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Author: Jake

The Changeling-Pony war has ended, hard. Many Changelings were left without a home and still needed love lest they risk starvation. Princess Cadence, the Princess of Love had a temporary solution while they get back on their hooves. Ration love out to those who needed it.

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Author: Dollars weather jargon from Jake

They say to do what you love. Well, what happens when what you love is to always be better, faster? What happens when that love becomes an obsession that grows to overcome your better judgement? An obsession that leads you to attempt the impossible in pursuit of the next goal, the goal of becoming better, faster.

A one-off about Rainbow Dash, some magic, and one crazy powerful storm.

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Author: Mostly Dollars, a little of Jake

Ever have a little side project that just never really took off? Or maybe it was something really good but no matter how you try you just can't seem to make it long enough to be it's own thing. well so do we, so here is a group of little shorts, deleted scenes, and whatever else we can't seem to figure out what to do with. Rated teen for the occasional random reason. Warning; much insanity ahead...

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Author: Dollars

Discord stumbles across the iconic Easy Button, what mysteries could it hold? Will they be joyous or damning? Will Discord be able to put up with the button at all?

This is a short cooked up by Dollars, its a fun read.
special thanks to ThePristineEye for the awesome cover art.
Well, that was Easy.

Updates coming in 2019
Summer-Fall: Re-edit and additions
Sequel coming this year, probably...

Chapters (1)
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