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10 years of this and I am going straight to Hell

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Got to love piss drunk Irishmen being transported into the world of talking pastel horses (mind the absence of the 'W'.)

This is great. Can't wait to see what happens next!


Oh I'm sure you'll be "quite" surprised.



Damn straight! Next these damn ponies will be dancin to the Killarney tune

I don't know what this is, but I like it.

Oi' mate! I don't know what this is exactly, I don't know how you're going to make it work in the long run. But I do know I like what I'm seeing. Cheers!

If Killian Cormac was voiced, what would he sound like? Let me guess: Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons.

7773590 Lord no! nothing like that scraggly daft scott!

Now I have a couple songs for riverdancing stuck in my head. I'm tickled, keep it going lad.

This will be grande. Love how he doesn't know the only sausage that will be getting eaten is his own.

Quick, everyone, insult the Irish!

Uhh... Hmmm...

You dirty potato fucker!
How about them potatoes?
You guys are English right?
Why aren't you wearing a kilt?
So which one of you is the leprechaun?
I could drink you under the table!
I hid all the booze!

Irish potatos are so good only the English have them.

I'm not sure if any Irishman would laugh or punch ya if you said that to their faces.

I better call something like that.

I hope you know that now everything I read is in an Irish accent thanks to this story, and I have been listening to Irish music all day now thanks to you...Thanks by the way.

You did not feck a horse, you did not feck a horse. Only scotts feck animals those damn sheep feckers.

Ahc, say that to ma face feckin' Irishman. While you an your kin were still crawling out of those holes in the ground we Scots were being blessed by the good lord himself. Aye, Jesus an all his saints would come here for good wholesome company and to get away from all you snakes.

7775183 *Rubs hands vigorously* Papa Discord will be pleased.

Alright, you have my attention being of Irish decent myself.

Fun story so far... I've only read the first chapter. The ponies of Ponyville know what horses are (the CMC sang about having hearts like horses) while the word "whorse" was made up by the fandom, but eh... Still funny.

7773590 Willie is scotish, not irish....
Not the same.

Quite entertaining, might I ask what your update schedule looks vaguely like? Perhaps once a week, month, day? I'm curious about this hairy, obnoxious bastard and his drunken shenanigans in Equestria.

7775227 Please, we all know that the Irish are just shite knockoffs who wish they were as crazy as the Scots. We were the ones who stripped naked, got piss drunk and painted ourselves before running into battle, claxon blaring, lungs emptying themselves of rage. But the irish get drunk occasionally, so I mean, whatever. Good story though, I'm laughing.

I was laughing at just the description...I'll take a look later.

7775935 so far I'm going to try and update every other day if not everyday. I'm currently in recovery for surgery so I have a lot of free time :)

Ugh. No slight on the author, but these sorts of stories just irritate me. "Oh hey, I'm in an alien world, with inhabitants that look nothing like what I'm used to, and are behaving in ways that I'd never expect. Let me be as aggressively rude as humanly possible, make things more difficult for the persons helping me, yell at random creatures that I have no idea of the abilities or temperment of, and possibly intoxicate myself. Yes, that sounds like a good idea!" I know, I know, narrative needs must, but really do we have to hand the protagonist a big honking idiot ball all the time?

7776334 I really appreciate your thoughts on this. Some people get offended at the sight of criticism but I've read what you've said and I can agree. I did intentionally make this character out to be kind of the idiot in the series because I'd like to see him grow in this series. I've written quite a few stories over the years and sometimes I hit the nail on the head as far as narrative, and other times I drop the ball.
So thank you for your thoughts, though I can't please all of my readers I sincerely hope I'm able to write a story you can go through and genuinely like it. I hope someday I can say one of my stories made you laugh, made you feel, or made you spew coffee out of your nose. If I can't I apologize and hope you can find a library of stories that can for you :)

NON SEXY SPOILER: First story in a long time, written by myself (Naturally) using events from my own life and the progression from being a scraggly nerd to a bearded outdoorsman dynamo with an unhealthy obsession for Celestias Sweet Musk and pastel colored ponies.

SEXY SPOILER: Features hot hairy irishman on pony action containing, but not limited to: Cunnilingus, Spanking, Drunken Makeouts, Flank Groping, Melodrama, Slow Sensual Lovemaking, and the misinterpretation of the word "Horse"

7776334 Heavy is the idiot ball that random stories carry.

7776363 This actually. the song was what gave me inspiration for his voice and tone.

Also Michael Fassbender... Because Woof. Listen to his interviews and his accent is subtle but... yeah I gotta go now.

Good god, all I did was read the first 3 chapters, and when I saw an update for the fourth, I got really excited and paused the story I was in the middle of reading. I've been finding a bunch of really damn good HiE stories recently. I eagerly await for the fifth, and all the chapters following :twilightsmile:

7777141 Fifth should be out later tomorrow after I get back from physical therapy. It makes my heart weep hearing all of the support!

7777150 Well as an avid reader on this site, I can most certainly say that you have the talent to deserve every bit of praise you get on this story
It's original, quirky, hilarious, and has an oc that isn't horrible~
I hope the physical therapy isn't too painful. I've heard how bad it can be

Great story, but rather jaring every time you mention the Scotts. Pritty sure it's the Welsh that fancy the sheep. ;)

7777206 The lizards of Komodo are TRUE dragons.

I-I have l-l-look-ed into the ch-ch-character d-d-development, and I-I-it has l-looked back into m-m-me...


Why do you think they have the kilts? Because it's easier to catch the sheep with your kilt up then your pants down!

Ok, I'm confused. Why in the world does this not have a romance tag? It's pretty obvious we're going to see ponyXhuman sex at some point, and the sparks are definitely there.

7777793 I totally forgot the romance tag, fixed!

7777826 I see you too enjoyed "Ingress: Co-opted Consort" I also enjoy a good human on pony clop-fic ;)

Keep it going you daft paddy bastard :rainbowlaugh:

May I ask where in Ireland Killian is from?

Fháil ar ais!

are you fluent?

7778117 Whew what a doozy of a meta question! So I originally wanted to finish a chapter regarding where Killian lived but didn't think people would care enough because this fiction is primarily centered on... well... ponies.

But to satisfy your curiosity Killian is from Booterstown, Ireland. His family lives east of Idrone Terrace near the shoreline. Even though the pub he works in is fake I modeled the look and feel of the "Three Tun Tavern" Within Booterstown.

As for fluency I'm not. My family is Irish/Scottish (OH GOD THE DRAMA) and though my great grandfather spoke true Gaelic I do not. I know certain phrases but not enough to actually sound fluent to any of my true blue Irish readers. If you're curious my last family name is Cassidy and I'm from Clan Maclachlan. :)

Also go raibh maith agat!

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