.:fluttercry:

I remember this series from when several friends and I read this in middle school for ass loads of Accelerated Reader (AR) points!

The last one I read had a bunch of Aes Sedai (I'm not sure if I spelled that right) bowing to the Dragon guy after some massive battle and thus fulfilled a prophecy.

Also, the bad ass that was bound to the first Aes Sedai that the main char meets, finally caught up with his back up Aes Sedai.

Is this series still going?

I give this my approval.

The existence of this group makes me very, very happy.

Gotta love the Wheel of Time series.

new group!

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