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Freezer Burned - sonicfan05

While dinning at the new restaurant, Sombra’s Taco Ranch, Sonata accidentally switches a restroom sign, which leaves herself, her new friends and quite a few others trapped in the freezer.

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Chapter 3

After twenty minutes of waiting, Trixie finally arrived with trays of food on both of her hands, while bearing a sour look on her face.

“All right, here’s your stinkin’ meals!” Trixie snapped.

“Aw yeah! It’s about time!” Rainbow Dash cheered as Trixie placed each of their meals in front of them.

“Yes, let’s dig in yall!” Applejack said, while she tied her napkin around her neck in front of her shirt.

Just as Trixie placed the last meal in front of Fluttershy, Flash spoke up. “Um Trixie, I asked with guacamole on my burger.”

Trixie turned to Flash with an irritated look. “Well, you can’t have everything you want eh Brad?”

“Trixie, just put some guacamole on his burger or else we’re having another chat with Mr. Sombra!” Rainbow warned with a frown.

“And for the last time, my name is Flash, not Brad!” Flash retorted.

Trixie glared at Flash for a moment then she huffed. “Fine! I’ll add some guac on your burger… Brad!

Trixie snatched the burger from Flash, turned and stomped away from the group, ignoring Flash’s furious look. Flash threw his arms up with a frustrated grunt. “Why does everybody call me Brad? I don’t get it!” he shouted angrily.

Pinkie patted his back with her sympathetic smile. “I think people called you that because you weren’t well liked by the fans.”

Flash turned towards Pinkie with a bewildered look on his face. “What? But I got plenty fans liked me for being the leader of my band!”

Pinkie shook her head with a giggle. “Oh no, I mean the fans of this show silly!”

Flash gave Pinkie an odd look. “Show? What show?”

Before Pinkie could answer, Fluttershy interrupted. “Um… where’s Sonata? She didn’t come back from the bathroom yet.”

“Oh she’s probably still in there playing with the soap dispensers. She likes those!” said Adagio, rolling her eyes.

“Ooooh~ I like to play the soap dispensers too!” Pinkie chirped.

Everyone gave Pinkie their strange looks. Pinkie blinked at their reactions. “What? They’re fun!”

“Hey here’s an idea!” said Aria with an evil smirk. “How about we ask for our meals to go… and leave her here!”

Rainbow narrowed her eyes at Aria. “How is Sonata related to you again?”

“Fluttershy’s right darlings,” said Rarity, quickly changing the subject. “Our dear Sonata had been gone for some time. Perhaps we should go and check up on her?”

Everyone was silent, quietly debating who should go and find Sonata. Finally, Sunset stood up from her seat. “I’ll go check up on her, I need to use the bathroom anyway.”

Rarity nodded gracefully at Sunset. “Thank you Sunset, but please hurry back with Sonata.”

Sunset nodded before she turned a walked off toward the hallway at the other side of the restaurant.

Sunset kept on walking until she approached the two different hallways with the direction to the bathroom sign on the wall. She stopped and glanced at the sign for a moment and then she turned and walked down towards the left hallway.

“Oh Sunset, I love you more than the lovely sunsets I see from across the ocean! I’ll even walk through the hot coals of Tartarus for you!” said Sonata while holding a long frozen tuna fish on her left hand.

Sonata than held up another frozen tuna fish on her right hand and started to speak in Sunset’s voice. “Oh Sonata, I love you too! Kiss me Sonata!”

Sonata than squished the two fish together while making loud kissing sounds. As Sonata continued to play with them, she didn’t notice the door opened behind her. Sunset stepped into the room and stopped when she saw Sonata’s unusual display, while letting the freezer door slammed shut behind her.

“S-Sonata? What are you doing?” Sunset asked uncertainly.

Sonata stopped what she was doing and looked up to Sunset in panic. Sonata then tried to hide the two fish behind her back. “Oh I’m… uh… making two tuna fish making out with each other, what does it look like I’m doing?” Sonata replied with a blush on her cheeks.

Not sure what to make of Sonata’s strange behavior, Sunset decided to ignore it for the time being. “No… I mean why are you in here?” she clarified.

Sonata sighed in relief, glad that her secret wasn’t discovered. “Oh, I was waiting for someone to come in here so I can leave.” Sonata looked around the room with a frown. “This has to be the worse bathroom ever! This place doesn’t even have soap dispensers!”

Sunset cocked an eyebrow. She couldn’t believe that her friend didn’t realize that she’s obviously in the wrong room. Sunset shook her head with a sigh. “Sonata… this isn’t the bathroom, this is the freezer! It’s where they store their food to keep them fresh.”

“For realizes?” Sonata asked. Sonata than wore a thoughtful expression on her face. “Well that explains why it’s so cold in here!”

Sunset sighed and turned towards the door. “Look, I don’t think we’re supposed to be here, so lets just head back to our table and-”

Her words died in her throat when she noticed something is wrong with the door, or rather, something was not on the door. The door handle was nowhere to be seen.

Sunset slowly turned towards Sonata. “Um… Sonata, where’s the door handle?” Sunset asked nervously.

With some hesitation, Sonata took out the door handle from her skirt and handed it over to Sunset. “Um… I have it right here but… I kinda… sorta… broke it.”

Sunset took the handle and stared at it for a moment before her eyes widened in horror. She quickly turned and started banging on the freezer door with her two fists.


Sonata quickly walked up to Sunset and shook her by Sunset’s shoulders. “Sunset calm down!” Sonata cried. “You’re going to knock the door down if you keep that up!”

Sunset stopped pounding on the door and shoots Sonata her bewildered look. She was going to tell her that was the idea but thought against it. Sunset paced across the other side of the room.

“This cannot be happening!” Sunset cried, beginning to feel a mental breakdown. “We’re trapped in the freezer!”

Sunset stopped pacing and turned to Sonata with her look of confusion. “But I don’t understand, the sign on the hallway says this is where the bathroom is!”

Sonata thought for a moment, concentrating on Sunset’s words. Suddenly her eyes widen with realization. “Wait a minute,” Sonata exclaimed while slamming the two tuna fish down on the cart. Sonata walked up to Sunset. “I think I know just what happened! I was running down the hallway and bumped into these two guys who called themselves Flibbity Flabbity Brothers or something. Then we crashed into a wall where the sign is and knocked the arrow off. I must of put the arrow back on facing the wrong direction.”

Sonata grinned and snapped her fingers. “It was the Flibbity Flabbity Brothers fault!” Sonata cried triumphantly as if she solved the mystery.

Sunset gave Sonata her flat look. “Sonata… I doubt this is the brothers fault. From what you’ve told me, you’re the one who put the arrow back on the wrong way so… it was technically your fault.”

Sonata frowned. “Hey don’t blame me! My Eenie Meenie Miney logic didn’t work that time.”

Sunset was flabbergasted. “You mean that’s your method of picking the hallway!?” Sunset cried in disbelief. “Why not just go down one hallway and see if it’s the right one before putting the arrow back on?”

Sonata blinked once, then twice. “Huh… why didn’t I think of that?”

Sunset groaned as she rested her face on one of her hands. “Alright, no big deal. We’ll just call our friends with our cell phones so they can—”

“I’ve already tried,” said Sonata. “I didn’t get any signals on my phone for some reason.”

Sunset’s eyes widened in shock. She quickly took out her cell phone from her jacket pocket and looked at the small screen. To her dismay, she noticed the signal icon with a slash over it, telling her that there is no signal at all.

Exactly what Sonata had said!

“Darn it!” Sunset cried. “Our phone signals are jammed because of all the metal in this freezer!” The cold was starting to get to Sunset, so she hugged herself to try to keep herself warm.

Sonata frowned, worried for her friend. “What are we going to do Sunny?”

Sunset paused for a while, not sure how to answer to her friend. Finally she replied, “I guess we have no choice but to wait until one of the girls comes in and get us out. They’ll notice that we’ve been gone for so long, so it’s only a matter of —”

Suddenly, they both heard the freezer door open. They turned to see a foul looking Trixie stomping into the room. “Stupid chiefs for making Trixie get some more guacamole for Brad! If Trixie ever finds another job…”

Seeing Trixie, Sunset cried, “Wait don’t close the—”


“…door,” Sunset finished with a groan.

Trixie was surprised to see the two girls who she despised so much are in the freezer. She shook off her shock and glared daggers at them. “What are you two losers doing in the freezer?”

“We thought it was the bathroom because my friend here messed up the sign from the hallway.” Sunset explained calmly.

“Oh really?” Trixie stated while eyeing Sunset skeptically. “Well Trixie demands both of you to leave immediately or Trixie will kick you and your loser friends out, with or without my boss interference!

Sunset’s eyes narrowed. “Well sorry to disappoint you Trixie, but we can’t leave because my friend also broke the handle from the freezer door. We’re stuck in here.”

“WHAT!” Trixie screeched. “Y-you’re bluffing!”

Sunset pointed to the door behind her. “Check for yourself.”

Trixie quickly turned to the door to check it herself. Sure enough, the door handle was missing.

Trixie panicked. “OH NO NO NO!” Trixie started banging on the door with her fists. “HELP! TRIXIE’S TRAPPED! SOMEBODY! ANYBODY! HEELLLLPP!”

Sonata rushed up to Trixie to pry her off the door. “Trixie calm down! You’re gonna break the door down if you keep that up!”

“THAT’S WHAT TRIXIE WAS TRYING TO DO!” Trixie screamed, slapping Sonata’s hand away.

Sonata whimpered both in pain and fear.

“Trixie, calm down!” Sunset exclaimed.

Trixie stopped banging on the door but gave Sunset her enraged glare. “Calm down? CALM DOWN?! I had a really bad day today! I got another week’s detention for being tarty by Vice Principle Luna, then I failed my exam, lost my lunch, my cape got torn, yelled at by my boss, gave you your orders which is coming out of MY paycheck and now I’m trapped in the freezer… and you expect me to CALM DOWN!

Silence filled the freezer room until Sonata spoke up. “Well… I didn’t expect you to speak without referring yourself in third person for once Bixie.”


Trixie calmed down somewhat after her outburst and sighed heavily. “Can this day get any worse?” Trixie mumbled.

As if the world was mocking her, the door suddenly opened and a certain energetic pink girl with poofy magenta hair popped in.

“Heeeeeey guys! What’s everybody doing? Are you guys having a bathroom party without me? Cause that would’ve been a real crime without me there!”

As pinkie skipped inside the freezer, Sunset shouted, “Pinkie! Don’t close the—”


“…door,” Sunset groaned again.

Trixie groaned while laying her head on one of her hands. “Trixie had to ask that!”

“What brings you here Pinkie?” Sunset asked while hugging herself again for warmth.

“Well, you guys were gone for a while and my Pinkie sense tells me there is something doozy going on, which doesn’t happen often. And I need to use the bathroom too! So I decided to go and find you guys and the bathroom at the same time! It’s two cupcakes in one bite!” said Pinkie in a fast paste with a smile.

Sunset blinked. “I… see.”

Pinkie frowned and looked around the room with her judgmental eyes. “I don’t know about you, but this is the strangest bathroom I’ve ever seen!”

“I KNOW, RIGHT?” Sonata cried. “This bathroom doesn’t even have soap dispensers!”

Pinkie’s eye’s widened. “WHAT!? No soap dispensers!? Why wouldn’t they include the soap dispensers? That should be a—”


Pinkie turned to Trixie with her confused expression. “Freezer?”

“Listen Pinkie, to make this long story short, the signs were switched accidently, leading us to the wrong room and we’re all trapped in here until someone comes by to get us.” Sunset explained.

Pinkie eye’s lit up and smiled. “Oh, is that all? Well, why didn’t you just say so! In that case, we’ll throw We’re All Trapped in a Freezer and We’ll Have Fun Until We Get Rescued party! Doesn’t that sound… cool?

As Pinkie giggled at her own pun joke, Trixie glared daggers at her. “Okay one: don’t make another pun like that again! And two: no, we are not going to throw a party in the freezer!”

After hearing Trixie’s remark, Pinkie stopped gigging and pouted at her. “Party pooper!”

Suddenly, the door opened again. The one who walked in this time was a turquoise girl with mint-green and white hair.

Trixie cried out, “Don’t close the—”



While everyone but Pinkie groaned, the newcomer glanced around the room in confusion. “…this isn’t the bathroom,” she said uneasily.

“Hiya Lyra!” Pinkie chirped as she was waving at her.

“Ponyfeathers! If we don’t get out of here soon, we’re gonna freeze to death!” said Sunset urgently.

Sonata whipped her head at Sunset. “Wait, freeze to death?” Sonata exclaimed.

Trixie turned to Sonata while baring her angry expression. “Yes. That’s what usually happens when you’re trapped inside a freezer!

For the first time since she was first trapped in the freezer, Sonata started panicking. “NO! I don’t wanna freeze to death!”

Sonata went down to her knees, hugged Trixie’s legs and began to cry.

Trixie groaned angrily. What did Trixie ever do to deserve this?

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait, but I hope you guys enjoy this new chapter!

The next one will come out this Wednesday, so stay tuned! :raritywink:

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