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10 years of this and I am going straight to Hell

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    I don't like getting all soppy and crap but when I drink and stuff well it happens.


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Few month update (AKA BLAH BLAH BLAH) · 9:29pm Nov 3rd, 2017

Sorry folks for my absence... again. I've been working as a VFX technician and audio tech for a film being shot in the city I live in and also performing musical pieces from hit musicals as part of a college project (videos available soon)

I have, literally, 5 unpublished stories that I'd like proofread and had input on but I've been all over the place that I haven't sent feelers out to get a few willing participants.

Updates coming soon though. I got 11 inches of snow so I'll be home much more often.

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Same, glad to hear you're alive and kicking!

I would be willing to do some proof reading for you if you like.

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