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The friendship games have changed the minds of some pupils Silver Spoon was one of them after an unpleasant event her mind is dead set on a new goal.

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Interesting concept. I'll look forward to seeing how it goes.

A Silver Spoon/Sugarcoat friendship fic? This could be interesting! We so rarely read the evens of EqG from the perspective of the Background People, the lower decks students who are never more than faces we half-recognise in a crowd.

Silver Spoon isn't even a B-list; she's just a B-list's sorta friend. So, the likelihood that her destiny would become entangled with that of one of the Great (the Mane Seven, their allies and their enemies) is remote. Even becoming friends with a Shadowbolt (whose number of on-screen lines you can count on one hand) is extreme. I'll be watching to see where you take this.

To be honest I donĀ“t know where this story will take itself.

Anxiety about academic performance is one of the most destructive emotional problems a school-age chld can go through and it's hitting poor Silver Spoon especially hard.

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No one said getting on Crystall Prep will be easy for her.

Poor Sugarcoat! Who will she compete with if Twilight isn't there? The fact that Twilight was probably blissfully unaware of the fact that they were even competing just makes this somewhat funny and sad.

Even if Twilight was aware of her competing attitude she was still unaware that Sugarcoat still cared. Either way kind tradgic.

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