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You Ponies should know.... · 10:31am Jul 25th, 2012

I finally got my new laptop! But, it'll take me a while to transfer everything onto this thing, so, sorry to all of my fans (all....5? 6? of you)!

Next chapter will be out within two weeks, sadly. I do have the entire chapter outlined already, actually. I just need to put it into the laptop. So, sorry!

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I got tagged in some random thing, so I decided to pass it on to you. Hope you don't mind.

Also, thanks for the favorite on Breaking the Fourth Wall!

Thanks for the favorite on Post Nuptials!

Another tale of mine fave'd by you? I'm honored.

Thank you for favoriting Shadow of the Leaves. In return, I offer you an infinite loop...


Thank you so much for adding Chocolate Rain as a favorite! I'm really glad you liked it, or at least was curious enough about it to track. I hope to update soon, even if it is just the revised version :twilightblush:

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