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All Pinkie Pie wanted to do was tell Twilight she loved her. Things might have gone differently if Twilight listened...
(An experiment in dark/ psycho-shipping) (Can be enjoyed in track to track format, or in a massive LP *Long Play* style record.)

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Try mentioning something about her hair, slowly slipping straight as she slowly slips into insanity. Also mention the warmth of her hair against her skin as her heart runs cold... I'd straighten it out for you, but I'm on my iPhone.

Lol.. I did this to my brothers room once, execpt I took like 30 bananas and squished them up, and threw them all around his room. I still, to this day have no idea why I did it.


This is Starwind Dood talking. For both myself and Your Antagonist, this is our first attempt at writing something in the first-person, so any advice is helpful to better get across this emotional roller-coaster of a fic we've come up with. Thanks.

this won't end well... *track* must have moar!


make sure you remember to only touch advice with a 3 foot pole. people will advise with what they want to read, if you open a whole for your story to make love to the world, it'll get aids and die young.

162924 I love every second of your analogy sir. I love it so hard I want to make a hair doll out of it:pinkiecrazy:

to catch a mad-mare, you've got to get a little mad yourself... but in this case it seems like they've both lost it completely.

Cutely Disturbing Song at the end. I am loving this. :pinkiecrazy:

I love this it's so good, I just love stories that are TwiPie^^

Was really hoping she'ld come to her senses once she got rid of her imaginary tormenters. Oh Pinkie, don't you see what you're doing to poor Twi :fluttershysad: I just hopes she snaps out of it before she does something she'll seariously regret.

Why Pinkie Why? Why did you give in to those inanimate objects? They know nothing!

Why am I enjoying this so much?!? All I crave is Moar!!:pinkiecrazy:

....wow twi....cant she just teleport to like the castle or to one of her friends?
or is this all just a gigantic dream?
either way i would just teleport pinkie very far away

Also you better not pull a bucking "Cupcakes" on the next chapter

this can go 2 ways, cupcakey, or cloppy, i'm expecting cloppy, but i'm okay with either....or both

Okay so are they both suddenly crazy? Or is the whole thing a dream? Or is the house flooded with hallucinogenic gas, or something?

This is brilliant. You should be proud of this gem of a fanfiction :twilightsmile:

This is weird. Before the story made sense. It was dark, it was twisted, but it made sense. But this is a departure from any sense of logical anything. Being in love is like being on cocaine. Pinkie's going to get dissected. Twi and Pinkie are both crazy even though they don't really have an explanation for being so (debatable in Pinkie's case though, I think).

I like everything that came before this chapter, and I'll still wind up reading the next chapter, but I hope it makes more sense than what happened here.

3k works, 15 minutes till my nap time. unnn, wants to read, but doesn't want to rush through....so many choices.

Just in case no one paid close attention to the chapter title, the last one is a collection of all the chapters into one story. Also please take note of the age rating of this fic. That is all.

Greetings all, this is Starwind Dood, the captain of this crazy ship. Hope you enjoyed this psychotic journey of love! I'll give you all a little bit of info on how this thing came into fruition. Like thecase of Charmingly Rustic this started out as a joke when us here at Midnight Legend Press were discussing shipping. Somehow we got to Pinkamena and Lesson Zero Twilight. Working on Charmingly Rustic inspired me to turn Pinkamena and Zero Twilight into a full blown fic story. This is it. Hope you liked it! Back to working on my own crud!

holy moley!
and the "alter egos in the closet" part reminds me of johnny the homicidal manic, if anyone has read that comic:pinkiecrazy:

Wow! Now that was something. :pinkiecrazy: :weneedazerolessontwilight:

192968 I prefer to think of it as innovation in grimdark to be honest. I mean everyone was concerned about it being cupcakes or some random clop-fest, so we did our own thing and had a blast with it.

Ooooh wha...ha..just...i-i-i-a...sigh...bazaar love... is bast love...:fluttershyouch:

5 Stars
Will relentlessly promote.
Tied for my favorite story on this site :pinkiehappy:

Thank you Midnight Legend Press for that wonderful experience :twilightsmile:


I'm gonna try and get this on Equestria Daily, but mostly because I love seeing people's reactions to this. Like Your Antagonist already said this was us doing something different with dark. Not really Grimdark, but crazy enough to unsettle you, and not too cloppy (well we tried not to make Chapter 5 not to cloppy. Still need the jurors on that one). Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this. This was a blast ti write as the stuff I normally write isn't too dark, but now the world knows the depths of my depravity! :pinkiecrazy:

Haven't read any first-person Pinkimena fics before. Should be interesting.

good lord I hope this doesn't go cupcakes the mood is just too perfect

366876 Holy crap, that is the best use of emoticons I have ever seen:rainbowlaugh: brilliant, simply brilliant


Seriously, this is awesome. Very disturbing and that ending blew my mind.

...wow, my sanity: poof, gone.
I need to go...sleep...now...

I really like this story, but I wish you didn't have Twi repeating Pinkie's name so much. After a while it becomes tiring, and even annoying. We all know who she is talking to:ajbemused:

Also you switched from past to present tense once or twice. That's a little jarring.

Despite all that this is still one of my favorite stories and one of the few that I've gone and reread. So, props! :pinkiecrazy:

:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: THE ULTIMATE MINDFUCK!!!!! U HAVE changed fanfic reading (well for me at least)


See, if this were an actual pinkamena fic- you know, the alt universe one who just puts on a front- this would be perfect. But she's clearly intended to be regular Pinkie. And yet the few moments where you make her say something pinkie-ish feel hamfisted and forced. She's severely out of character, all the dialogue feels wooden, and you've given yourself one of the most natural feeling speakers in the show to tend to with that dialogue. While I see the potential in the idea, the execution just doesn't live up to it.

I disagree. Only the narration is out of character, and it's pretty clear here that this fic is suggesting much of her rambling is, as the narration said, "a mask". On top of that, it's not far-fetched for someone to think in a way differently than the way they speak.

As for Pinkie-ish speech seeming forced and the dialogue feeling wooden, I just don't see it.
I'm glad this is dealing with an actual Pinkie-Crazy-Sad rather than some extra-dimensional Pinkamena. The latter just seems like a lazy concept that's afraid to try to do an accurate portrayal of real Pinkie Pie's not-often-seen side..

...Regardless, this fic scares me. I don't think I'm going to like this...but I'm on a quest to read all of the Twipies, and by golly I'm going to read every last one of them. :twilightoops: :pinkiecrazy:

I love the fact that Twilight's musings...before she found Pinkie's mess, clearly showed that she was mutually attracted to Pinkie Pie. I was afraid this was going to be about Pinkie literally making Twilight love her. :pinkiecrazy:

.......I must be going crazy too, but Pinkie's actually being kind of romantic with this. And, honestly, I think Fluttershy would be understanding about the mouse's death. :fluttershyouch:

..My god though, those two have lost it. I must be crazy for reading this, but further into the void of madness i explore :twilightoops:

:facehoof: Pinkie stop making Twilight cry and go back to making her crazy. You're hurting her.

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