• Published 3rd Jul 2015
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Freezer Burned - sonicfan05

While dinning at the new restaurant, Sombra’s Taco Ranch, Sonata accidentally switches a restroom sign, which leaves herself, her new friends and quite a few others trapped in the freezer.

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The paramedics loaded the stretcher with Flash Sentry into their van, who was groaning the whole way. They shut the van doors behind them before their vehicle start to drive away from the parking lot of Sombra’s Taco Ranch. The girls waved at the van, wishing Flash to get well soon until the ambulance was out of their sight.

Adagio sighed heavily. “Well that was… an interesting night. We came here to eat, only to get trapped in the freezer for several hours and nearly had a brawl with an angry mob.”

“Hey, at least we didn’t get frozen and got out of the freezer in one piece,” Pinkie pointed out with a huge grin on her face.

Aria scoffed. “Yeah, except we got trapped again, wait another fifteen minutes before someone let us out and we're pretty much banned for coming back to that place... not that I care!”

“Well it's a good thing Trixie came back and let us out… even though she came back just to get her cell phone,” said Rarity.

“Yeah…” Sunset said absentmindedly.

“Um… is something wrong Sunset?” Fluttershy asked Sunset with concern.

“Nothing’s wrong Fluttershy,” Sunset reassured while scratching her chin in thought. “It’s just that… I had this feeling that we may have forgotten something…”

“HELP! SOMEBODY OPEN THIS DOOR!?!” Trixie screamed as she was pounding on the door within the freezer like there’s no tomorrow. “LET TRIXIE OUT! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS RAINBOOMS! I SWARE IT! YOU’LL PAY YOU BUNCH OF UNGRATEFUL BI—”

“Nah, It was probably nothing,” Rainbow Dash said casually, waving off Sunset’s concern. “Maybe you forgot to ask the staff if they could pack up our food.”

Applejack shook her head. “It doesn’t matter, our food probably wasn’t fresh anymore and already gone stale… considering how long we were in dat freezer.”

Pinkie drooped. “Aww... I knew I should’ve taken our food and their microwave when I had the chance!”

As much as everyone was confused about why would Pinkie want to take the restaurants’ microwave if they can just use their own, they all decided not to question it because Pinkie was just being… Pinkie.

Sunset turned her head and noticed Sonata with her sad expression, standing alone away from the group. She hasn’t said a word since they’ve been freed from the freezer (the first time). Sunset approached to Sonata and placed her hand on Sonata’s shoulder, getting her attention.

“You okay Sonata?” asked Sunset with concern. She knew it was a stupid question but she thought she should ask anyway.

Sonata sighed sadly. “No Sunset, I’m not okay. I screwed up badly tonight. First I ruined dinner at Applejack’s, then I messed up the sign at the hallway, then I broke the door handle, causing everyone and myself trapped in the freezer, then I broke the temperature control and made the room too hot, then I was let out of the freezer only to used the real bathroom and return to the freezer, completely forgotten about the others due to my excitement, Flash was sent to the hospital and now I ruined our dinner… again!

Sonata lowered her head, trembling. “What’s worse is that half of the people in the freezer are from our school. Most of them still didn’t accept me despite my efforts to make amends. Now they hate me even more after tonight!"

Tears were pouring out of her eyes. “Aria was right, I am nothing but a screw-up! I don’t deserve to have friends!”

Sunset heart was nearly broken at the sight of her weeping friend. She wrapped her arms around Sonata into a hug, causing Sonata to stop crying.

“Don’t say that Sonata,” Sunset said softly. “So you messed up tonight, but so what? Just because you have one bad night and everyone’s mad at you now, that doesn’t mean everyone will hate you forever.”

“Sunset’s right darling,” said Rarity, apparently listened in on their conversation along with the rest of the girls. “While this night could have gotten better, but it’s not bad enough for us to stop being your friend.”

“Darn tootin’,” Applejack agreed. “Like ah said earlier, it’s only an accident and ah forgave you. I’m also not mad about what happened at da restaurant either. We’re on your side no matter what, even if the restaurant blows up… uh metaphorically of course.”

“You’re also a dear friend to us Sonata,” Fluttershy said kindly. “You’re very funny, nice…”

“AND fun to hang out with!” Pinkie finished with a smile. “If these aren’t the good reasons to hang out with you, then I don’t know what it is! Those meanies who didn’t give you a chance, really don’t know what their missing out!”

“And if they had a problem with it, then they have to deal with us!” Rainbow proclaimed as she smashed her fist against the palm of her left hand. “They will have to think twice before they decided to mess with you!”

Sunset smiled at her friends in appreciation before facing Sonata. “You see? We don’t think you’re a screw-up and despite what you said, you do deserved to have friends.”

Sonata was speechless for a moment, not believing what she was hearing. Finally she whispered, “Why?”

“Because we’re you’re friends Sonata!” Sunset said simply with her warm smile. “Getting trapped in the freezer for several hours due to your mistake isn’t going to change that.”

The rest of the Rainbooms nodded in agreement.

Sonata still felt some doubt, despite the reassurance from Sunset and her friends.


Adagio walked up to Sonata. “Listen Sonata, we were together since day one and there’s never a dull moment with you. While you are clumsy and a lot for us to handle…” Adagio then smiled softly at Sonata, petting her head. “But after all the years we went through, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Sonata smiled at Adagio who gladly returned.

Everyone turned towards Aria expectedly. Noticing this, Aria huffed with irritation. “Listen Sonata, from what I known you, you’re an airhead and you always screw everything up to make our lives hard!”

Sonata bowed her head in sadness while everyone, including Adagio, glared angrily at Aria.

Aria sighed softly. “But… with the exception of tonight, you’ve gotten… better.”

Everyone blinked in surprised by Aria’s sudden behavior, but Aria ignored them.

“Look…I’m sorry for giving you a hard time, both tonight and for several weeks. I’m still… angry that my powers are gone and I took my anger out on you and the Rainbooms. But the truth is… I’m really angry at—”

“Princess Celestia?” Pinkie guessed.

“No.” Aria said bluntly, feeling annoyed for the interruption.

“Princess Twilight?”

“It’s none of the princesses!”

“The president of the United States?”

“What? NO!”

“OR maybe you’re mad at—”


Everyone was shocked from Aria’s outburst. Realizing she let her anger get the best of her, she calmed herself.

She faced Sonata with a look of regret. “I know that’s no excuse, but the truth is… I’m envy you for taking this so well… and managed to make friends easily than any of us, despite everyone at school gave you nothing but crap from our past deeds. Still, you put on a smile everyday and faced your challenges head on. You are stronger than any of us Sonata, and you are very lucky to have friends who cared about you. Let them continue to guide you that we failed to do, and don’t take anyone’s crap about you don’t deserve to have any friends or being a screw-up… including me.”

Everyone’s jaws dropped from hearing Aria’s speech while Sonata stared awely at Aria, touched by her words.

“Aria…” Sonata breathed softly.

Before anyone can blink, Sonata leaped onto Aria and gave her a big hug. “Thank you… Aria.”

After her surprise wore off, Aria patted Sonata’s back awkwardly with her soft smile. “Yeah yeah, don’t get too used to it.”

Pinkie hovered over Aria with her sly smile, “Soooo… does that means you and ‘Dagio are officially friends with us now?”

Aria rolled her eyes but still smiled. “Yes Pinkie, we’re friends now.” Adagio nodded, answering her question to Pinkie as well. Everyone smiled at that.

Pinkie smiled widely. “Yippee! Then lets have a group hug!” Pinkie opened her arms wide, waiting for Aria to join in.

Aria gave Pinkie her deadpanned look. “… don’t push it!”

“There you girls are!” Someone called out to them.

They all turned just in time to see Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna approaching them.

“How’s Flash?” Principal Celestia asked with concern in her voice.

“He had a bit of a headache and got a few bruises but other than that, he’ll be fine after a few days in bed with medication.” Sunset answered.

Principal Celestia sighed in relief. “That’s good to hear.”

Everyone was silent and staring at each other awkwardly until Applejack breaks the silence. “Pardon me for asking Principal Celestia, but was Flash’s injury was the only reason why ya’ll here?”

Principal Celestia's face suddenly changed to a look of guilt. “Well actually… we’re actually here to see Sonata.”

Principal Celestia turned towards Sonata, who backed away from her in fear.

Principal Celestia sighed sadly. “Sonata…I want to apologize for my behavior earlier. I shouldn’t have lost my temper and turned against you with the crowd in anger. I had a very stressful day and I never had the chance to eat. Hearing that you stole my cake that I was saving for the occasion had set me off in a worse way.”

“Yeah… when it comes to cake, she can be more frightening than Sombra’s sudden mood swings.” Vice Principal Luna commented.

Principal Celestia ignored her sister’s remark. “Anyway… even though we’re outside of our school, I shouldn't have acted that way. Can you forgive me?”

Sonata stared at her Principle for a moment, not sure about the apology. After studying the Principle’s remorseful and sincere look on her face, Sonata smiled.

“It’s okay Principal Celestia. A stolen slice of cake can affect the best of us.”

Principal Celestia beamed happily. “Thank you Sonata.”

Principal Celestia turned to her sister and nudged her with her elbow. “Luna… do you have something to say?”

Vice Principal Luna sighed before facing Sonata. “Sonata, I too apologize for giving you a hard time and joined the mob as well. I assumed the worse from you before you have your second chance.”

Vice Principal Luna then raised her hand towards Sonata in her handshake mode. “How about starting right now we can… start over?” she offered.

Sonata squealed loudly and then gives Vice Principle Luna her bear hug, nearly crushing her to death. “Of course we can start over! Thank you Vice Principal Luna!”

Sonata then realized what she had done and she immediately lets go of Vice Principal Luna, stepping away in hopes to not make her angry again.

Vice Principal Luna chuckled. “It’s alright young one, I’ll allowed this just this once.”

With a happy smile, Sonata hugged Vice Principal Luna again which she returned.

Everyone smiled at the touching scene until Principal Celestia cleared her throat, getting their attention. “Well, now that’s settled, we’ll just head home and have our dinner there. You girls are okay from here?”

Sunset nodded. “Yes, we’ll be just fine from here on out Principal Celestia.”

“Excellent, then I’ll see you girls on Monday.” Principal Celestia replied.

After waving their goodbyes, the two women turned and walked away down the parking lot, until they were out of sight.

“Um, what are we going to do for dinner now… if you don’t mind me asking.” Fluttershy asked meekly.

Sonata gave Fluttershy her toothy smile. “I know just the place—”

“NO MEXICAN FOOD!” Everyone but Pinkie shouted.

Sonata pouted. “Aww… why not?”

“We feel that we had enough adventure for one day at the Mexican restaurant," Sunset replied.

“We’ll just head back to mah place and order us a pizza,” Applejack added.

“Besides darling… all of the main restaurants are probably closed at this time anyway,” said Rarity.

“But… I never had a chance to have my tacos!~” Sonata whined childishly.

“Pinkie patted Sonata on the back with a look of sympathy. “Aww, I’m super-duper sorry that you never eaten your tacos Sonata.”

Suddenly, Pinkie let out a loud gasp and her face brighten up. “I got an idea!”

The girls tensed up after hearing Pinkie’s loud announcement.

“Uh oh, ah don’t like the sound of this,” Applejack muttered nervously.

“Me neither,” Rainbow agreed with a groan.

Pinkie continued. “I know a place we can have someone to make us a pizza and tacos at the same time!”

Everyone groaned at Pinkie’s random idea while Sonata eyes sparkled with hope.

“Really?!” Sonata asked eagerly. “Can that be possible!?”

Pinkie nodded rapidly while baring her huge smile. “Totally!”

Pinkie faced her friends and than gave them her serious look. “Alright, listen up girls! In order for this to work, I need you all to gather some expired coupons, some pizza and taco ingredients and a trombone and meet me and Sonata at the Pizza Barn!

Pinkie smiled again and grabbed Sonata’s wrist. “C’mon Sonata! Let’s go make us some Taco-Pizzas!”

“Yippee-skippy!” Sonata cheered, as she and Pinkie skipped down the street away from their dumfounded friends.

Rainbow snapped out of her funk and called out to her retreating friend. “Pinkie, what’s the point on gathering the coupons if they are expired? And why are we going to a place with the ingredients if we can just make those Pizza-Taco things ourselves? Or better yet, why not just order the freakin food? AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO USE A TROMBONE FOR!? PINKIE!

The girls groaned loudly when none of these two energetic girls responded to Rainbow.

Aria slapped her forehead in annoyance. “Aww, here it goes!”

Author's Note:

Whew! Took a while but I finished my first long story! :pinkiehappy:

I hope you all enjoyed my story! :twilightsmile:

If you noticed any mistakes, please let me know!

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Comments ( 21 )

"she can be more freighting than Sombra’s sudden mood swings.” do you mean "she can be more frightening than Sombra’s sudden mood swings.”


Have you been watching Avatar the last Airbender recently cuz I swear the whole angry at my self thing reminds me of the beach episode

flash was sent to the hospital and now I ruined our dinner… again!”

Capitalization saves lives!!! Not really....

And you're making a sequel right? ....Right? :fluttershysad:

That kenan & kel reference was perfect

6621642 I watched Avatar the Last Airbender a few times before (very good show), but I sware that beach episode never crossed my mind as I wrote this chapter.

6621881 For this story or I Just Wanted to Say, I'm confused?

I was thinking this story... I thought the other one is like in a series though?

6853061 Maybe not but then again, if you were trapped in a freezer for hours because of one person and then later when you had a chance to escape, that same person cost you your freedom. Would it make you want to attack that person after that?

Cool story. It was more chill than most stories on this site~
^-^ fantastic work, I love it! :twilightsmile: It's perfect. I give this twelve and a half muffins out of ten ^-^

I'm glad you liked my story! :twilightsmile:

Stay cool! :raritywink:

Could you do something like this again? I love the situations and interactions you can create with the characters.

8097347 I actually already did a sequel to this story called Diamonds Are for Apples, with the CMC as the main characters instead of the Rainbooms or the Dazzlings (although Applejack and Sonata will make their brief cameos). Check it out if you haven't read that yet! :pinkiesmile:

I will make another story like this eventually, but for now, I'm currently writing a different story that I've been planning to for quite some time.

Okay people! You need to chill out with the ice puns! I don't mean to be cold here but this is snow fun at all. Maintain it to a manageable degree and always keep your cool.


What a cool story! I loved the hilarious reactions between the characters. Trixie and Flash got what they deserved. I also enjoyed the Rugrats door closing reference and Avatar Last Airbender reference!

Comment posted by The Dark Wolf deleted Mar 19th, 2018

Hey, don't go giving me the cold shoulder. C'mon, man, we're all chill here. :rainbowlaugh:


It is a little flakey. If you get my drift. It’s snowman’s fault though, and I understand your flurry at these puns. No doubt I am going to jail for this. You’re crystal clear here,

Aria Maud?

Nice story. I think I saw a old Keenan and Kel episode with the same plot. Is that where you got the inspiration from?

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