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Freezer Burned - sonicfan05

While dinning at the new restaurant, Sombra’s Taco Ranch, Sonata accidentally switches a restroom sign, which leaves herself, her new friends and quite a few others trapped in the freezer.

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Chapter 4

Back at the main restaurant area, the place was beginning to calm down a bit, as some of the tables used by other customers were empty. Only a small number of waiters and waitresses were busy with their jobs while some others disappeared for some reason. At this point, the musical performers decided to take a break as they left the stage and headed to the restrooms.

The girls were already halfway done with their meals while poor Flash was still waiting for his burger. As Rainbow was wolfing down her fries with ketchup on her chin (much to Rarity’s disgust), she glanced at her empty cup and frowned.

“UGH, where is Trixie? I want my drink refill!” Rainbow complained.

“Yea and she still didn’t bring my burger with guacamole yet!” Flash added with a frown.

“And where did our idiot ran off to?” Aria huffed.

“Sonata?” Fluttershy asked timidly.

“No Snails, of course I’m referring to Sonata!” Aria snapped.

“EEP!” Fluttershy shrank back from Aria in fear. Rainbow gave Aria her warning glare.

“Come to think of it, Sunset and Pinkie Pie hadn’t come back yet either,” said Applejack as she rubbed her chin in thought.

“Goodness! I hope they’re all right! Their food is getting cold!” Rarity exclaimed.

Rainbow Dash grunt impatiently as she stood up from her seat. “They’re taking too long, I’ll go and check up on them! I bet I can find them in ten seconds flat!”

“Doubt it.” Aria mumbled.

“What’d ya say?” Rainbow challenged, narrowing her eyes.

Adagio spoke up before Aria had the chance to respond. “What she means is, we’ll find them faster if we come along, right Aria?”

Adagio gave Aria the side glare, telling her to not to argue and their decision was final. Defeated, Aria angrily mumbled to herself.

Rarity smiled, “I think that’s a splendid idea! Bring them along with you Rainbow!”

Rainbow Dash wanted to argue that she would rather go alone, but the look she received from Rarity basically told her that there are no room for arguments.

“Fine!” Rainbow sighed in defeat.

With that, the two sirens stood up from their chairs and the three girls walked off towards the hallway, leading to the bathrooms.

“Didn’t you hear us yelling, hold the door?” Trixie scolded.

The blonde girl with yellow crossed eyes looked down sadly. “I’m sorry. I thought you said, close the door. I just don’t know what went wrong…”

Trixie rolled her eyes in annoyance.

It’s been fifteen minutes since Lyra trapped in the freezer with them and they’ve been shivering since with no way out. Trixie was starting to think that no one was coming, until they were found by a few of her co-workers including the musical performers a minute ago. Trixie thanked Faust that her nightmare was over…

…until her new ditzy yellow eyed co-worker closed the door behind her. Trixie was convinced that Faust hates her and was probably laughing at her misery.

Trixie looked down and scowled at the blue siren, who was still hugging her legs. “Let go of Trixie this instant or Trixie is going to have to break your arms off!”

With a yelp, Sonata quickly let go of Trixie and stood up with her palms opened at Trixie for defense. “I’m sorry! It’s just that, I’m so cold and you felt so warm to hold on to.”

“Well you go get yourself warm elsewhere!” Trixie scowled.

Sonata took a few cautious step backwards.

From the other side of the Freezer, Sunset observed around the room at the new arrivals while shivering. She saw Lyra sitting on one of the frozen cardboard box next to the door sobbing, while muttering, “We’re all gonna die” over and over.

On the left corner of the room, a bunch of waiters and waitresses, standing and hugging themselves to keep themselves warm. Some argued with each other to pin the blame, while others moped around in despair.

In the middle of the room were mostly the customers of the restaurant. Most of customers who are trapped in here were students from her school. The ones that stood out to Sunset the most were the two teens in the middle of the group. One was a nerdy teen with glasses and an atom emblem on his left chest of his shirt. He was wrapping his gizmo with his jacket to try desperately to keep it warm instead of himself. The other was an eco teen with long green locks and grey beanie. He was on the floor meditating to try to block out the cold despite that he was shivering.

The musical performers were sitting on the right corner of the room. In contrast to their singing-cheery attitudes from before, they all looked so miserable and cold.

Sunset was beginning feel numb all over her body from the cold. She tried so desperately to keep herself warm by hugging herself tighter, standing close to Pinkie, even zipped up her leather jacket. But no matter what she did, she would feel colder than she was before.

Geeze, this is colder then all the years of winters in this world combined, Sunset thought. If only we knew who is coming in advance like how Pinkie sensed Sonata earlier so we can-

Suddenly, something clicked in her mind and Sunset’s eyes narrowed. Heeeeyyy wait a minute!

Sunset faced Pinkie with her suspicious look. “P-p-pinkie, how c-c-come your pinkie s-s-sense isn’t picking up s-s-someone opening d-d-doors like last t-t-time?” Sunset asked, shivering.

Pinkie turned to Sunset while she was shaking from the freezer’s chilling air. “My b-b-body is too n-n-numb from this c-c-cold! I can’t use my p-p-pinkie s-s-sense in this c-c-condition.”

Sunset drooped. Huh. Never thought I say this, especially coming from Pinkie Pie, but that actually makes sense for once! So much for finding out who’s coming at the door ahead of time.

“We’ll never gonna get out of here!” Lyra sobbed loudly from the corner of the room.

“Hang on everybody, I have an idea!” Sonata announced.

Everyone, even Lyra stopped what they’re doing and looked at Sonata expectedly. Sonata turned and walked until she was on the other side of the room, away from the door. Then she turned and ran towards the door, intending to break through it. Unfortunately for Sonata, she crashed into the door and then fell backward onto the cold floor.

“Ooooowwwww…..” Sonata moaned in pain.

Everyone was stupefied from what they just saw. No one said a word until Trixie spoke up. “That’s it? Run and crash yourself into the door was your plan? Seriously?

Sonata slowly stood back up and wiped the dust off of her skirt. “Okay, maybe that plan didn’t work out as I thought it would. Perhaps if I try it again…”

Sonata walked to the back of the room a bit further this time and then she turned and ran towards the door… and then crashed and fell backward to the floor again.

“Oooowwwww….. nope.”

“Sonata, you’re doing this all wrong silly!” said Pinkie with concern.

Pinkie took Sonata’s hand and helped her back up. “Here’s what you should do…”

Pinkie leaned over and whispered her plan into Sonata’s ear. Sonata nodded and hummed “Uh huh,” at every word Pinkie said to her. Once Pinkie was done whispering, Sonata wore a face of determination.

“Okay, I’ll give it a shot!”

Sonata turned and walked to the back of the room again until she was very close to the wall. She turned and ran towards the door… only to crash right into it and then she fell backward to the floor… again.

Trixie facepalmed. “If it didn’t work the first two times… WHY DID YOU THINK IT’LL WORK THE THIRD TIME?!”

Sonata slowly stood back up while deep in thought. “Hmmm. Bixie’s right… unless…”

Sonata was about to walk off towards the back of the room again but Sunset pulled her back. “Sonata stop! That’s enough!” Sunset cried out.

Sonata turned to Sunset with a frown. “But it was going to be different this-”

Sonata was cut off when they heard the freezer door opened and revealed to be Rainbow and the other two Dazzlings.

“See, what did I tell ya! Ten seconds flat!” Rainbow gloated.

“That felt more like fifteen to me…” Aria said with distain.

As Rainbow, Adagio and Aria entered the room, Sunset cried out, “Wait, don’t close the—”



Everyone but the three new arrivals moaned.

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” Adagio asked in confusion.

“We’re trapped in the freezer and we’re ALL gonna die!” Lyra sobbed while she buried her face into her hands.

Rainbow, Adagio and Aria eyes widened in shock.

“WHAT? FREEZER!?” Rainbow exclaimed. “I thought this was the bathroom!”

“That’s because someone knocked the arrow off the sign from the hallway and then puts it back on the wrong way!” Sunset replied bitterly while giving Sonata her side glare who was too oblivious to notice.

“Oh gee… I wonder who that could’ve been?” Aria asked sarcastically.

“Oh it was me!” Sonata cheered with her hand raised. Both Aria and Adagio rolled their eyes.

“Then I accidently broke the handle off the door, so we’re stuck in here!” said Sonata cheerfully with a smile.

Sonata draped her arm around one of the musical performers and swayed her other arm back and forth. “Now who wants to sing? Bamba bamba~ bamba bamba~

Trixie had reached her boiling point. She screamed and ran towards Sonata, ready to strangle her. Sunset, Pinkie, Rainbow, Adagio and Aria held Trixie back from harming Sonata. Sonata yelped in fright and then she quickly jumped into one of the boxes to shelter herself from Trixie’s wrath. Everyone else watched the scene in front of them, both cautiously and amusedly.

While they were struggling with Trixie, the freezer door opened again.

“Tia, do we really have to find him.”

“Yes Lulu, we really must find him. I may be nervous about this, but I really want to see him for myself to see if he…”

Rainbow finally noticed them and shouted, “Don’t close the—”



Everyone but the two new arrivals moaned again.

“Kids? What’s going on? Why are we in a freezer instead of the bathroom?” Vice Principal Luna demanded.

Sonata slowly popped out of the box and then waved at them with her sheepish smile.

“Oh… never mind," Luna deadpanned.

Author's Note:

Things are already escalating for our main heroes. :twilightoops: What happens next?

Find out this Friday! :raritywink:

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