R.I.P. RapeTrain-Express 73 members · 9 stories

This is for the great downfall of RapeTrain-Express
Whose FF were full of imagination that none dare to dwell on
Join the group if you are a Follower to his masterpieces
If not
Here a all of those Masterpieces for those new members,

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can someone just teach rapetrain-express how to believe in himself? why did he, with all the tallent he has, have to care so much for what some white knights have to say?

arent we good enough of a proof that he was a good writer? who else has a group dedicated to him? :ajbemused:

Could someone continue that Fluttershy and Discord fic? i would but i'm terrible at Writing things

I am a pony :pinkiecrazy:

He once said that a few people had created offshoots to Stealing Harmony. Anyone know where I can find a few of them? I don't know if he will come back.

Although, while it lasted, it was... let's say awesome.

joined, because fimfiction needs more rape.

Hey check out that pastebin.


I agree with you
you should PM a MOOd and tell them on what you think of
of course that only me on that opinion

I think he should be brought back its stupid to Perminately Ban him cause he upvoted things? i want proof he did that

  • Viewing 1 - 8 of 8