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Future plans · 3:19pm Apr 11th, 2015

As some of you have seen, the next mini-story is up and it's meant to bridge the gap and catch up the story timeline to that of the actual show. I had to mishmash the canon line a little bit, but now I think it's (at least for the moment) synergized.

Future plans.... Another story is being worked on as we speak and while I want to keep details in the dark, I will give a couple bits of info.

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I know dash is your favorite but how do you rank the rest of the main six?

Ever get around to that Diaper!Dash story? In chapter two of 'Rainbow's Curse' you said you were tempted to make one.

FIrst off, I really appreciate that Coldhands. Makes me happy to know people really do like my story.
So... I have some really good news.
CHapter 25 is more than halfway done. I SHOULD have it up by the end of August, that is at least my goal.
I deeply apologize for ALL the delays and all the breaks. I've just had to deal with a ton of RL stuff.
But I think I know where to go with the chapter now.....
And I'm gonna make you all really happy.

could you continue with the eat 'em story please since I am sure a lot of people other than I and myself would like to read more of your story

Um.... If You Can't Beat Em, Eat Em IS the Sequel!

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