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After serving for the Princesses in Saddle Arabia for almost three years, Lightning Spark returns home to Ponyville. As he travels to meet a very special somepony, he starts to remember events that occurred when he was away from home.

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*cries* Why would you make me read this or even make me look at that cute picture?? :raritydespair::heart:

6627200 It was my way of honoring the troops; sort of as a late Veterans Day tribute.

6627215 Can I be the first to say. "DAWWWWWW!!! HOW CUUUTTEEE!!!"

Very appropriate! Great job!!!

That's the sweetest thing I ever read. It's a wonderful story and a fantastic tribute! :pinkiesad2:


Have yourself a like, fave, and a REQUEST FOR MORE!!!

:pinkiesad2: :heart: :fluttercry:


Excellent work.

This was great. :). And the videos that you linked. :raritycry:

7147187 glad you liked the story. Also, the videos were meant to show where I got my inspiration from

Great source of inspiration... :)

7154715 yeah, I wrote this story as a Veterans day story

Great choice of timing. :pinkiesmile:
Can't say enough how much I :heart: this story. :yay:

Not that I didn't like it, but do they even have computers in Equestria? :applejackunsure:

Great story, by the way.:scootangel:

What a beautiful story.

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