Pony POV Series: Reeka's Last Midnight

by Alex Warlorn

First published

Reeka, the last witch of Mount Gloom, casts her last spell, her last curse.

The Witches of Mount Gloom and all their family are defeated. Only Reeka remains. It is her last midnight, and she will pony kind her last spell, her last curse, as she truly becomes a witch in the traditional sense of the word, and offers up her soul for revenge.

A one scene story. Meant to fill in one question, "how did the ponies become separated?" This has bugged me even since I wrote the pony series' together in pony pov. This is one possible answer. Do not consider this canon, only a possibility, as I don't want the last thing I write of Pony POV Series to be something this dark.

And in a twisted way... it answers an unwanted question of G5 that insists on being a continuation of G4.

The Last Midnight

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A gray haired Reeka drew a summon circle made with the ashes of her mother. Mount Gloom's very fires having gone out. She was all alone, her family all ashes except for traitors like her sisters who'd gone and joined the ponies!

"Yo! I know you're listening! I've got a deal to pick with you!"

Somewhere else, Morning Star was delivered the summons by his sister, the Alicorn of prayer, doing her divine duty but he ignores it, what did mortals have to say that mattered to him?

Reeka wasn't deterred, she knew she'd gone the ritual right. And she knew she'd gotten the right 'address' so to speak. Or better to say the right 'vibration', or 'filter', as concepts of reality existed everywhere at once. "So them ponies are all friends and everything! Blech! Mom hated it! My whole family hates it! We want them gone! Extinct! Turned back into those dumb dumb beasties they used to be!"

Still nothing.

"But those stupid ponies got outside help! They cheated! Evil is so the way to go! And I know you wanna prove that all these goodies goodies winnin' are just dumb luck and other losers helpin' 'em!"

Only the flickers of the enchanted black flames of her mother's old scum scented candles answered here.

"So how about this handsome! You're the ultimate spirit of evil right? I'm the last TRUE witch of Mount Gloom! And I'm gonna whammy those ponies with my last spell, my last curse! And they won't ever see it comin'! Their precious Megan will be dead by then! I offer up my life, my body, my soul, my mind, my magic, my existence, all of it to you! To cast this curse! Make'em forget their friends! Make each different type of pony forget the rest! Flyin' ponies, horn ponies, water ponies, bug ponies, and vanilla ponies, forget about each other! And all the other walkin' talkin' petting zoos! Make'em even forget curses so even if they remake the world or somethin' that curse will come back! And KEEP coming back every time they remake the world! Have it happen over centuries! Let them become nothing but myths that becomes legends that becomes stories that become reinvented every generation! And show that them gettin' together and becomin', blech, 'friends' was just a dumb accident! That evil is the real state of the world! That they're all really selfish, all really greedy! That they're a BIG. DUMB. MISTAKE!"


And Reeka did was few mortals across time and space, perhaps the first, to truly get his attention.

A pillar of flames exploded from the circle. At the center appeared a solid gold man with a perfect balance between muscle bound and muscle toned. His face was so handsome that Reeka instantly fell in love and would have happily thrown herself off a cliff into a pool of undead piranha if he'd asked. His long hair and beard was literally flaming red. Flawless blue eyes as colder than heat-death starred back at her. He was as beautiful and terrifying as the dawn. He towered over her, looking down at her, Reeka fell to her knees, grinning ear to ear in the presence of the very concept of evil itself.

"All that you have offered mortal, will be mine. You shall become the fuel for the fire. You shall not embody the curse you have spoken, you shall BE the curse you have spoken! No sense of self will remain. No consciousness! Only the imperative to wipe clean the bonds of these absurd four legged creatures! You will spread your tendrils into their world! Even when they think all enemies are defeated and it is the end of the ending, and they have overcome the last problem, you will haunted their shadows, waiting to cleanse their connections for as long as this world exists and it is reborn! ... Only those kept alive by the Rainbow of Light shall be spared, but they shall be able to do nothing but watch the ponies drift apart and seclude themselves only to forget the rest of the world!"

Reeka giggled. "That's even better handsome! Way to rub it in!"

In reality, even with all Reeka would sacrifice, her curse COULDN'T affect the Ponies of Paradise Estate, but Morning Star, for the first time in his existence, felt no need to correct someone's mistake.

Morning Star moved, reached out, and took the plump witch's face in his hand. Reeka had never known such a gentle touch. But this was not affection, this was possession. They kissed, this was not warmth, this was command.

Reeka burned, his consciousness, her soul, her mind, her mortal shell, and she screamed, but it wasn't of pain or fear... she screamed in the demented glee of knowing in the final moment of her existence, she'd proven herself the ultimate witch of Mount Gloom, doing what even Lilith had failed to do! "WE'VE WON!"

And the mindless, thoughtless curse that was once Reeka's very being, spread over Ponyland like the invisible wave of radiation from a neutron bomb. And every pony alive that day would live out their lives in friendship and harmony, as would their children and grandchildren. But with each generation the curse would slowly build up, and no pony would even notice it, as they thought of the other tribes less and less, and lived more with their own kind more and more.

And when ponies rediscovered each other, and used their collective talents to unite magic with their new understanding of the universe to remake their very reality into a paradise... the curse with no consciousness would strike again, dividing up the tribes... even if the reborn ponies of the Age of Dreams would discover each other again, and again, and again. And lay in wait to strike again when the world was remade again to prevent childish contrary wishes from undoing reality. The curse so gradual no pony would notice it. The witches of Mount Gloom had had their revenge.

Response to the Curse by Mtangalion

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The Mother of Alicorn spoke, "AGAINST THIS CURSE, WE LAY OUR BLESSING."

So did The Father of Alicorns, across time and space, "Even If The World Should Grow Dark, The Light Of True Friendship Will Ever Shine Again."

There were the Ponies of the Age of Dreams holding hooves, singing and dancing on stage.

"And Again."

The Fires of Friendship ignite.

"And Again."

The Mane Six activate the Elements of Harmony.

"And Again."

Diamond Tiara in her hospital bed, being hugged by Silver, Alula, Featherweight, Liza, and Neatly Spell.

"And Again!"

The new G5 ponies look to each other, as they step forward into a misty unknown future.

All faded to white...