Pony POV Series: Reeka's Last Midnight

by Alex Warlorn

Response to the Curse by Mtangalion

The Mother of Alicorn spoke, "AGAINST THIS CURSE, WE LAY OUR BLESSING."

So did The Father of Alicorns, across time and space, "Even If The World Should Grow Dark, The Light Of True Friendship Will Ever Shine Again."

There were the Ponies of the Age of Dreams holding hooves, singing and dancing on stage.

"And Again."

The Fires of Friendship ignite.

"And Again."

The Mane Six activate the Elements of Harmony.

"And Again."

Diamond Tiara in her hospital bed, being hugged by Silver, Alula, Featherweight, Liza, and Neatly Spell.

"And Again!"

The new G5 ponies look to each other, as they step forward into a misty unknown future.

All faded to white...