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Winter's Howl - 71NYL-5CR4TCH

Rainbow Dash x Custom Character shipping with lots of comedy

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Chapter 5: Breaking the Ice

Winter’s Howl

Chapter 5: Breaking the Ice


Snowstorm rushed to keep up with the rainbow colored pegasus in front of him. A few seconds prior, Rainbow had received a glint in her eyes before instructing Snowstorm to follow her. She then promptly dived toward the earth bellow at breakneck speeds. Snowstorm followed suit, unsure of his destination. He was already exhausted from the long day’s work that he had just finished, so an unexpected hot pursuit wasn’t necessarily welcome, but he wanted to spend time with Rainbow more than anything. As the town came into view, he saw exactly what target Rainbow had in mind. The Ponyville park was extremely large relative to the town’s size, and its size did not take away from its beauty. In its center, was a large natural pond, surrounded by park benches. Snowstorm began to feel a growing concern. Rainbow wasn’t slowing, in fact, she was speeding up. Rapidly.

The first thing he saw was the cone, forming rapidly around Rainbow’s body. Snowstorm slowed himself and watched in awe.

Next he heard the scream, coming from Rainbow’s rapidly descending body. The cone’s angle began to sharpen.

Snowstorm finally came to stop and allowed his jaw to drop.

Finally came the boom.

The explosion physically rocketed the atmosphere, sending Snowstorm back a few feet. The atmosphere around him changed colors as a wave of rainbow shot past him, brining with it a rumbling thunder.

Last of all came the splash, soaking Snowstorms coat. He shimmied his mane, shaking the now soaking wet mane out of his eyes. He looked down to see a now significantly more shallow pool of water at the center of the park, a grinning, soaking wet Rainbow Dash floating in the center.

Snowstorm slowly descended, landing in the pond next to Rainbow. “What the HAY was that Rainbow?” He asked in disbelief, a wild grin adorning his face, his eyes open wide.

“That…was a sonic Rainboom.” Rainbow grinned, clearly proud of herself.

“How did you do that?!” Snowstorm was beyond curious as to what had created the beautiful spectrum that had rocked all of Ponyville.

“I just get going fast enough…and think of something awesome.” She usually just pictured the Wonderbolts. This was the first time she’d thought of anything different.

“That’s incredible…” Snowstorm marveled. He’d never seen anything so…well, awesome!

The two floated in the lake for a while, watching as the few clouds left behind drifted by. Rainbow was the first to break the silence.

“So I gotta ask, what did you picture when you did your snowstorm?” Rainbow’s heart began to race. For the first time in her life, she was terrified. She’d asked a question to which she wanted an answer so desperately, and had no way of predicting its answer.

Snowstorm turned to rainbow. He had an answer he wanted to say so desperately, but was terrified of the response it might receive. He came up with an ingenious idea. “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

Rainbow froze. Leaving her fate up to someone else was one thing, but controlling it somehow made her all the more terrified. She took the only safe road she could. “We’ll say it together. Deal?”

“Deal…on three?”


“One,” they announced together, both hearts racing at the possible response they could receive.

“Two,” could they go through with this? It’d be so much safer to say the norm…

“Three,” No. Honesty was essential. This was essential. It had to happen. Now or never.

“You,” They said together in perfect sync. Silence hung through the air, thick enough to cut with a knife.

“You…you think I’m awesome?” Snowstorm stuttered.

“Well…yeah…I mean, you can create snowstorms all by yourself, and in like, ten seconds flat. Plus, you’re the only pony who’s ever been able to keep up with me, both in weather and on the dance floor…and I think you’re…kinda…cute.” Rainbow was now blushing intently, looking away from Snowstorms eyes. “You…you think I’m beautiful..?” She asked shyly

“Yeah, I mean, your mane is really pretty, and your eyes are so…I don’t know, captivating? I guess that’s right. You’re really cool too, everything about you screams ‘awesome’.” It was Snowstorm’s turn to blush now. He cautiously chose his next question. “You think I’m cute?”

“Uh-huh.” Rainbow said simply, nodding her head. “You think I’m cool?”

“Yeah…” Snowstorm smiled. He was the first to look up. Rainbow followed suit briefly, meeting his eyes. They starred in silence for a minute, and Rainbow smiled.

Rainbow bit her lip, as her mind raced. She knew exactly what she wanted, but the anticipation, the not knowing, of just what was going on in Snowstorm’s head was driving her mad.

Snowstorm saw Rainbow bite her lip and unfortunately, he had no idea what it meant. But he had a guess. And for him, a guess was enough.

Snowstorm closed his eyes.

Rainbow closed hers.

Snowstorm leaned in.

Rainbow waited.


Rainbow and Snowstorm’s eyes shot open. Both were blushing intensely. Their search for the source of the interruption was brief. Applejack stood above them on the shore of the pond, a glare across her face.

“Applejack? What the hay are you doing here?” Rainbow raised a suspicious eyebrow.

“Why wouldn’t ah be? A better question is why is half the pond drained and why is the park soakin’ wet?”

“Oh…Um…that. Just…uh…showing Snowstorm here some tricks, heh” Rainbow dash scratched the back of her neck.

“Not what it looked like ta me.” Applejack narrowed her eyes. “But if that’s all that’s goin on here, then ba all means. Don’t mind me.”

“What’s up Applejack? You’re acting…weird.” Rainbow gave Applejack a suspicious eye.

“ME? Ah ain’t acting weird! You’re the one that’s been acting weird, ever since THIS one moved to town!” She pointed an accusing hoof at Snowstorm, who gave a sincere look of ‘who, me?’

“Applejack what is WRONG with you? You haven’t even seen me since Snowstorm moved in, and he’s a perfectly nice guy.”

“Well…you don’t know that yet! Ya only been talking for a day!”

“And how long have you talked to him?”

“…Long enough! And…and that ain’t the point!!!”

“Applejack are you…jealous?” Rainbow gave a smirk.

“Jealous? Why would Ah be jealous? Ah ain’t got no reason to be jealous!”

“Applejack, I can tell when you’re lying. You’re terrible at it, element of honesty remember? It’s ok, I can understand why you’d be jealous of me, Snowstorm’s a really cool guy and-“

“Ah AIN’T jealous of you Rainbow.” Applejack looked serious now, and somewhat annoyed.

“Then who are you-“ Rainbow stopped. She was jealous, that much was obvious. But if she wasn’t jealous of her, then who…

Rainbow stood perfectly still. She turned to Applejack and met her gaze. Applejack still wore a face of anger, but it began to shift to one of horror when she realized the truth she’d just let fly from her mouth.

“Ah…Ah…never mind, don’t you mind none. Ah…ah gotta go. Just watch yourself around this one.” Applejack turned and darted out of the park.

Rainbow sat on her haunches, taking in the freight train of information that had just barreled over her. Snowstorm walked up and sat next to her, putting a wing over her shoulder. He’d watched the entire escapade unfold and understood exactly what had happened.

Rainbow turned to Snowstorm and looked into his eyes.

“What…just happened?”