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This is a story about a WonderBolt, an Apple Farmer, and their unrequited love for one another. Is this pony worth losing everything for?

No one co-wrote this with me. I am the original author and you can message my FF account to prove it. I love that so many of you enjoyed my story, but if you're read it on this site before, it was plagiarized.

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If you are the real author, I feel bad that someone stole your fic. I'm more inclined to believe you mostly because on fanfiction.net the fic "Desert Sky" was published last year and the guy who posted the other three of your stories didn't post that one. He has also written no blogs. I'm more curious of the whole plagiarism thingy because stealing stories is terrible. In all honesty the best way to prove you wrote your stories is write something that isn't on FF.

That being said this is one of my favorite fics of all time. :pinkiehappy:

All right I've started to reread this story so I can give the review that it needs. One thing stands out, the scene transitions are jumpy. You go from one to the other without warning or a horizontal divider. It's annoying but bearable for now, and I will finish reading the story.

People must be thinking this is the copycat, because this deserves so many more ratings. Was the copycat taken down?


Yes. I sadly had to report her when she didn't respond to my PM to take the stories down. I gave her several days, but her account hadn't been active in almost 7 months. So I reported her and the admins agreed I was the original author, 'cause I have the original FF account.

I'm honestly just glad folks like my stories so much. I'm not looking for 'extra' recognition.

So they would also help out if a dragon invaded ponyville?:rainbowkiss:

So I'm totes re-reading this. There's nothing quite like this on fimfic. For all the fics dealing with soarinjack and her failure at the gala, this might be the only one to really connect the two. I don't think I've seen such a great story where the characters are so affectionate either. It's really pleasant to read again.

I had a small panic attack when I tried to find this story today :fluttershbad:
Glad I found it again, and posted by the real author. Shame someone took credit for your work.

Anyway, I will definitely have to re-read this and leave comments on each chapter.
But as of now, let me simply say that this is one of my favourite fan fictions of all time.
Truly a masterpiece of pony literature :pinkiehappy:

I just finished reading this fiction and all i have to say is this Where the BUCK was this all my life this was a great romance i actually cared about the characters you created and i didn't notice any large grammar mistakes and you made an overall well written emotional romance i bow to you sir and give you 5/5 Applejack's :ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:
AND all my Fluttershy's :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Uh, you might wanted to have posted a chapter a week to get readers in.
Most people don't like reading a whole boatload at once.
Plus, it'll get you more views and exposure.

Alrighty the review I promised.

Spelling: A few things popped up but nothing horrible and story destroying
Grammar: Nothing jumping out
Formatting: Only issue I see is the lack of dividers between sections
Romance: I'm not a fan of "Love at First Sight" since it very rarely handled well. You did a good job on it, they may have fallen in love at first sight but you made them work for that love. Plus the challenges you threw at them made sense
Characters: You did a good job keeping the canon characters in well... character and not falling for the more flat characterizations out there. Even Soarin', who is described by Matt Hill his Voice Actor as having not much personality beside being a 'Bolt and his love of Pie, was pretty well done. OCs are well done as well, those needed had good depth and helped moved everything along (Japser is the only one that doesn't really serve much purpose).

All in all you did damn well on this. And you want to know a funny thing... Matt Hill was asked what pony should be with Soarin', he answered Applejack and not just because she can make a mean pie.

Concordia Incivta
Celestia's Paladin

a most excellent story! Soarin' x AJ for the win!

I loved this story!:heart: Really turn me to the AJxSoarin ship. Wish this story got more attention.:fluttercry:

sorry about the theft. this is an amazing story. i felt really in touch with the characters. do you continue this world in any of ur other storys?

Eww. To much detail. Keep ut implide

My sweet celestia, this story deserves more atention and likes!!! It was an amazing story! One of the fex stories taht is focused on AJ and Sorain. let me tell you that I totally enjoyed it, Master piece, sir, Such a master piece.

:flutterrage: HOW Dare that individual take credit for your story. I even gave her compliments and she ignored them. :flutterrage::flutterrage: Well, I am re-downloading the proper story. I even told a friend about this story under that pen name:flutterrage:

This story is the primary story I used in my AJ/Sourin debate that doesn't actually exist :twilightblush: Lots of people seem to believe Sourin should be with Dash, but this story made me support that AJ/Soarin is OTP for Soarin.

I feel cheated in some way....

Good job and this story was awesome.

Have to correct that wrong with the friend though :flutterrage:

This is so amazing. Now I'm going to lose sleep reading this all in one go :ajbemused:...Oh well! :pinkiehappy:

Also, OMG you ponified Humphrey Bogart. :raritystarry::heart:


I pretty sure Dash will find out:rainbowkiss:

3424565 No Im Batman

Pretty Gooooddd:pinkiehappy:

Nothing short of poetry. That first kiss got me smitten so I'm going to have to go take care of care of this wing boner.

You don't just bite a guys lip and expect to not get ravaged :flutterrage:
Mad props to Soarin for his zen-like self control, but you may want to put a pillow down between them.

3 pony bucks? Every stallion's fantasy!

I really wish I would have known how this chapter would end before I read it. I would have played something fitting... I dunno, like, pantera or something.

I love this story! I remember reading it about a year ago, and it was the thing that got me into SoarJack in the first place. I'm not sure if it was your version or not, but at any rate, I love this ship, and your story really does it justice. It's a shame that somepony else was getting all the credit for what is truly a marvelous piece of literature. This story easily made it to my favourites!

Or maybe it was their innocent, yet paradoxically mischievous nature that forced ponies to confess even the tiniest of secrets.

Could it be their Powerpuffness?

Princess Celestia was explaining something about magic or friendship or furniture or…something to the ponies, but mostly just to Twilight. Applejack wasn't listening. Few were.

Applejack really isn't paying attention is she? How many people actually listen Celestia when she speaks?

The stallion's shoulder muscles bulged in a way that made Applejack's face heat up. His navy blue hair billowed in the wind and the cocky yet disarmingly charming grin on his face made her knees weak.


"Oh my, Spitfire!" Rarity proclaimed as she approached, easily drawing the attention of everypony with an ease that came from years of endless practice,

Rarity, you clever girl.

Rock hard; not even a bit of give.


"Rainbow! Such language!" Rarity scorned the athlete, "That is no way for a lady to speak."

She's no lady, and she apologizes for letting you think she ever was.

"Applejack, that was ten years ago.

I can't see her holding a grudge that long, but this situation makes it believable.
Too much of the story was in italics. Other than that it was great. I look forward to the rest.

I'm a little put off by some of the characters personalities, Rainbow is except able, though a bit too exaggerated in my option, Big Mac was the real surprise, he does get angry I know, but he reaction to the wonder bolts just didn't seem to match his character. Overall the chapter was good, with only a few spelling errors here or there.

Good story bro!

P.S. I think I feel what my sister was feeling while watching all those romance series in the tv :rainbowlaugh: and I aint no ashamed to admit it

P.S.S. Gotta read your story about derpy :D

Okay, I originally read this story when it was posted under a different account. I explained my thoughts on it, but that comment is, I presume, lost along with that particular instance of the story. Here's a short actually pretty long sum-up, based on my memories:

This story was well-written and kept my attention throughout. I wanted to finish reading, to find out how it ended. That's always a good sign. It was well-paced, although the massive chapter "Finale" could do with being broken up.

And yet I strongly dislike this story.

It comes down to the plot, and the characters.

This is a tale of Soarin', who is in all respects a perfect gentlecolt, getting used as life's punching bag, emotionally and physically, and falling in love with a mare who repeatedly proves that she doesn't deserve him. Why does this poor guy keep getting physically hit? Why doesn't he do anything about it?! Why is he expected to come and rescue Applejack, after how much she hurt him? It's disgustingly unfair.

Why is Applejack so horrible? The entire plot hinges on her being a liar for no good reason whatsoever. How hard would it have been to say, "I love ya, Soarin, but let's hold off on meetin' my family. I haven't told 'em about us. I will, I promise, but I just need to wait a bit longer." When things go wrong, she blames the pony she loves the most and hurls the most hurtful words she can at him. She deserves to lose him at this point. Following this, she becomes an emotional and physical wreck, weak and pathetic.

I like Applejack, but this story turns her into some kind of emotionally-unstable, pathetic, lying, selfish, bitch. I couldn't make myself like her with a gun to my head. The only flaw Soarin' has is that he somehow keeps loving her.

I was wishing, hoping against hope, that the ending of the story would be Applejack and Soarin admitting that there was too much damage done, that they can't be together, and going their separate ways. It would have been poignant and meaningful then, but the story takes the cheap "Love must win!" route.

Why does Big Macintosh feel the need to punch the stallion who's making his sister happy hard enough to draw blood? There is something profoundly sick about this mindset; I doubt Mac would be happy if Soarin's sister clocked AJ for taking his virginity. The thought that a male necessarily harms a female by having sex with her, that she "loses" or "gives up" something by doing so, and that the male is in some way guilty, is horrible. Big Macintosh is a horrible character here.

There is a pervasive thread of sexism woven throughout the tale. Applejack is irrational and emotional; she must be forgiven, because she is a mare smitten. Soarin' suffers for Applejack's sake, but he must endure, since he is a strong stallion, and in the end must be the shining knight; Applejack's rescuer from herself. It's insulting to both Applejack and Soarin; to both males and females.

I'm not a tumblr SJW - I just call blatant sexism where I see it.

And what insanity is this business of keeping Soarin' from knowing the identity of his parents?! Children have a right to know where they came from. It's another instance of the universe having something against Soarin' - of his life being the plaything of others' decisions, which he's simply expected to endure and be strong in adversity yet absolutely gentle and forgiving to those he loves. This poor stallion deserves to know his own family history, and to make decisions about his own love life without being pressured and emotionally manipulated from every side, to have somepony he can love who will not use the most private parts of his life against him and whose brother won't casually abuse him just because he's the male in the relationship.

The story will not allow him any of these things.

The romance in this story is sick and unhappy, yet the author seems to think it's a triumph of love, and a bonding of two lovers who belong together.

This story has received plenty of upvotes both times it has been posted on FimFic. I'm an outlier in my dislike of it, I know. I respect the author's talent in putting together something that elicits a true emotional reaction from so many people, myself included. There is real talent here, no doubt, and I wish the author well on any further writing endeavours.

But I didn't like this story. :fluttershysad:

I remember reading this story on Fanfic.net many years ago, when the fandom was still young and I was still new to it. I remember this was among the first fanfics I ever read and it was certainly the first big, multichapter epic I'd ever read from the fandom. It was one of my favorites, but Fanfic.net had an unreliable favorites system. I'm just so glad I've been able to track it down again. You sir, have earned my fave and thumb just from my memory of this fic alone. Can't wait to give it another read! :D

This story has my complete attention. I really like how you portray my favorite pony in this story. It's so on point that it's awesome. I'm a bit surprised about Big Mac's reaction to the wonder bolts, but I do understand that he isn't one for showy ponies. I figured as much from two episodes in the series.

I'm gonna keep reading this great story to see how things turn out. :ajsmug:

As a fan who has taken an interest in Applejack and Soarin fics, I can confidently say for certain, this is hands down the best. Excellent, excellent work! You took the time to build a background for Soarin and develop the characters so well. Seriously, this story is very creatively done and organized. You also capture the emotions of the characters perfectly, making the reader feel what they're feeling. With that said, I'm damn surprised this story hasn't gotten more attention, I.E. artwork on deviantART and what not. I might just have to commission a picture to change that. ;) Again, Great work! After reading this, I don't think can see Applejack with anybody else but Soarin at this point! D

Best romance story I ever read on here!

You did amazing job man!

6711005 Dude I agree! I just found this story, and amazing by how well it is written.

I'm not into romance stories but this here was just... Breathtaking.

The love the author put in here truly made this story special. :raritydespair:


Damn, never been one for a Soarin'Jack ship before. Mostly been into AppleDash, RariJack or at times LunaJack. But this story definately has started me on the path of this idea as well.

Good job to you Sir:twilightsmile:

I read this months ago, don't know if it was your or the copy...sorry... so I know where this is going, but still, when somebody swears never to hurt someone they are likely going to anyway, whether on purpose or by accident, Murphy will make them pay for being to sure of themselves.

Welp, Murphy is going to have a field day...

Enjoyed chapter one. Can't wait to go on to the next chapter.

3689447 PRETTY GOOD?!? this is god damm awesome:pinkiehappy:

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