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I'm alive. I'm coming back. I feel good. · 2:48pm Oct 17th, 2014

Hey guys!

So if you're reading this, for some crazy reason you have the attention span of a zen monk, because you still remember I exist even though I haven't updated in months.

So what's been going on for all those months?

Well in my last blog post I mentioned that I was working, working out, and on a journey of self-betterment. I was putting myself through a summer of hell to improve myself physically and mentally.

Am I done yet? No. Have I reached my first goal? YES!

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Keeping everyone in the loop · 8:57pm Jun 20th, 2014

For those of you who don't know me, here's some insight into my life (whether you want it or not).

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What am I doing? · 3:41pm Apr 13th, 2014

So it's been a while since I updated, and it may be a while still. This past week was greek week here at my university, and for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a campus wide 'take-over' by the greek community (fraternities and sororities) so needless to say I've been busy. Now that that's done, however, I now have a ton of studying to do, with finals being 2 weeks away. I'll definitly update far more regularly when finals are done, but until then, no promises. Sorry to leave you

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That moment when... · 4:24am Mar 31st, 2014

That moment when you have two stories being simultaneously featured and one of them is top. I'm really not trying to brag here but damn...

This feels nice.

Oh, and the stories are almost complete opposites.

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New story! · 9:41pm Jan 6th, 2014

I'm doing a new story to try and convince me to come back and write more often, both on the new story, and Clockwork, which I have big plans for. Anyway, it's about my favorite bar in Athens, Ohio, and our favorite ponies, and white might happen should they mix. I introduce, White Pony Wasted.

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It's DONE JEEZUS · 9:53pm Sep 14th, 2013

It's done. For those following me you may remember that I put a story called 'Spring's Song' on hiatus due to the most extreme case of writer's block ever experienced by a human being. That was over a year ago. Well, I'm back, and I finished that sonofabitch. It's done. I doubt anyone is following it anymore, but I'm just so glad to have that piece done and out of my mind. You can check it out if you like. And if anyone did continue to follow it...I'm impressed by your tenacity and it has been

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*sigh* this...this may be goodbye. · 4:02am Sep 2nd, 2012

Well guys...you've been brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, supportive, awesome and just plain fantastic. But in case you haven't noticed...

I'm not really around.

When I first started writing here, I was inspired, encouraged, and just had the urge to write. To create. To craft.

But now...now I'm not.

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I'm BAAAaaaackkk!! · 6:11am Jun 26th, 2012

I'm back from the educational grave, and guess what? The stories now continue! I'm not...super satisfied with this first one now that I'm back but I know I need to start getting you guys some updates! Let me know what you think, hopefully it's not too obvious I'm fishing for conflict, this one...required some fudging, not gonna lie. But hopefully I provided an interesting glance one what it's like to be on the other side of the 'friendzone' looking glass...Thanks to all you guys for being

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Don't worry, it's far from over! · 1:22am Mar 25th, 2012

Just a heads up to all you beautiful fillies and colts tracking 'Spring's Song', IT IS NOT OVER. it is far from over! However, life has decided to throw a bunch of busy stuff my way (work, college visits, registering for ACT/SAT, fixing car, enormous theatre project, ever present hw and of course spending time with my marefriend) and it's going to be exceedingly difficult to write for you guys. So I'm taking a bit of a break (only for a week or so, don't panic!) from writing to get my

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Well this has been a bit of a flop... · 7:08pm Mar 18th, 2012

Recently I started a long awaited sequel to my first story, Winter's Howl. While Winter's Howl never became immensely popular, it did have quite a bit of a following (over 3 and a half thousand people! WOW!) Naturally, I expected at least the majority of that following to at least check out Spring's Song...Unfortunately this has not been the case...at all. I love writing for you guys, but I feel like there just hasn't been the following to continue Spring's Song. (It doesn't even have

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