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Sign up for Ponyrun is closed! · 3:46pm Jul 16th, 2014

If you wish to partake in Ponyrun, which is a tabletop game set within the universe of Man of War, then you need to message me personally. All players have been chosen for this campaign but you can message me for the next campaign or if a player drops out. I made a thread in the MoW group explaining more which can be found here.

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The comment section here is so empty... so I typed a thing! :pinkiehappy:

You're a bitch!!

1163251 Should I go grab a creepy puppet or some lube? :trixieshiftleft:
Cause you have still yet to properly answer me.

-cough cough- :3 you know me, we can play a little game,

Hope you are going well

Stay frosty -Tim

1158418 We live pretty close to each other and he was actually the one that got me into ponies with the first two episodes of season 2, cause Discord is awesome. It's also part of the reason why he is able to write my characters while doing justice to them since he tends to call me up or show up and be like "Hey this next chapter is gonna involve so and so so blah blah blah" and yea. Now I think I'm just typing to type, partly because I know that fimficition comments can span up to 15k words long and part of me wants to like attempt it spontaneously but if I did that would piss off so many people due to the fact that I haven't updated the story in close to a year, which I partly blame due to writers block, another part of it is I kinda forgot how I wrote an upcoming scene, and its been getting harder and harder to want to rewrite a story I wrote when I was fourteen. Given back then it was much more anime influenced and had no ponies, and a bigger cast of characters, a few who I will still touch on and such, but there are at least eight characters that I have taken out due to the setting, along with their back story and plot points, though I have added a few due to certain inspirations I've gotten. It would probably also help if I had an actual editor instead of doing it all myself and talking to myself inside my head being all like "why are you writing this again? to somewhat explain things in another story and you kinda already wrote this so that whole drive of I'm writing it for me isn't there." It doesn't help either that I have basically decided to take on being somewhat of a parent for my friend's child. Woah, look how far I got, you know for a like 5 minute sit down thus far this actually isn't half bad, and now someone's probably gonna be like "Why don't you do this with your story?" and my response would be this is random babbling which is actually incredibly easy to do, i mean all I am doing is typing what I think while not really caring about grammar or structure or anything like that. Plus I like to hold the writing for my story to a somewhat set standard and even though I do rather suck ass at writing I would like to believe the quality of the story is higher than my random thoughts. Wow I just check out how many words I have put on thus far and it was 453, which is cool... and I guess its more than that by this point, and I kinda want to try to get to 500 that way I have that idiotic pride of yea I left a 500 word response comment cause I didn't know what to talk about and got bored. I just counted and I got over 500, I'm proud of myself, I'm awesome and Imma leave it at May the Cheese be with you!

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