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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.


Twilight’s hosting her yearly white elephant gift exchange, and Princess Luna couldn’t be more honored to attend.  The camaraderie of spending an evening with friends captures the spirit of Hearth’s Warming in such a way that even a silly yet simple game can mean so much more.  But while the fire of friendship burns strong, so too does the fire of curiosity:

What could possibly be in that box?

A very belated Secret Santa gift for Lopunny. I'm so sorry this took so long! Hope you like it!

Coverart by OofyColorful

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October 26th, 2023 update: This story's going back in the oven. There's some changes I want to make. Details here.

Sunset Shimmer lived a perfect life: an aspiring career as Princess Celestia’s star pupil, a budding romance, and the perfect best friend to discover the wonders of the world that made life worth living.  But under the guise of a new friend Sunset met in her dreams, Nightmare Moon sought to upend everything in the name of vengeance, and the powers that be demanded their pound of flesh.

Years later, long after the dust had settled, Sunset found her home beyond the portal. Life was good, if a little strange.  But when Princess Luna comes seeking to quell the nightmares of a past that still haunt her, those nightmares rapidly spiral out of control, and Sunset is faced with the impossible decision of allying herself with the very individual who had destroyed her life.

With little choice, they strike a tentative partnership, and as past and present converge to threaten all that Sunset holds dear, she is left standing at the precarious ledge of a question that may very well have no answer:

Is there a limit to forgiveness?

[Non-con] tag for story elements, not on-page events.
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Cover art by Ventious.
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Today's the day.

It’s a wonderful day, a terrifying day. Today's the day you finally asked Sunset Shimmer out on a date!

If only you had remembered to tell her it was a date...

A light-hearted parody of 2nd-person stories via a “sort-of story” about how I use description in my actual stories and why.  An extended version of this.  You can direct all pitchforks and torches toward this gal.

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Darkness holds dominion over the world. Cinders of Sun and Moon gathered from a long-forgotten catastrophe are all that remain to shelter the village from the consuming void. But their power wanes. Lanterns of Sun and Moon held close against his chest, a stallion takes up the mantle of light bearer and forges into the abyss to return light to a world that has all but forgotten it.

Beyond the safety of the village gates, he will meet a voice of shadows and starlight, and many are the revelations it has of the world he thought he knew so well.

7/10/19 update: This story has been completely remastered to meet my 2019 writing standards! Enjoy!
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[Cover art by Ventious]

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Come closer here—my heart, my host.
Come closer. Hear my heart, my host,

Is only staid with presence close.
Were love a potion, ample dose.

My night-ful bride, I need your boon.
My baleful bride, I need you soon:

For what’s eclipsed by half a moon?

[Cover art by by tractareSolidum
Now featured in the Royal Canterlot Library!]

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We all have our demons. Some are great. Some are small. We repress them, bury them beneath layers of emotion and denial. But whether they’re real or imaginary, everypony must face them in the end.

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This story is a sequel to Transcendence

Time marches ever onward, heedless of two ponies it left to sift through the fragments of their shattered lives for a reason to spread their wings and soar. Only darker skies await them, but above the clouds, the sun still shines.

[Cover Art by Grumptard]

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Nothing quite spells ‘normal’ for the CMC like a wagon full of fireworks.

[A minific entry to the All In Write-off. Cover Art by LateCustomer]

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Nightmare Night must go, an organization of concerned ponies has decided. No more candy, no more cavities, no more frightened foals. It's for the best, and they're certain everypony will agree.

They just forgot to mention it to Princess Luna.

[Cover art by ZantyARZ]

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A mysterious “World Circus” has come to Ponyville; though, not all is as it seems. When Twilight learns the motives behind the grandeur, she finds only death and despair lying within its machinations. But somewhere in the illusions and fabricated realities lies the truth she so desperately must find to save herself and the world as she knows it.

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