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This story is a sequel to Wolf In Pony's Clothing

Manehattan's Spring Fashion Show, second only to Fashion Week in the fall. And this spring, Carousel Boutique of Ponyville will be there for the first time, with three in-house models on the runway: A pegasus supermodel who disappeared two years ago, a farmpony who can fake being a Manehattanite -- and a Changeling Queen working undercover for Princess Celestia.

Add the lead mare and stallion of Canterlot's Smart Set and two griffins -- one a jealous supermodel, the other a Bridleway star with a secret -- and what could possibly go wrong?

A sequel to Wolf in Pony's Clothing, taking place two to three months after the events of that story.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the magical land of Equestria and its equine inhabitants (c) Hasbro, Inc, Hub Network, and Studio DHX.
Created by Lauren Faust.

"Picture Perfect Pony" by MandoPony.

"Art of the Dress (stressed reprise)" by Daniel Ingram and Charlotte Fullerton.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 106 )

Yes! I've been waiting for the sequel. Fukken faved!
BTW. Will we see some Ardi here, or will it be mainly focused on Vespid and other changeling's?

4703695 Glad you like it! Sorry, but Ardi will only be showing up in some flashbacks and mentions here and there. This will mainly be about half the Mane Six and Queen Vespid, as well as some new characters. Including not just more changelings but a minotaur as well. I hope they'll be as likeable as the wolf is, though!

After this story there will be a new story about Ardi proper, detailing some of his problems as 'chief wolf diplomat to the ponies'.

And thanks very much for the fave! Should be a new chapter up tomorrow.

4704061 I'm not complaining. I like stories with diplomatic and cooperating changeling's, and Vespid seams; as far as I can remember, from first story, as well as in here; quite likable.
And you went ahead of me, because I intended to ask If Ardi will be the main character of another story. Good to know. :rainbowwild:

Nice chapter! Really good on creating background to the world, with those griffins. I really liked how you weave G1 Megan into the mythology, and of course Lyra with her conspiracy theories. :rainbowlaugh:
I was wondering how long Vespid will remain hidden from AJ and Shy, and I liked it that you revealed her so soon. It would be tiresome with AJ constantly prodding her about her identity. But you know what wouldn't be boring? Small side plot with Fancy constantly missing by a hair width, her true form. Not enough for it to become corny, but enough to be running joke.

PS. Why it's so unpopular? This story really needs more views!

4711567 Don't worry, Vespid will be running into Fancy Pants again. And there will be some more world-building along the way.

And I'm glad that you like the part were the ponies quarrel over the 'real' version of Escape from Midnight Castle; in-setting there's at least three different versions (one for each or the three tribes), and probably a near infinity of re-interpretations of it. There's almost certainly going to be one more when the real Tirek eventually gets free!

So, so glad to see you writing a sequel! I just wish you were more well-known on the site. Oh well. Faved! :pinkiehappy:

4712728 Thanks for the fave and comment! And yeah, I wish I was more well-known here too, but I am slowly bur surely getting more and more faves and views on my work, thanks to folks like yourself. Take care!

And we're off! Love to see some more from the budding "Ardi-verse". :pinkiehappy:

Fancy Pants' Sherlock Scan was awesome--and somehow, it seems perfectly fitting for the guy. His little bantering with Fleur was adorable too.

4715805 Glad you like it! And with Fancy and Fleur, my inspiration for them was more along the lines of the handful of 'Thin Man' movies I've seen, of the well-to-do crime-solving couple. That inspiration may become a little TOO obvious in a later chapter. :pinkiehappy: But again, I'm happy that you liked his 'Sherlock Scan'. If you remember, it was partly inspired by Alex Warlorn's having him show that ability in the Diamond Tiara arc of Pony POV.

I was wondering about AJ's and Bab's parts. I knew I read it before. :ajsmug:

Loved the world-building and little details; that's what makes a story really shine--the bit about what Megan really was was great. :)

And like the other guy said, great move having Vespid come clean to AJ and 'Shy so soon--diverts a poitless whodunit and gets the story moving.

Though I wonder why Rarity shuddered at the mere mention of movies--is there something I missed from the last story, or is the concept just off-putting to her?

Our first Manehattenite Changeling Queen already? :pinkiegasp: And it seems that she prefers her mask to the real McCoy...

4727759 With Rarity, part of the problem is what happened to her recently (in the last story) where she saw that horror movie about an expy of her who was a mad killer, and (rather like myself and 'Cupcakes') something about it just got into her head so deeply that she didn't sleep for several days without seeing it in her nightmares. Luna had to remove the recurring dream from her mind.

That and she fancies herself a mare of culture, and as such prefers the classical theater over the movies, which are seen as rather low-class by a lot of ponies at this point.

And glad you like the world-buillding! There will be some more as time goes on. And as for the new Changeling 'Queen', she's not QUITE a queen. She'd probably have to kill a queen and take her hive to get the full 'crown'.

EDIT: Thanks for the comment about Megan. I just figure that there would be a multitude of theories about who she 'really' was and how she got to Equestria. Though very few ponies take Lyra's version of events seriously.

4729310 Ah, now I remember that movie from the last fic. Poor girl... :raritydespair:
And Rarity's perception of film as low-class is pretty accurate, given the Early 20th Century flavor Equestria's tech has. Much the same thing was thought about movies IRL back in the day--they were seen as a "cheap imitation of TRUE theater", or even an affront to it.
(Heck, people even trashed the printing press when it was a new thing. Making writing something one could do en masse and cheaply shocked a lot of people.)

BTW, love all the bonding/reconciliation between AJ, Babs, and the Oranges. That's some feels, buddy. :scootangel:

4730989 Thanks for the kind words on the scenes with AJ and the Oranges. I half wondered if I should include it or not; guess it was the right decision after all.

Don't know what to say outside of "an excellent chapter", so just keep them coming, and I'll be happy.

PS. Just hope that Audra/Triscolia won't be too block headed about Vespid's presence and her mission.

Don't know what to say outside of "an excellent chapter", so just keep them coming, and I'll be happy.

They should be coming every 2-3 days!

PS. Just hope that Audra/Triscolia won't be too block headed about Vespid's presence and her mission.

We'll just have to see. It's no spoiler to say that not all changelings are happy about what Vespid and her hive have done; even the ones who just live quietly and secretly don't like seeing their existence become common knowledge!

Just a little surprised Applejack wasn't sloshed enough to join that minotaur. :ajsmug:


Just one pf the advantages of the constitution of the Earth Pony farmer.


I wasn't really mentioning her constitution. Just her inhibitions. :moustache:

Of course the MINOTAUR would curse in quasi-Greek. XD

4743285 If Applejack got THAT drunk, she'd probably pass out before anything could happen. This drinking bout was exceptional for her, AJ may sell cider but she normally doesn't get drunk. And that is partly due to an earth pony constitution; I don't want to guess just HOW much Berry Punch must put away if she regularly gets sloshed in fanon.

But even so she'll regret it in the morning. Rarity won't be any too pleased by it either, given how much she needs her models... :applejackconfused: :raritydespair:

4743611 Heh, thanks for noticing. And did you notice the name I gave the minotaur city-state? Taur-tessos? Though these minotaurs are as much a sorta-Greek/sorta-Spanish mix as Celtiberians or Turdetani. They will also probably show up more in later stories in the 'Ardi-verse'*.

* -- Not the name I'd call this series, but the one that my editor loves the best.


Awww. I was just really hoping for something. They seemed really friendly. :ajsmug:
I know it would have been OoC.

4745930 Sorry,, but Asterion isn't her type. :raritywink:

Though I have tentative plans for a future story in which the Taurtessian ambassador to Equestria goes dancing a fandango with Celestia before the entire court. And Asterion will definitely show up in the future chapters!


That makes me sad. Oh well, can't have it all.

Sky Talon, you are WAY out of your league. Just abandon this blackmail plan and find another way to stick it to Photo Finish.

4756573 Don't worry, you'll see how well her plan works out in another chapter or two. And Sky Talon wouldn't listen to your advice; as far as she's concerned, since things have always gone her way, that means they always will.

4757246 Nothing left to do but watch the fireworks, then...
Also, your Photo Finish is almost evil...I love it!

4757992 With Photo, let's just say that she's always had a rough relationship with her models; very demanding and controlling and kind of a 'stage mom' seeking to recapture her own glory days through them.. And she plays them off of each other (as we see here with Sky Talon and Yellow Jacket) to 'inspire' them. That and she was hurt by 'Flootershy' leaving her like that. In her own rather domineering way, she honestly liked Flutts.

Dude, you're writing too fast for me to catch up.
I don't mean that you should slow down, just that I have to read faster. :rainbowlaugh:

4766654 Sorry I'm going too fast. If you want me to wait 3 days rather than 2 to post these chapters, I will.

And I hope you're still enjoying the story!

That got scary for a moment... :pinkiegasp: Discord's Curse indeed....
Love the little peeks into griffon culture with Sky Talon and Audra, too.

4767465 That got scary for a moment... :pinkiegasp: Discord's Curse indeed....

Yeah, Queen Vespid is a very decent sort by Changeling standards; but she is not a pony, and she won't react like one under certain conditions.

Love the little peeks into griffon culture with Sky Talon and Audra, too.

Thanks, I do like working some world building into these stories. And how did you like the (unexpected by Sky Talon) results of her attempt to pressure Audra into helping?

4768005 And how did you like the (unexpected by Sky Talon) results of her attempt to pressure Audra into helping?

I'm thinking "karma". :pinkiecrazy:

4766823 You don't have to straggle for me. As I said, I'll just read faster and prioritize stories. :raritywink:

Yes I do enjoy it. I laughed at AJ's drinking contest, and this chapter was excellent as well. I was sitting on pins, waiting for Vespid's confrontation with Audra.
Although one thing is out of place. Fluttershy's escapade to Audra. I think that if you wanted her out of that room, there were better choices than that, as it seemed a bit forced and OOC.
BTW. I hope that Vespid won't be harmed in final confrontation. Not too much at least.

PS. My prediction for the final of this story? Vespid will give Audra more jelly to finally 'Queen' her, and maybe leave some eggs with her to start ne hive.

4770221 Although one thing is out of place. Fluttershy's escapade to Audra. I think that if you wanted her out of that room, there were better choices than that, as it seemed a bit forced and OOC.

Sorry that fell flat. It was the best I could do at the time.

And as for Vespid and Audra, their fates will be revealed. Though Audra really does NOT want to become a hive queen.

4748209 Oh, and Aatxe, thanks for including my story in your Alicorn Applejack group! I really do appreciate that.

That got violent... O_O
Let's hope things don't get worse!

That was goood chapter. *Thor_smashing_cup_screaming_"another".jpg*
Do I smell some ChangelingxMinotaur romance in another one? :rainbowkiss:

4775807 Do I smell some ChangelingxMinotaur romance in another one? :rainbowkiss:

If so that would have to be another story. But we will see.

4782484 Well, what else would Asterion call her, given the condition he was in right then?

And poor Applejack, getting manhandled (ponyhandled? Minotaur-handled?) for the third time by old horn-head.

Comment posted by Aatxe360 deleted Aug 1st, 2014


I was just making a comment on how I liked the nickname. Reminds me of What Would Daring Do? :ajsmug:

4782789 Ah, thanks for the clarification and the link. I'll have to take a look at that story.

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