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I'm enjoying it so far,hope to see more sometime.

Dr. Itor? Is that you? Why, Juan you old so and so... how the hell have you been? I see you till have that cleaning hobby of yours. Tell us, do the interns still mistake you for a custodial engineer?

I enjoyed this. Well articulated, and the characterization is great! Mr. Clean is fun, and especially with the image I officially have his voice imprinted. I look forward to further shenanigans!

Did Celestia, like, zap him with an aging-spell, or something?

I'm liking this story cant wait for more.

Well, count me in as interested.

An interesting concept. You have gained my attention.

I thought Mister Clean was bald.

A legendary Janitor knows how to clean up any situation. Mr. Clean is that Janitor

I thought Twilight was a series of vampire and werewolf romance novels.

Is it just me or does the janitor look like mike from the middle?

That would be because he is the same actor as the janitor in Scrubs, Neil Flynn.

A good chapter, and even better introduction.

I specially like the way you manage to paint a movie with words - I felt myself involved with Mr. Clean and his cool view of life.


Does he have a painting of himself hidden somewhere? Perhaps inside the Palace Vault? :trollestia:

What Mr. Clean does in his free time, is his free time.

This is a minor correction:

She set them down and battered them lightly with her wings

I believe you wanted to say

She set them down and smacked them lightly with her wing (perhaps add something about Celly smacking them lightly on the flanks like a mother, or something, just to add characterization)

since to batter is to violently strike repeatedly, which didn't happen.

Other than that, great chapter. :)

Congrats on getting featured, keep it up!

I love this story and am looking forward to an update.

more of an award than


Unless the whips and chains are gold plated and embossed, to be placed in a display case.

“It's not that your old Clean! It's just that… well… um…”


He had willingly given her a shoulder to cry on, and a warm feeling in her belly.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

that spoiler tag got me so good, thanks for throwing me into the infamous 3am giggle fit

I can't believe I missed that first one.
and glad that someone got my "innuendo" tho I felt it was a bit on the nose.


(Sorry, just had to)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My thoughts exactly.

Aww, you took my encouraging comment, lol.

Either way, this is a great start for your first story! Creative, funny, unique and above all, a good story. Keep this up!

I would have gone with Whiney Bitch...
Love the story by the way! Its just FABULOUS!!!

Sadly it's slice of life. It would've been awesome if Mister Clean went on an adventure, beating down his enemies with his mop.

I can also imagine all of the terrible jokes he could make, like "Cleaning the world of evil."

The story just started, he's 200 years old, do you really think NOTHING would happen in that time? In Equestria? I want you to like my characters before you feel for them.

Oh this is simply wonderful!

Put a penny in the door.

Both Twilight and Blueblood are adorable in this.

Someone must want to get the bad end of a mop...

Mister Clean is more of a combination of Scruffy and Janitor (guy from scrubs) sometimes he's a dick, sometimes he just doesn't care.

I hope this janitor will be like the janitor from Scrubs, I.E. giving some ponies a hard time.

I love this fic already. Keep up the good work.

God I fucking miss Scrubs

haha the legendary ever so annoying janitor from scrubs

Hey is this were he ran off to at the end of Season 8?

Pretty cool, can't wait to see more.

I like this.

Most people start off struggling to write 2K words. After a while, though, you struggle to keep it bellow 7K xD S'just a matter of getting comfortable with writing.

Maybe try describing more the feelings, the mannerisms, the looks characters give each other, that sort of thing. They include more depth to the story AND increase the word count ^^

As long as you write a minimum of 1k words everything is fine with me.

You might want to do something so people know whats flashback and whats not, I had trouble knowing the diffrence

I try to start the chapter off in a flashback, atleast for now. I'll do something besides leaving it in italics.

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