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It is a group of people who like to talk about Code Geass.

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Good Evening everyone... I have come here for the event of creating a crossover of a technical tri-power kind, bringing together the universes of Code Geass, YHaY, and MLP... granted the last two are almost one and the same, but still.

If any of you wish to help me, I would be grateful. I have recently re-watched all the seasons of Code Geass and they have inspired me to do this... along with the stories being made over in YHaY.

All hail lelouch and the power of geass

319577whats wrong with the forums

319464 Check out the Black Knights group forums.

319464 :rainbowderp: hm, you're still here?

ALL HAIL LELOUCH!!! the Black Knights group is mine>>308167>>308576>>310132

308167 Sorry for the late reply, I had finals to take care of. I love that idea, just need to take care of personal issues.
308576 I am friends with the owner, so we can do that.

There's a group called The Black Knights. Maybe we can fuse the two groups together.

Looks like this group's defunct. Tis' time for me to renovate this group and turn it into an active group.

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