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This story is a sequel to Pony POV Series Origins: The Smooze 'Mount Gloom's Last Blitz'

The Witches of Mount Gloom and all their family are defeated. Only Reeka remains. It is her last midnight, and she will pony kind her last spell, her last curse, as she truly becomes a witch in the traditional sense of the word, and offers up her soul for revenge.

A one scene story. Meant to fill in one question, "how did the ponies become separated?" This has bugged me even since I wrote the pony series' together in pony pov. This is one possible answer. Do not consider this canon, only a possibility, as I don't want the last thing I write of Pony POV Series to be something this dark.

And in a twisted way... it answers an unwanted question of G5 that insists on being a continuation of G4.

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I know this is too soon, and you already stated this story is out of continuity, but do you think G5 would fit anywhere in the Pony POV Series?

Only as a Worst Timeline.


Compared with the Dark World, G5 isn't much of a dystopia. But the idea of an eternal curse reseting the bonds among ponies and creatures, impervious to the efforts of the reincarnated heroes or even alicorns, add a lot of fridge tragedy.

Thus why I said not to too closely consider this canon to the fanfic, too much 'all for nothing.'

That's... not exactly a solution. Sounds more likely like the Ages of Dark and Fire from Dark Souls: an eternal cycle with no escape (at least until DS3, which could be dubbed "time for Entropy to clean up")

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