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Soarin is a dead stallion! When Big Mac finds out that his sister is pregnant there is no force in all of Equestria that can keep the farmer from killing the Wonderbolt. Or is there?

This story has no connection to Slow to Realize which will have a new chapter soon. There are multiple pairings in this story as well, MacDash, SoarinJack, and CaraPie (Pinkie Pie Caramel). Please enjoy and leave a comment!

Thank you all so much for the feature story! You are all amazing!

Thanks to jszellmer for the amazing edits! As you know I hate commas so much.

KarmaDash for bouncing ideas around like crazy!

SirCxyrtyx for the amazing art!

Featured December 5th 2013

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I'm mostly just here because this story somehow has more likes/dislikes than views. Is that a glitch or something? I feel obligated to read it now though,once I'm not writing. (Or getting distracted, as the case may be.)

3581255 Its shipping wars. People will just dislike something because their favorite ship is not in it. Happens a lot if you have Rainbow Dash and Applejack in a romance story and there not the couple of the story. I hope you will enjoy it!

I truly enjoyed this.
It's funny, simple, detailed and all-round warm story to read.

Thumbs up :ajsmug:

that was so funny!!!!!:rainbowlaugh: I would love to see a sequel of this one! about Applejack trying to kill her brother!... one would believe she will be going after Dash... but it is funnier this way.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh mah Gerd I love this... :rainbowkiss:

Some grammar errors but other than that its good.

I give it a 4 Derpy's out of 5 Derpy's.


Loved this! Very funny :twilightsmile:

good job, boo to the dislikes~

-The Believer-

Well, that was hilarious! Good work!

You know, I tend to look at ships as just an element to a particular story, not as something set in stone. I find one can enjoy a lot more stories that way. It's too bad others like to jump the down vote gun, as it were, especially when stories are first submitted. A story is good if the plot, characterization, and grammar are good. This story had all three, and bonus points for great humor, therefore I liked it.

Lastly, loved Soarin in this. Goodhearted nitwit is exactly how I picture him.

Hahaha! That story was amazing XD

That was awesome!

And that last line made the whole thing 20% cooler!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! that was awesome!!! I have actually never considered these pairings before, but you made them work. Lol that was hilarious. good one.

Saw that coming... Well that is different AJ... He always would do the right thing...

All I can say is, can we get a side story of Pinkie and Caramel? :pinkiehappy:

You had me running outside so I could laugh so I wouldn't wake up the whole house. Kudos to you good sir. And congrats on the feature. :twilightsmile:

Told you peopels would like it :twilightsmile:

This story is the best. :raritystarry: I love me some good ole Apple Family conflict, and with some of my fave pairings, it only made it better. :rainbowkiss:
The line at the end, though. :rainbowlaugh:

And thus, history repeats itself...

Hmm..makes me think of Soarin' With Apples. :ajsmug:
That's a good one (if you like soarinjack) it is long tho.


Also; I don't like MacinDash, because I think of it as straight AppleDash and I can't really see Dash with anybody but a select few, but my love for SoarinJack outweighed my dislike for MacinDash.

3582744 Sorry my story has caused you pain. But you deserve it for not loving MacDash! Jk jk. Glad you have enjoyed

You currently have element 115 likes :D

And no one added this to the SoarinJack group? Guess it's the Admin job to fix that...

“So yea plan on taken responsibility for the foal?” Mac asked, his right twitching a little bit.

His right what?
May wanna go through this again and catch the mistakes

You have no idea what I just referenced did you

3583071 Nope. If you were to say 9000 than yes. But i do not.


Sorry because unless you have over 9000 likes theirs no way that can be right

haaahaaalol love the ending:rainbowlaugh:javascript:smilie(':rainbowlaugh:');

3581267 Nope. Story views updates in "packages" (IDK if packages of time or views) while likes/dislikes is updated in real time.

Eeyup. Big Mac be a hypocrite.

This. This is beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Enjoyed the ending there, now we can watch AJ chase Big Mac around town.

before she could finish Rainbow Dash had placed her hand over Applejack’s mouth, the evil smile spreading across her lips again.

Nopony seemed to comment on Rainbow's freakish mutation.

3583209 Oh, I guess that explains it. I thought maybe fimfiction had worked like youtube, just stopping updates of views, but 4 seemed like a pretty low viewcount to stop at.

3583027 Thank you! Think I got it about 50/50 this time for half MacDash and the other for SoarinJack.

3582170 Well there might not be a side story for this one, but I am working on a Caramel and Pinkie story right now. :pinkiehappy: I don't know why but I like the ship.

Comment posted by Sonic Derpboom deleted Dec 5th, 2013

Awesome! I love BigMac x RainbowDash Pairing, and this story is fantastic :pinkiehappy:

Oh, that was wonderful. Been a while since I read such an enjoyable lighthearted one-shot.

what goes around comes around Big Mac....

Soarin and AJ? That's new to me, but alright.

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