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Lotsa ponies think I'm strange or mean 'cause I'm real big and yell lots, but I just wanna show them I'm strong enough now...

A small, melancholy, one chapter story I did to provide some possible background for Bulk Biceps.

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It is a little-known fact that all living beings are born with a finite amount of bucks to give. It is little-know due to the fact that most ponies will die long before all of their bucks could been given. But Twilight Sparkle seems to give a buck about everything, and she's depleting her storage far too quickly. This is what happens when Twilight Sparkle runs out of bucks.

inspired by the youtube video: "Not Giving A F**k" by JonLajoie

Chapters (9)

Rarity made a stupid bet.

Chapters (2)

I have no idea how long I've been here, this gap between the seconds. It could be minutes, days, ages, I can't tell. I can never tell.

Maybe that's for the best.

The sun never rises, but it never sets. The clock never ticks, and I never rest. I never hunger, nor thirst. I certainly never tire.

It makes it much harder to tell the time I spend here...

Yet it never feels like none at all...

Chapters (18)

Rainstorm loves his family, and all life has to offer, but as the curses of realism, lust and life slowly transform innocence to maturity, he must find his consolation in friends, family, and love.

(Set 5 years after the epilogue of Winter's Howl)

Chapters (11)

Vinyl Scratch is always up for a good party! But when she partys a bit too hard, even for her standards, she wakes up in a mysterious place with no memories of how she got there, and only the soft sound of Fur Elise to greet her listening ears.

Chapters (5)

Snowstorm is new in Ponyville, has just met the mare of his dreams, and landed a great job. But how will he react when the object of his affection is not only his partner, but his manager? Lessons of life, love, loss, and laughs, as well as everything in between.

Chapters (26)