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Because few people know what the difference is.

The only purpose of this group is to show that you know the difference!

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Never thought there'd be a group dedicated to just this. Not that I mind.

Lol Might as well join.

I suppose I am honor bound to join this group, considering how I have often complained about this.

I guess I should join this group since I listed this as a pet peeve on my bio.

"Sentient" means "possessing senses."

"Sapient" means "wise."

The distinction, actually, should be between "sentient" and "rational." The three types of souls in Aristotelian and Scholastic philosophy were nutritive, sentient, and rational: of the first variety are plants with powers of growth and nutrition. Of the second are animals with additional powers of sense, movement, and appetite. Of the third are those with the additional powers of intellect and will.

Self-awareness is the quintessence of sentience, wherefore no mental amenities are necessarily a necessity, more or less.

Sapience is the attribution of being able to form and use thoughts in such a way that a powerful and complex mind (complete with it's own id, ego, and superego) is built on moral, social, and cognitive foundations.

306003 Yes. Because they exist.

305999 Basically.
Sentience basically means you have a brain and instinct. This would be animals.
Sapience basically means you are knowledgeable, and can discern right from wrong.
This would be humans.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't sentience the ability to make decisions, whereas sapience is the abiliry to understand the consequences of those actions (i.e. a conscience)?

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