• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Compatī - Corejo

Sunset Shimmer lived a perfect life. Nightmare Moon destroyed it. When Luna seeks reconciliation years later, past demons resurface to threaten all that Sunset holds dear. Though she is willing, the question remains: is there a limit to forgiveness?

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Prologue - The Journal

Compatī (Cohm - pah - tee)

cum + pati, latin.

‘To suffer with.’ It is the origin of the word ‘compassion.’

Beyond sympathy—beyond empathy—it is to feel alongside another person, both the good and the bad, the joys and hurts of life and what comes with it. And I think that’s beautiful.


I lay on a purple velvet cushion with a little smile on my face. Rare were the moments I had time to chat with Sister’s star pupil when the world wasn’t in peril. I found her innocence and perspective on the world most refreshing, even if it meant entertaining myself with her… eccentricities. I folded my hooves, took a sip of coffee, and continued watching Twilight Sparkle fret over her assortment of astronomy literature.

“Or maybe you’d rather read Guilderbeak’s Guide to Gargantuan Galaxies.” Twilight Sparkle hefted a book levitating beside her. She gasped. “Oh, where did I put Star Gazer’s Anthology of Astral Anomalies?”

She raced for the next aisle from my little corner nook. An avalanche of books sounded from around the bend. “Ow.”

She returned with the aforementioned book, plus one open-faced atop her head. ’Twas unapparent if she knew it was there. She wore a winning smile as she placed Astral Anomalies on my lap.

I closed my eyes and smiled. “Thank you, Twilight Sparkle, but I believe this is sufficient reading material to choose from.”

We both looked at the stacks of books surrounding me. It could well have passed for a fortress had she kept at it. Was this how Sister felt all these years teaching this mare?

Twilight half spread her wings and lowered her head. “Eh, heh… Right.”

“Additionally, my reading interests are not solely focused on the night sky, Twilight. I entertain myself with myriad studies.”

I pulled the least astronomical-looking book from the pile. Modern Linguistics for the Absolute Beginner. I shifted my head back to double check the title before raising a brow at Twilight.

She stepped back and gave me that sheepish chuckle of hers. “I-I’m just gonna go, uh, sort some of these books.” She lifted half the surrounding stacks and took off down an aisle.

I chuckled. ’Twill be a sad day indeed when young Twilight loses that innocent charm of hers. I set Linguistics aside and glanced over the remaining pile. A brown-and-gold spine stood out from the brighter blues and greens. Curiosity bid I take it.

A blazing red-and-yellow sun greeted me from the cover. ’Twas heavy. I could already feel the weight of knowledge it carried within. I opened it, and to my surprise it was not a textbook.

Dear Princess Twilight,—

I shut it. ’Twas a letter book—a diary of sorts. She must have accidentally grabbed it in her fervor. I glanced back the way Twilight had fled. No. ’Twas her privacy.

I set it aside and perused my remaining options. Not a moment later, however, it glowed and began vibrating.

I started to my haunches and fanned out my wings. I leaned in for a closer look, then hefted it in my magic. “What a strange enchantment.”

“Oh, hey,” Twilight said, returning from the aisle way. “Sunset Shimmer’s writing to me.”

Sunset Shimmer? I almost dropped the book. I pointed my ears forward, then snapped them back against my skull. I looked away as hesitation wrapped its cold hooves around me.

Twilight took the book from my grasp. She flipped it open and read to herself. “Huh.”

I watched her eyes scan line after line. The silence of the library crept back in, to the point that I pitched my ears forward. “Is something the matter?”

“Huh? Oh, no. There’s just this thing called a ‘movie’—which is sort of like a play, but not acted live—that she's going to see with her friends, and she needs to gush about it.” She smiled, a little blush rising to her cheeks. “And apparently one of the lead roles is really cute.”

“I… is that all?”

“Mmm, looks like it. But she did also say to tell all my friends ‘hi’ and that she hopes they’re doing well.” Twilight flashed me a smile.

“She didn’t say so,” she said, “but I know that would include you. So, Sunset Shimmer says hi.” She giggled.

I laid myself down and refolded my forehooves. “I… that is wonderful to hear.”

“Princess Luna?” Twilight stared at me with that same concern Sister oft did when she caught me ruminating. “Is everything okay?”

I felt the pout form on my lips before I could stop myself. I looked away. “No. But it is my concern, and I wish it to remain as such.”

“I… Are you sure?” She creased her brow.

I felt her heart reach out to mine. I could see and feel the dreams of our little ponies whenever their souls melded with mine in sweetest slumber.

Though Twilight was not asleep, her daydreams and their associated emotions fell within that domain. When I blinked, I saw darkness—myself lying alone in a derelict Castle Everfree.

“There are many duties I must see to myself.” I considered her unfaltering gaze. The tether that bound her subconscious to my soul pulled taut. “If I require your assistance, I will be sure to ask.”

That seemed to mollify her. She looked aside, then back at me. “I’m here to help, Princess. Whatever it is. We all are.”

“Thank you, Twilight.” I stood and strapped on my saddlebags. “For now, it is getting late, and I must see to the dreams of our little ponies.”

She raised a hoof, hesitant on letting me leave so suddenly. However, she lowered it and nodded. “Goodnight, Princess.”

“Goodnight, Twilight.” I headed for the door. I felt her gaze on the back of my head, and a dozen scenarios thrummed on her tether in a symphony of nightmares. I thankfully left that silent room unmolested.

An evening sun kissed the far horizon and washed the sky in a watercolor spray of yellows, pinks, and oranges. A light wind inveigled my mane to dance among the growing Spring around me. I would have smiled at the myriad signs of regrowth had I not stumbled upon that book.

The moon had waned these last weeks to but a sliver, and tonight would see it rest ere it grow in kind with the burgeoning leaves. Forever had the moon followed its cycle through the night sky, but with my return the new moon became my symbol to the ponies of Equestria that I was reborn, that I was no longer that being of nightmares. To continue that cycle was to relinquish my rightful place in the sky for a night. ’Twas my humility, my promise, my repentance.

But with that reminder came the subtle nature of the dark, the dangers the ponies of this age did not know thanks to Sister’s wise rule. The full moon was synonymous with insanity and revelry, but a new moon played harbinger to misery, to death and chaos.

Though I always tried separating the symbolism and metaphor of the dreamscape from my interpretations of the waking world, the coincidence of finding that book on a new moon brought a chill to my withers.

The dreamscape called to me, and so did my past demons. Fate deemed it necessary I pay Sunset Shimmer a visit.

I knew not what the future had in store, but I knew a long and winding road lay ahead.

For myself, and for her.

Author's Note:

Onward and Upward!