• Published 26th Jan 2012
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Transcendence - Corejo

Scootaloo learns the wonders of flight.

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Teaser: Birds of a Feather...

Author's Note:

The Sequel is out! Go read this chapter over here!

Five minutes. That’s all Spitfire would allow. It was more than enough.

It had been just three days since Rainbow Dash last saw Scootaloo, but it felt like a lifetime. She had only those moments between events during the Wonderbolts Tryouts—those little glances her way, the tiny smiles she snuck. The separation was eating at her.

Scootaloo's house stood out among those around it, indistinguishable but for the countless times Rainbow Dash had spiralled down toward its little thatched roof. Instinct found her way to its door, not sight.

She raised a hoof, heart staying it, leaping for both joy and dread. Making the Wonderbolts meant everything to Scootaloo, but Rainbow Dash knew what it meant for the two of them. This would very well be the last time she’d see her for a long while.

But the longer she hesitated, the more she’d have to catch up with the team. Not that their gliding pace was anything intensive; she had to make a good first impression.

Still, she couldn’t bring herself to knock. All she could do was stare at the door. A solid, heavy door. She had grown fond of it, the short moments they shared before it swung aside to those large violet eyes that never failed to make all the extra training worth it. Those eyes wouldn’t be very happy when she’d have to break the news to her.

No, it wouldn’t be news. Scootaloo wasn’t stupid. She’d always known—just too brave to show it.

For all her hesitation, the door opened without her knocking. There on the other side stood Scootaloo, sleep still dragging down the corners of her eyes, staring up at her like the world had been turned upside down. Rainbow Dash could only grin before she felt herself tumbling over backwards from the force of a cannonball against her chest. She laughed, the warmth of the hooves wrapped around her worth ten Wonderbolts acceptance letters.

“I couldn’t wait to come show you,” Rainbow Dash said, casting a brief glance to her blue-and-yellow flightsuit. “I’m glad you’re happy, Scoot.”

Scootaloo grinned ear to ear. Sometimes, Rainbow Dash wondered what was running through the little filly’s head, what thoughts were behind that adoring smile. It had changed since they first met. Not a fanfilly smile anymore. Something greater. All Rainbow Dash knew was she would find a way to raise the sun itself if that’s what it took to see it.

“It means a lot,” she continued. What little of her mind cared for anything beyond that smile reminded her that time was short. She brought a hesitant hoof up against Scootaloo’s chest, and she loathed the gentle push she had to give.

Likewise, Scootaloo resisted the notion. She fought against the push but for a moment, though she stood. She took her time doing so, her smile turning for the worse.

It took all the strength in the world for Rainbow Dash to quell the lump in her throat.

Be strong. For her.

She managed a smile, and with it a hoof to bring those sad eyes back toward her. Don’t cry. Not in front of her. “What’s wrong, Scoot?” Like she didn’t already know...

Scootaloo looked down, body trembling. Her voice choked, and she pulled away again. “I don’t want you to leave.”

There it was. She had wished it would be easier, that Scootaloo, though surely wanting her to fulfill her dreams as a Wonderbolt, wouldn’t make a scene, would just be happy and nothing more. There was fear in her eyes—fear of a future apart.

Keep it together. Keep her happy. “Hey,” Rainbow Dash said, gently. She traced a hoof down Scootaloo’s cheek, cherishing its softness, committing it to memory for the days ahead. She drew those eyes back to hers and willed the best smile she could to her face. “This doesn’t mean I’ll be gone forever. You know I’ll see you at the Best Young Flier’s.”

Scootaloo seemed insistent on hiding her feelings. Again she turned way, but Rainbow Dash could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. “I just want to be with you.” She barely got the words out. Her heart was breaking before Rainbow Dash’s eyes, and she herself held the hammer.

Don’t lose it now. “I know it’s hard, Scoot, but we all have to grow up.” Rainbow Dash wiped a tear from Scootaloo’s cheek. She was a strong filly, but needed firm ground to stand on.

Be her rock.

“Can you do that for me?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Her words found a smile buried somewhere deep inside, and Scootaloo wore it bravely on quivering lip. “Of course. I’ll grow up to be just like you!”

Rainbow Dash laughed. Somewhere within herself she found the same smile, one that knew the filly standing before her had already grown up in her own way. The one she knew was more than she could have ever hoped to call a part of her life.

“No,” she said, soft, almost a whisper. “No you won’t. You’re not gonna grow up to be some dumb, old Rainbow Dash. You’re gonna grow up to be Scootaloo. The Scootaloo, the best flier in all of Equestria.”

Before she knew it, Scootaloo had wrapped her hooves around her, holding tight to never let go. Rainbow Dash felt the hot tears stain through her flightsuit. “I love you, Rainbow Dash!”

The lump surged up Rainbow Dash’s throat, eyes welling with tears she couldn’t show—not now. She prayed to Celestia for the strength to hold them back, and for the courage to spread her wings in the imminent moments she wished would never exist. Tyco appeared in the doorway, curious, but stopped upon seeing them, smiling.

She returned the smile for a moment, then closed her eyes, drawing it out with a deep breath the last few seconds she held Scootaloo in her hooves, gently stroking her mane, listening to the sobs. There was something comforting about them, that somepony hated seeing her go. Beyond friendship. Beyond admiration. Somepony cared about her. It made her hold Scootaloo all the tighter.

But as much as she wanted to stay there forever, the Wonderbolts were waiting. “Hey.”

Scootaloo quieted down, wiping her nose. She looked up, equally sad and happy.

“I have to go now, but just remember one thing for me. When you think you’ve got nothing left…” She nodded over Scootaloo’s shoulder, at Tyco. “You do.”

Tyco’s smile widened, leaning as he was against the doorframe. He returned her nod, a silent ‘go on’ on his lips, eyes bright with well-wishing. He would be there in her stead, like he always had. He shared a bond with Scootaloo that she could never replace, never outdo. No matter what happened to herself, it would get Scootaloo through this. That was all that mattered.

Time to go. The shorter the farewell, the easier. Rainbow Dash took off. She would need the momentum to keep herself from staying there forever. Over her shoulder, Scootaloo gave a few steps of chase, a beaming, hopeful smile on her lips.

“One month!” Rainbow Dash yelled. There was no return shout, but Rainbow Dash didn’t need one.

That smile said it all.

She turned ahead, feeling the cool tailwind lend her speed. The sun had risen fully in the east, and it shone warm on her back.

It was going to be a beautiful day. She could feel it.

Before her the world lay bare, waiting, expectant of the wonders she would accomplish, the name she would carve out for herself, the dream she would realize. Beyond the horizon lay Vanhoover, and all its crowds and adoring fans awaited the debut of this year’s new Wonderbolts.

A brief thought back to Scootaloo. That smile, wishing her the best of luck despite the distance between them, was all she needed—her own little solace she could hold close in the month ahead. Scootaloo would be there for her. And at that moment, as she kicked off from a cloud for an extra burst of speed, she shook her away to focus on the performance ahead.

It was the last time she had ever been happy.

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It's amazing how broken up your thoughts can get on a story you haven't read in... ages. I think I felt more angry on how Rainbow acted, in the end.

Why is it called Teaser, btw? :rainbowdetermined2:

Btw, I enjoyed your writing throughout the whole thing. I get emotional in scenes like the one you pulled, so don't confuse me hating your Rainbow for hating your story, I loved it. :twilightsheepish:

It's unfortunate that canon has rendered the Rainbow in this story to be so OCC as to be broken.

Not sure how you're going to explain it even changing to Rainbow's POV.

I mean the reasons she gave at the end don't really hold up considering she told the Wonderbolts to pound sand in the show on two separate occasions. Don't think she would throw away her relationship with Scootaloo for anything.

5883639 No Fimfiction is canon. I don't think it matters so much to the author :derpytongue2: He just wanted to write a good story.


I didn't say it wasn't a good story. There is a reason I faved it. Just that Rainbow is just so unlikable here, it'll be a tough road to redeem her. If that even is the author's goal.

5883682 I don't speak for the author, but I think he was trying to make Rainbow seem like a realist? I guess. I still don't get the you're a nopony scene, but whatever.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Its interesting to see things from Rainbow's perspective here, but I'm not sure what you're setting us up for. The ending of the story made it clear that Rainbow's mistake with Scootaloo ended their friendship (though I very much disagreed with Scootaloo's unwillingness to forgive), but now I'm not so sure. I think it would be too easy and foolish of me to say that a sequel (if that's what this teaser is implying) would suggest a reconciliation, but I don't think that quite fits the tone or this authors style. It would also nullify much of the previous story's message. Still I can hope. Though practically speaking, given what the previous story set up, i fear a sequel will end up being more salt in the wound for Rainbow.

The ending of Transcendence left and awkward hole of sadness and confusion in me that kinda bugged me for several days afterward. Regardless, I await whatever comes.

This story was conceieved before Season two aired, so it was written with the limitations of a season one Rainbow Dash. As for how we'll explain her actions through her perspective, that's for us to explore together.


Yeah I want to know as well. I read this and was horribly lost at the complete reversal of the last chapter. What with Rainbow Dash being an utter b through out the later middle of the fic when Scoots lost the competition (which was Rainbow Dash's fault for trainging her on the ground when things are different at higher altitudes) till the end of the fic.

This was utterly different. And if a sequel leaves me confused onto how Scootaloo went from Dashie being dead to her to giving her an adoring look again.

It was the last time she had ever been happy.

good! good! fuck you and your happiness! come hell or high waters, i'm going to stay resolute in my claim that you fucking deserved everything that Scootaloo did and said to you!


Why is it called Teaser, btw?


5884236 That's not an answer :fluttercry:

5883823 I'm glad I'm not the only one who was confused :pinkiegasp: :twilightsheepish:

A teaser huh? This was one of the first MLP fan fictions I ever read and also one of my top three for sure. Hoping this "teaser" might be indicating a sequel!


Ha! I'm not the only one who feels this way!

The correct emotion for Scootaloo to feel after what RD did to her is hatred.


Not hatred. Hatred is to tame, she past hatred at the party when Rainbow Dash upon seeing her told her basically she was an utter waste of a pegasi, and Sonic Rainboomed away. No what she feels goes beyond mere hatred. I'd go with a mixture of contempt, and omniloathe.

It'd take effort that'd make Iliad's 'The Odyssey' look like a gentle moring walk in comparrison. Even then pain like that doesn't just go away. So yeah, this teaser made 0 sense. I would love to have an A/N explaining the 180 frm the end of last fic to this chapter.


As aforementioned. I hope the author gives an A/N, or an answer to explain this teaser and how it makes sense (what with the 180 on Scoots part).

You do realize this teaser takes place before she dumps Scoot, right?


Wasn't entirely clear, no. I'm sure the other peeps who stated the same thing weren't clear on that either (other peeps previous comments of a similar nature). Unless you added an A/N at the bottom that I missed last read. But thank you for clearing that up :twilightsmile:. So this new story of yours, is it Transcendence through Rainbow Dash's perspective (a sidequel), or is the story going to be a sequel, and this was just to generate interest via everyone wondering WTH?

It'll stars in the middle of Transcendence and will pass its ending to continue beyond it, both from Scoot and Dashies perspective.


Ah. I look forward to seeing it. When will it come out do you know?


This is from 5886253:

#580 · 12m, 11s ago · · · Teaser: Birds of a Feather... ·
>> TheGreatEater
It'll stars in the middle of Transcendence and will pass its ending to continue beyond it, both from Scoot and Dashies perspective.

Don't know for sure. Here's a schedule of my planned writings, though. It'll give you a rough estimate of when I start, and after that it's on how quickly I write, as I do like building a few buffer chapters before releasing them.

The teaser chapter now has an author's note clarifying this is end scene from chapter six but from Rainbow Dash's perspective. Sorry for any confusion.

5888244 oh no, i knew what it was. i was simply venting my feelings for her, while proclaiming my stance for the future.

I could tell, but I figured I'd include you in the reply train since Eater did. :twilightsmile:


Awesome, I'm eager to see what you pull off. After all Transcendence was an amazing piece, so the follow up I have lots of faith in it being an amazing fic.

I too was quite aware of the scene from within Transcendance, simply from Rainbow's perspective. I'm more at a loss as to what seeing things from from Rainbow's perspective will yield. But from what I can gather from recent comments, (and the intent of what Scootaloo is actually trying to Transcend) things seem like they can only end in a twisted sort of tragedy for both Rainbow and Scootaloo. I wonder if this story will touch on the costs of such a Transcedence, and if it was really worth it.

You can't see me wringing my hands as a wry smile flashes across my face. That might be for the best.

Heh. I don't know if I should be excited or afraid. Regardless I will read what comes, with perhaps some hope that I'll be proved wrong. I'm a sucker for happy endings, but I also recognize your desire for realism over fantasy. Guess I'll wait and see.

5888359 ah, alright then. still crazy excited about this!

new chapter, that means it's time for a re-read. Soon as I can find the time.

You really made my day:pinkiehappy:
Despite some flaws this was definitely one of my favorite MLP stories. i can't wait for the sequel! :ajsmug:

What a fitting spot to begin the sequel. This should be good, I'm sure. After so long, we finally get to see, firsthand, what caused Dash to do what she did. Good idea, Corejo! I await its eventual release.

I was so perplexed at this emotion Dash is showing that I went back to see what went wrong, where it changed... I can't fathom how that one month ruined everything. Any soul would of felt emotional suicide. So how could she handle it... This story was never forgotten but very much buried in my mind since those years ago when it was first experienced. A weight that never leaves, indeed... Now I will sit in the dark, realizing I have nothing more meaningful to do with my life right now.

This got to be the most well written pile pony defecation I have ever had the misfortune to read. You wanted to tell a story, a story that is somewhat different to the canon we have got used to. I get this. But why on the name of Celestia did you have to take one of the established charachter in the series and take a giant diareah dump on her rainbow maned head? That is beyond me. Also with this change you sent somewhat important things down the drain (including but not limited to):
The well established relationship between Scoots and Rainbow.
The uniqeness of a sonic rainboom. (It has not been done by anypony in generations, but in your universe there like two different unknown prodigy who could not only reproduce but upgrade it. Not like it had been the nonplusultra of the art of flight or something)
The very freaking system that hold together this whole series. I am talking about the elements of harmony. And I am not talking about those worthless trinkets that mcguffined the butts of every villain untill S4 No I am talking about the concept of the mane six representing an irreplaceable element of friendship.
And of course you are allowed to do that but why? Why write a story about a canon character when you just change her personality anyway? I mean you did not just take one or two minor thing about her and change that (those), but you had to grab her most essential attribute, and rape it. Rape it once, and then twice and then leave without ever giving a good explanation. Why you you did that. I mean I could see Ranbow sending Scoots away in the heat of the best young flier competition. After all we are talking about the pony almost sold Flutershy to slavery. (Ok that probably happened after you wrote this fic. I am not sure if it happened after you rewrote it though. But I think you got my point anyway.) But after he initial mistake she will come back and try to make amends for her mistake. And I know she is proud, and often do bad decision based on that pride. But she will always try to fix them ASAP.
She did not do that here. So she was not Rainbow Dash. Thus this writing is bad. Next time remove the Rainbow Dash tag before you try something that.

"Super awesome reading by Neighrator Pony" is a bang on description! We were totally hooked :o)
If you are hard of reading like myself, it is well worth a listen. He narrated one of mine and has a great voice and does a fun job with the Trancendance charectors. I think Tyco actually gets better as he works through the chapters!

Oh god, no, you're reading this story now? Pls don't.

Listened to this on the reading by Neighrator Pony and it is really well done.
I greatly enjoyed this fic.

I have no words. Well done Corejo, you have my respect.

Finally got to read this. Is okay. Thumbs up...

Wonder if Rainbows Element stopped working...

Didn't this story used to be longer?

I think. I swear this story is missing something I remember was there the last time I read it.

I think you're too harsh on yourself and while I don't like Rainbow Dash you're a very good writer. In fact I think people like me hating what Rainbow Dash did shoes how invested in the story people get. You have probably improved as a writer but you were already good.

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