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Winter's Howl - 71NYL-5CR4TCH

Rainbow Dash x Custom Character shipping with lots of comedy

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Chapter 9: Sunrise Over the Virgin Snow

Winter’s Howl

Chapter 9: Sunrise over the Virgin Snow


Snowstorm stared into the beautiful pair of magenta eyes which laid before his. A quiet snow shower had formed around the two, surrounding the pair in an elegant dance of falling angels. Snowstorm let out a contented sigh, his breath forming a cloud in the silent winter air.

“You…you mean that?” Snowstorm asked jokingly

“Totally,” Rainbow said in a low voice, smiling while pressing her forehead against his, closing her eyes.

Snowstorm smiled, closing his eyes, “Well, as much as I want this moment to last, I think we’d better head back to town. This snow’s coming down pretty hard…”

“Yeah, you’re right…are you going back to the hotel?”

“I guess, are you going home?”

“Well I would, but…”


“I don’t think I can make it back to my house in this weather...” She gave a Snowstorm a provocative smile.

“What? You can clear a storm like this in-“ Rainbow’s advances suddenly sunk in. “Oh…well…I guess you could stay at the hotel…you know…if you want” His blush burned with a ferocious intensity, as he spoke, completely unsure of himself.

“But where would I sleep?”

“Um…your own room?” Snowstorm retreated slightly

“But Ms. Warmhearth is out of town, and she has all the keys…” Rainbow advanced

“M-my room only has o-one bed…I could sleep on the couch..?” He took a few steps back

“*sigh* You’re not very good at this are you?” Rainbow chuckled

“No” This, Snowstorm knew the answer to.
Rainbow laughed, Well at least he’s honest, she thought.

“Come on you, let’s go.”


Snowstorm turned the key to his hotel room and opened the door. No sooner had he opened the door then Rainbow tackled him, forcing him into a deep kiss. While Snowstorm backed up, eyes completely shut, he bumped into several objects before finally feeling his way to the bed. He laid down, quickly, bringing Rainbow down on top of him while staying in her embrace.

As they kissed, Snowstorm’s mind stayed surprisingly blank, lost in the complete euphoria of passion. He ran his hoof through her smooth, unkempt mane, while his tongue dance elegantly with hers. He began to slide his hoof down her body, reaching the small of her back before rubbing back up to her mane. With each stroke he reached slightly further down her body, testing the metaphysical waters of the newfound dance of passion he found himself in. Rainbow showed no signs of disapproval, her lips still locked with his. With a tingle of worry, but a burn of desire, he slid his hoof over her flank, gripping it lightly.

Rainbow broke the kiss, and Snowstorm’s tingle of worry burst into a mental wildfire. Oh, horseapples! Did I move to fast? Is that a bad thing to do? Shit, she probably thinks I’m a pervert now… His train of thought was cut by Rainbow’s words.

“About time.” She said in a low, sensual whisper before returning to her lip-locked paradise.

Snowstorm’s lips tasted like a combination of mint, rose and pine. Their flavor reminded Rainbow of a snow-covered mountaintop, it’s beauty only to be matched by a quiet majesty and still power. His hooves slid gracefully over her body, raising goosebumps wherever they touched. The chill of his breath intertwined with the heat of his body, pressed firmly against hers. This time, it was Snowstorms turned to break the kiss.


“Yeah babe?”

“I…uh…I don’t really want anything more than just…you know…this.” He spoke quietly, unsure of whether or not his words would be offensive to even insinuate Rainbow wanted more, or if they would disappoint her.

“I think this is all I want too, Snowstorm…for tonight at least.” She winked as Snowstorm released a chuckle of relief.

The pair laid in each other’s hooves, and Snowstorm marveled in the beauty of the mare he embraced. Her rose eyes glistened softly as sky-blue lids began to conceal their beauty. Rainbow fell fast asleep in his forelegs, feeling comforted and loved. Snowstorm watched quietly as Rainbow drifted into sleep, her chest slowly rising and falling. He breathed out before closing his eyes, drifting into a deep sleep.


Snowstorm’s eyes cracked open as three staccato knocks came form the wooden door to his room. His first sight was a sleeping sky-blue pegasus, still resting in his embrace, her rainbow mane disheveled from sleep. She looks so cute with bed-head he thought before three more staccato knocks and a singing voice interrupted him.

“Snowstorm! I’m back in town! It’s 8:30! Time to wake up dear.” Ms. Warmhearth called into the room. Snowstorm gave an inaudible grumble. He didn’t want to get up. He wanted to stay in his warm bed with his mare in his grasp.

When Ms. Warmhearth heard no reply, she cautiously opened the door, “Snowstorm? Are you in here de-“ She was cut off when she saw Snowstorm and Rainbow asleep in each other’s hooves. “Oh, my, um, sorry to interrupt Snowstorm but it’s…uh…time for work…for both of you.” I swear, I leave for one day, one Celestia damned day…

“Oh, uh thanks Ms. Warmhearth. We’ll be up shortly.” Snowstorm blushed while meeting the old mare’s eyes. He was embarrassed, no doubt, but ashamed? Hah!

“Wazzat? Whaz goin’ on? Where am I?” Rainbow sat up suddenly as the surrounding commotion woke her from sleep, rubbing her eyes. “Oh, good morning handsome.” She smiled and gave Snowstorm a peck on the cheek, before turning around to see Ms. Warmhearth starring at the pair. “Oh! Ms. Warmhearth! Hi! I uh…”

Ms. Warmhearth put up a hoof and looked down and away, closing her eyes. “Nuhnuhnuhnuh…I don’t need to hear it. Just...just get yourselves cleaned up, I’ll put an extra pot of coffee on…” She walked away quietly. First drama here in months, MONTHS! And I leave for one day…what the hay else did I miss?

Rainbow chuckled before turning to Snowstorm, flashing a provocative smile “Well, you heard the lady, let’s get ‘cleaned up’ before work.”


Rainbow and Snowstorm walked down the hall chatting, their manes still dripping wet from their showers. Two mugs of coffee sat on a small bench in the lobby, and Ms. Warmhearth had assumed her usual position behind the counter. As the pair sipped their coffee and laughed, Ms. Warmhearth became eager to stir up a little fun. It had been too long since she’d had a good laugh…

“So I see your both all cleaned up…” Ms. Warmhearth began, seemingly innocent while reading a copy of The Canterlot Times.

“Yup, ready to get to work!” Snowstorm announced and flashed Rainbow a grin.

“Funny, I only heard one shower run this morning…”

Snowstorm froze. The hotel was very small, and to the best of his knowledge, he and Rainbow were it’s only guests at the time being. “Well…uh…you see.”

“We’re a very eco-minded ponies,” Rainbow came in with a smooth save, “you know, go green for Equestria and all that…”

“Mmmhmm,” Warmhearth grinned at the pair’s reaction. “Well, you probably won’t have much to do today, everything came down last night. Sun’s out and shining now.”

“What all came down last night?” Snowstorm asked through sips of coffee.

“You mean you haven’t seen it yet? Oh it’s beautiful outside!”

Snowstorm looked to Rainbow, who shrugged, clearly as ignorant as he was. They both stood and walked to the main doors of the hotel before slowly opening them. Before them lay a virgin blanket of snow, approximately 6 inches deep, completely untouched by pony or any other animal. The snow sparkled brilliantly against the rising sun, and created a perfect, serene landscape ahead.

“It’s beautiful…” Rainbow said through a breath, silently taking in the awe of the completely pure world in front of her. “like a big sheet of paper to draw on…just full of possibilities.”

Snowstorm smiled and put a wing over Rainbow as he also marveled in the beauty of the world in front of him. This was why winter was his favorite season, it created such untarnished beauty that could be seen through no other medium but the fury, then stillness of nature.

Snowstorm looked to Rainbow and smiled.

“Shall we draw?”