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Scootaloo has great friends and a wonderful adoptive older sister, but her actual family life is severely troubled. So troubled in fact, that when King Sombra returns to act as her new father, it somehow isn't the worst thing in the world. How will life change for Scootaloo, Sombra, and everypony else?

Inspired by the closing scene of naturalbornderpy's story, The Crusader King

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As strong, proud, and honored the Apple Family is, they too have their turmoil. When one problem after another starts to shake the foundation of the Sweet Apple Acres' branch of the Apple Family, they're left wondering as to whether or not they'll be able to pull through, or fall victim to their personal tragedies, which only spells more misfortune for those interested in the supposed 'poison fruit' of the Apple Family.

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Just about everypony knows that Spike has a crush on Rarity, including the purple maned unicorn herself. Nothing makes him happier than knowing that she's accepted his feelings, but does she return them? One Changeling doesn't care, as Queen Chrysalis looks to take advantage of the infatuated dragon.

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