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A good story isn't measured by how long it is, but by how long it stays with you.


This story is a sequel to Transcendence

Time marches ever onward, heedless of two ponies it left to sift through the fragments of their shattered lives for a reason to spread their wings and soar. Only darker skies await them, but above the clouds, the sun still shines.

[Cover Art by Grumptard]

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Wow? No ones touched this? I guess I better reread and catch up to this.

I kind of want to read it since I read Transendence, but I am just so tired of sad stories... Meh. Maybe at some point.

Looks like we're seeing Rainbow Dash's side of the story now. Given how many questions Transcendence left, I'm eager to watch now that I know it's here.

Man oh man, I'm so happy to see the first story I read on this site continued! After all these years! Man, it brings back good memories.

And yes, indeed, onward and upwards!

Great start so far. The detail on the signals used to maintain formation while doing tricks was really cool, and I enjoyed being a part of the team by proxy. Now, I wonder how things go from here . . .

Bad to Worse. Always Bad to Worse.

It wouldn't be a sequel if it didn't. :rainbowlaugh:


I don't know, I re-read transcendence and I felt rainbow got what she deserved. Now I'm starting to feel bad for her, but please continue! This is a nice blast from the past

6393899 I'm not feeling bad for RD yet. After what she pulled in Transcendence, it'll be hard for me to like her in this series. Though, I am curious as to what she was thinking.

6393856 Honestly I can't bring myself to care in the slightest what Rainbows side of the story is. What she pulled in Transcendence is (in my opinion) inexcusable behavior for the Element of Loyalty. I wouldn't be surprised if she unknowingly wound up unable to call on her Element after what she did to Scoots.

This one and one other story I have read wind up casting Rainbow in a very bad light. At least I can look at them as alternate universes.

Nice peak into modern day(?) Scoot life. Excited to read more.

Wait, i thought Scootaloo became a Wonderbolt as well? Or was that only Pyra that became a Bolt?

Scoot left the Auditions after blowing everyone out of the water. There was no initiation, implied or otherwise.

That's how it felt to me. Prove yourself, give it the middle finger (hoof) and move on. I'm excited to see where she goes next. I guess she is training for something impressive :o)

I will wait until this one is finished before starting to read. I can't wait, I just loved "Transcendence".

6478295 Any chance of this being continued ? :applejackunsure:

Working on other stuff. I'll be back to this afterward. No ETA, sadly. :(

I'm kinda surprised she got a job as an accountant. Either Ponyville's financial paperwork is weirdly easy, or Scootaloo really hit the books hard between Transcendence and Flock Together!

Loving the relationship between Scoots and her dad though, sweet but rough and tumble at the same time. I feel kinda bad for laughing but them ragging on Ball Point was pretty funny.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

When will this be continued?

I honestly don't know. I haven't thought much about this story recently, as I'm currently working on my other story, Compati. But I as an author am not dead, if that's any consolation.

Its good to hear you're still active. Ill just have to sit and wait for the next chapter in the future.

As the non dead tell me, thats half the battle of being alive.:rainbowderp:

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