• Published 20th Feb 2012
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Cutie Mark Crusader Matchmakers! - Tealove

The CMC think they might get their cutie marks by playing Cupid.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

My granny always told me you could never really know a pony just by looking at them. Take my family for example; so many ponies write us off because they think we're not up to their standards. What they don't realize is that we just don't say nothing because we've got nothing to say, and if we do it won't be nice so we hold our tongues. All right, maybe that's just me. But you catch my drift.

I've learned being smarter than everypony doesn't mean you always know what you're doing. That just because you're wearing a smile doesn't mean you're not hurting on the inside. That just because you like designer clothes and fancy jewels doesn't mean you don't want to have fun just like everypony else. And that ponies can still surprise you no matter how well you think you know them. But I think the most important thing I've learned about friendship is that it takes work. You can't call a pony your friend just because you know each other's names, you have to be there for one another to talk, to listen, and to support.

In trying to help my sister and her friends out I've learned a lot more about friendship than I knew before and I think I learned a few things about myself along the way. As long as you're open to new experiences, sometimes with ponies you think you won't get along with at all, you just never know when a new friend might come along.

Big Macintosh

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Comments ( 22 )

WOW! Great story. And no shipping at the end which suprised me a bit.

573805 Maybe just a small bit but I really wanted to try and stay away from shipping too much with this one. :)

That's good. I like suprises in plot. And I know the pain... I hate being foce-shipped(It really happen to me few times).

dangit! its over! it always sucks when the ending comes around. oh well nice wrap up:eeyup::yay::twilightblush::rainbowwild::duck::pinkiehappy:

The impending Fluttermac is cute, but i'm glad you left it where you did. It leaves some to the imagination and keeps the fic lighthearted and fun.

573841 It's almost happened to me a time or two. Such a pain!

574117 Thank you. :pinkiesmile:

574232 That was my goal from the beginning - to just hint at it but leave nothing concrete. Glad it came across that way.

574657 :fluttershysad: HUGS

That was an adorable story. Although a part of me is sad that it is over.... But that goes for just about any great story I read.
And now that I got that comment part out of the way, I can now present you with this:
Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us. :yay:

585138 Aw, thank you! And thank you for reading. I know people had their doubts so I am especially thankful for all of you who stuck through to the end.

I think this is one of my new favorite fics, maybe even my favorite. Masterfully done, and I'm sharing it with everypony I think would enjoy it.

812816 :yay: Thank you so so much!

1101659 I second that!

So many warm fuzzies right now. You're becoming my favorite slice of life author.
There's just one thing that stuck out to me. Why was Luna in Pinkie Pie's chapter? Her appearance wasn't bad or anything, just felt out of place. Is this in the same universe as another story? If so, I'd like to read it.

1142188 Wow, thank you! Now I have so many feels!
Yeah, it was kind of random now that you point it out to me. I have this head canon that the two became best friends after the whole Nightmare Night and that sometimes leaks into my other stories.

No worries, it got me interested. Might make some good fanfiction material. *hint, hint*:unsuresweetie:

1143443 I really should write about them instead of just going under the assumption that everyone knows what goes on in my brain. *adds it to the list*

I hope you knock it out of the park. We need more friendshipping stories on here.:pinkiehappy:

Huh, I never commented on this? Weird...

Anyway, this is just as a-d'awww-able (good lord, that's cheesy) as the first time I read it. You have a true talent with writing this stuff.

Also, first thing that pops to mind when I see this:

1294628 I think you probably commented on dA? Either way I love you for liking it so much you wanted to read it again, :heart:

Well written and paced along with everyone feeling natural.I'm glad you took your time and kept everyone being themselves,because most great stories destroy themselves because they try to end it too early or they characters just seem plain weird.But you did this story well,and for that, 3 Big Macs,a like,and a happy Pinkie just for you.

:eeyup::eeyup::eeyup: :pinkiehappy:

1662062 Thank you so much! I'm glad the pacing was good because I tend to be one of those writers who sees the end in sight and makes a terrible bad push for it. So that makes me feel great!

It'll be dysfunctional but it'll work for them.

Being that the CMC are the CMC, I was half-expecting them to walk up to Luna at some point... xD

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