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Scootaloo has great friends and a wonderful adoptive older sister, but her actual family life is severely troubled. So troubled in fact, that when King Sombra returns to act as her new father, it somehow isn't the worst thing in the world. How will life change for Scootaloo, Sombra, and everypony else?

Inspired by the closing scene of naturalbornderpy's story, The Crusader King

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Okay, this sounds interesting and is bound to be hugely funny.


Midnight: *waves a hoof in front of Ruin's face* Umm, I think you broke her...

Sombra... Scootaloo... what the heck...

Umm, yeah, interesting concept... that's a new one... I'll keep an eye on it :twilightsmile:.

Hmm... its ok so far?

Yes. To all of that story.

Hmmmm... I like! Keep this up, your writing is great!

Hmmmm seems to be a good story in the making. I hope it's great i love stories that focus on scootaloo, well i love stories that treat scootaloo will and not just bash her.

Yeah, Rainbow Dash's reaction is pretty much mine when I first read this fanfic, but still, good concept and chapter.

Midnight: Like you're one to talk about weird twists.

Why do you keep jumping in on these comments?

Is it wrong for me to imagine Sombra's voice to be a mix of Dio and Jotaro from Jojo?

I was half expecting Dash to faint when she heard the news. But I think her reaction, her eating the pancakes like it hasn't quite hit her what she just heard was funny enough.

7184418 That ending bit might have been written a bit oddly. Scootaloo's the one eating pancakes, Rainbow Dash's mouth is still gaping in confusion.

7184416 That... is actually a pretty accurate description of how I imagine his voice being. You know, when he's not just grunting and growling and roaring and stuff that's unintelligible.

7184544 Oh, I misread. I read fast, and sometimes mistakes will be made.:facehoof:

A very interesting story you have in process here, I like it when someone writes a different perspective of a character.
I'm gonna enjoy readingit.

7184549 I'm surprised you know what I'm talking about, but enough about that. I figured that Sombra's voice would have power and respect along with immense charisma, so that's why I thought that his voice would be a mix of Dio and Jotaro. Great, now I can't stop thinking about Sombra using his stair and crystal fetish in Stand form.:facehoof:

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Great work so far! Please keep it up!

That new Infinity Warfare game looks like crap.

I never will be tired reading this LOL!

interesting story. cant wait for the next chapters

I know what your inspiration was from the description, but all I keep thinking of is this comic (linked for huge).

Can't wait for the next chapter.

This is a very nice interpretation of sombra that I find more believable than the "good guy who just so happened to accidentally enslave an empire" vwrsion. Really fun to read and looking forwards to more.

Not going to lie, I'm very curious to see where this goes.

Will this ever be continued?

Iā€™m enjoying the potential for a Twilight freak-out and a story that loves on Scootaloo in the process .

Before she could get too deeply into questioning the presence of the bandage around her leg, something else caught her attention. Something that seemed all too familiar to Scootaloo, but not something she smelt every day. It was something that burnt the inside of her nostrils. It was... smoke!

not to ruin a serious moment, but

Oh LoRd JeSuS iTsA fIyAh

I suppose you could say he's one Hell of a Butler Dad

Probably not my friend


Hello I really like this idea! I was wondering if this story was canceled?

so king sombre as scootaloo's father, how interesting

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