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This is a Minecraft/MLP Crossover group that is for Roleplaying and Fanfic submission purposes.

RP Rules:

1) No God modding unless I say so. The list below will include, but not limited to, what is considered God modding:
-(Permanent) Invincibility/Invulnerability
- 1-hit kills against Boss level enemies
-Warping reality to your will if you're not using an OC that is a descendant of either PInkie Pie or DIscord, or if you're not using said characters that the OCs are descendants of or are even related to.

2) Don't go bashing RPers for any reason, even if it's something like their OC is an Alicorn or can undergo a temporary Alicorn transformation.

3) If your OC can undergo a transformation, there MUST be at least one drawback to it, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
-Example: Temporarily transforming into an Alicorn will increase the user's strength & magic power at the cost of an increased metabolism, therefore burning through the energy they have the longer they stay in it until they either revert to their original form on their own or they collapse from energy exhaustion, which in turn will force them to revert back to their original form.

4) Physics & Logic are Pinkie and Discord's playthings to do what they want to with.
-This applies to their descendants

5) Respect your fellow RPers, even if your opinions/beliefs clash with that of others. So Love & Tolerate the sh!t out of each other.

6) No Yaoi (Male/Male pairing). Yuri (Female/Female) is fine.

7) Don't be a troll (unless I give you permission).

8) Have fun.

Fanfic Submission rule:
Just submit a fanfic so long as it is a MLP/Minecraft crossover fanfic. That's all.

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