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Watching the beginning of the series, I noticed just how well Apple Jack seemed to know Rainbow Dash and how she could even pull on her tail without even so much as an angry stare. They seemed to know everything about each other. This story is my explanation of how that relationship might have started.

Also Scootaloo is in there so, yay!

An audio of this story was done a while ago and I forgot to link to it:


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Comments ( 3 )

I think this is a really good straightforward story.

I love the fact you used a deep emotional bonding rather than some of the other paths available.

Still I feel could have been more happeningv when Rainbow first approached AJ.

Overall this is a good read in my opinion


Thanks! I never saw RD as a deep thinking pony, but I'm sure others see in the show that she really does care about others. Thus I tried to think about how she might cheer someone up, especially if she was hurting at the time too.

Very laden with emotion, but it could use a bit of editing. The story is a bit too dream like for my liking. :twilightsheepish:

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