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Freezer Burned - sonicfan05

While dinning at the new restaurant, Sombra’s Taco Ranch, Sonata accidentally switches a restroom sign, which leaves herself, her new friends and quite a few others trapped in the freezer.

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Chapter 2

Sombra’s Taco Ranch was a recent new Mexican restaurant at Canterlot City. It opened about a week ago to the public and it quickly became a popular place to eat and to hangout, especially to the students from Canterlot High. It may not be as popular as Sugercube Corner Café, but the Taco Ranch was always full of customers that can keep their business going.

The Rainbooms, Flash Sentry and the Dazzlings were currently waiting for their waitress on their table. Rainbow Dash, Aria and Adagio were waiting impatiently for their waitress, while everyone else was enjoying the music that was playing by the music performers on stage. Applejack and Sunset was nodding and tapping the table with every beat, Fluttershy and Rarity was clapping along, and Flash was snapping his fingers. Pinkie and Sonata was on stage, dancing right next to the performers. The performers didn’t mind having the two girls up on stage with them. They were actually really happy that the girls and the entire crowd were enjoying their music and having a great time.

After the song was over, Pinkie and Sonata thanked the performers for letting them dance on stage and returned to their seats with huge smiles on their faces. Most of the Rainbooms and Flash shook their heads with amusement at Pinkie and Sonata’s antics.

“I gotta say Sonata, you picked out a very good place!” Flash said, complimenting Sonata. “Mexican food is awesome!”

Rainbow who still couldn’t comprehend what Flash said earlier at Applejack’s, turned towards him with a frown.

“Seriously, polka school?”

“I agree with you Flashy!” Pinkie interrupted in her cheery voice. “I love Mexican food! Especially the taste of the meaty, cheesy, spicy, hot goodness on a cushy tortilla! A perfect substitute dinner since Applejack’s casserole was ruined!”

Sonata winced at Pinkie’s words. She was the reason why they were here in the first place. Sonata turned to Applejack with a guilt look on her face. “I am so sorry I ruined your dinner guys. I’m especially sorry that I ruined your hard work Applejack. I hope you forgive me.”

Applejack smiled softly at Sonata. “Aw don’t feel bad surgercube, as I told you earlier, I forgave ya! It was just an accident. It’s my own fault for standing near the door where I easily get knocked down.”

“You would never get knocked down if that idiot had simply go through the front door like a normal person so we don’t have to go to this crummy place!” Aria huffed.

Everyone, except for Adagio, glared at Aria while Sonata looked down in shame.

“What? Just saying,” said Aria with a shrug.

Sunset Shimmer cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention. “Well I’m fine with this restaurant, as long as they include vegetarian meals.”

Fluttershy nodded. “Um… me too… and I really like their music they’re playing here.”

“While it’s not my usual place to dine, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt a lady to give it a chance,” said Rarity, while eying the interior around the restaurant.

“Aw yeah! It may not be as good as Applejack’s cooking, but I do enjoy a good Mexican meal!” said Rainbow Dash with a fist pump.

Applejack smirked at Rainbow. “No argue with that partner!”

Rainbow’s smile faltered as she looked around the restaurant and then checked her phone for time. “Where is our waitress?” Rainbow complained. “She supposed to take our orders fifteen minutes ago!

Sunset furrowed her brow in thought. “Now that you mentioned it Rainbow, it is odd that waitress isn’t here-”

Sunset was suddenly interrupted by a feminine, yet very familiar voice. “Welcome to Sombra’s Taco Ranch, how may The Great and Powerful Tri- oh… it’ you guys.”

The gang turned towards the voice and was shocked to see that the waitress they been waiting for was none other than Trixie Lulamoon. The last time they seen her outside of school was when Trixie tried to sneak away from the stage after the Battle of the Bands… only to fall over the wall in the process. A week later, they heard that Vice Principle Luna sent Trixie to detection for five weeks due to that incident from the school cafeteria along with Sonata.

Seeing Trixie in a waitress outfit with a sombrero on her head was an unusual site for them.

“Trixie!?!” Rainbow exclaimed with wide eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“Trixie works here!” Trixie huffed. “Trixie thought this uniform I’m wearing was obvious enough for you!”

Rainbow Dash glared daggers at Trixie, while Applejack held Rainbow’s shoulder to calm her down.

Adagio gave Trixie her devious smirk. “So the Great and Powerful Trixie, who claimed to be the greatest magician of our generation is now working in a restaurant as a waitress. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!”

Aria covered her mouth to keep herself from snickering, but failed. Trixie was grinding her teeth in anger. “S-shut up! Just what are you losers doing here?”

“We’re here to eat! We thought it’s obvious enough for you!” Rainbow mocked.

“Rainbow!” Applejack scolded.

“What Dashie means is, we are having dinner here because we were originally going to eat at Applejack’s to have her homemade casserole, which was very delicious by the way, as a celebration for Sonata and I guess the rest of the Dazzlings too as our new friends, but Sonata accidently knocked the casserole over as she came in through the back door and ruined the food. Sonata felt really, really bad about it and suggested we all come here to celebrate and eat here instead!” said Pinkie with a gasp.

Everyone was stunned at Pinkie’s quick explanation, not sure how she managed to keep talking all in one breath. After what seemed like an eternity, Trixie spoke. “Um… Trixie… sees…”

Trixie turned to Sonata and shot her a glare. “As for YOU, Trixie still remembered what you did to Trixie at the school’s cafeteria! It was no thanks to you that Trixie got six weeks in detention for something that Trixie did not do! I will make you regret for messing with the Great and Powerful, Trixie!

Most of the gang on the table rolled their eyes at Trixie’s attitude and lack of finding fault for herself of why she was in trouble in the first place. Sonata, on the other hand, titled her head in confusion.

“Who’s Trixie?” Sonata asked.

“I’m Trixie!”

“I’m Sonata!”

“I’m aware!”

“You said you are Trixie!”

Trixie’s left eye twitched repeatedly. “Are you mocking Trixie?” Trixie growled.

Sonata shook her head. “I’m not mocking anybody! I just don’t remember I ever met you.”

Trixie’s stared at Sonata with a look of disbelief. “Seriously!?” Trixie screeched. “We met during the Battle of the Bands! We met at the line from the cafeteria a few weeks ago! We both sat in detection at different sides of the room everyday! How did you not remember me at all!?”

“For realizes?” asked Sonata. Sonata tried to recall if she ever spoke with Trixie before. When she came up with nothing, she shrugged. “I guess I was too busy drawing little taco people all over my desk to noticed you.”

Trixie’s left eye twitched more rapidly as her face turned red in anger.

“You have to excuse her,” Adagio said flatly. “She’s an idiot.”

Sunset cleared her throat before Trixie had the chance to think about straggling Sonata.

“Listen Trixie, I don’t know what had happened between the two of you and I know you don’t like us, but we are not here to start anything. We just wanted to order our food and have our dinner without incident.”

Trixie glared at Sunset for a moment before she scoffed at her. “Forget it! Trixie will not serve to the cheating Raindorks, a she-demon, the trio of has-been sirens and that Brad guy!”

“It’s Flash!” Flash Sentry cried.

“Trixie doesn’t care!” Trixie said coolly, ignoring the glares from Flash and the rest of the girls. “Anyway, all of you get out of this restaurant at once!”

Rainbow slammed her hands hard on the table. “No way! You can’t kick us out! That’s not fair!”

Trixie smirked. “You forget that Trixie works here Rainbow Dash! I can kick anyone out who doesn’t fit to be in this restau-”


The whole restaurant was suddenly quiet and the room temperature went down for about a thousand degrees colder when they all heard a loud angry man’s voice.

Trixie’s turned towards the source of the noise with wide eyes and began to shake in fear. A man with angry red eyes and long black hair in a red business suit stomped over to a trembling Trixie. Everyone at the restaurant who saw him was shaking in fear, including the Rainbooms, Flash and the Dazzlings. Poor Fluttershy was hiding under the table to avoid that man’s fury. They all assumed that he is Trixie’s boss and she was about to face his wrath. They almost feel sorry for her.


Trixie gulped. “M-M-M-Mr. Sombra, sir! What is-“


Trixie’s legs were shaking at this point. “Sir, Trixie has a good reason this time! These guests are-“


Trixie’s heart was pounding hard as Mr. Sombra was dangerously getting closer to her. “T-T-T-Trixie knows sir, but-“


Mr. Sombra turned towards the gang and to everyone’s surprise; all of his anger that was on his face was replaced by his gentle and polite smile. “I’m terribly sorry for the way my idiotic waitress treated you tonight.” He said sheepishly. “I hope you won’t let her behavior ruined our image. We swear we care about your services as well as your presence to give our meals a chance.”

The girls weren’t sure what to make of this. One minute, he looked like he was ready to tear everyone’s throats out and the next he was as gentle as a lamb. They felt like they were watching a live action performance of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, only much more scarier.

“Uh… that’s quite all right…Mr. Sombra.” Rairty said with a trembling voice.

“Please, call me Sombra miss!” said Sombra with a bow. “Anyway, as a token to our apologies, you may order whatever meal you want for free!

Trixie and everyone at the table gasped.

“REALLY!?” Rainbow shouted with a huge smile on her face. “We’re getting a meal for free!?"

Sombra chuckled. “Oh yes miss. Everything we have here tonight will be free of charge, including our most expensive specials!”

“Are…are you sure?” Fluttershy asked meekly, still partly hiding from under the table. “We don’t want to impose…”

“Oh I insist!” said Sombra. “Don’t you fret none, everything you order will be deduced from Miss Lunamoon’s weekly paycheck.”

“WHAT!” Trixie shouted angrily, completely forgotten about the fear of her boss. “You can’t be serious!”

Sombra turned towards Trixie and then narrowed his eyes. “Oh I’m serious, Lulamoon! Sometimes the only way for anyone to learn is by going through their wallets.”

“THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Trixie screamed. “YOU CAN’T TAKE AWAY TRIXIE’S HARD EARNED CASH AND GIVE IT AWAY TO THESE… LOSERS!” Trixie pointed at her rivals to emphasis her point.

“Would you rather if I give you the pink slip?” said Sombra coldly.

Trixie turned her head away from Sombra with a grunt, unable to say anything.

“I thought so.” Sombra snarled.

Sombra turned towards the gang with his warmth expression again. “Now don’t be shy ladies, just order whatever you want! If you need anything or if my waitress gives you a hard time again, please let me know.”

The teens on the table nodded. “We will. Thank you kindly Sombra,” said Applejack with a tip of her hat.

“Anytime!” Sombra said with a bow. “Have the rest of the good evening!”

As Sombra turned to leave, he leaned towards Trixie’s ear. “Screw up again and you’re done…permanently!

Trixie gulped in fear.

Sombra walked away, disappearing into a dark hallway. A moment later, everyone in the restaurant started talking and the music began to play again, as if that whole event never happened.

After everyone sighed with relief, Rainbow leaned back against her chair with her cocky smile. “Well you heard your boss, start serving us some free food miss high and mighty!

“Easy there Rainbow!” said Applejack. “Trixie is technically paying for our meals!”

“Still free for us!” Rainbow said casually. “It’s not everyday we get this offer so we might as well take advantage of it. Besides, it’s payback for trapping us underneath the stage before the finals of the Battle of the Bands!”

Aria nodded. “For once, I agree with the rainbow-freak, except getting trapped under the stage. We technically influenced her to do it.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes with a huff. “Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. And don’t call me rainbow-freak!”

“Well?” Trixie seethed impatiently. “Are any of you going to order or not?”

For the next couple of minutes, everyone placed their own orders. Rainbow Dash and Flash Sentery ordered Mexican burgers, topped with guacamole with a side of french fries and a soda. Applejack ordered Chimichurri stake with fresh herb chimi verde sauce and a soda. Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy ordered Caesar Salads with no chicken and ice teas. Adagio ordered Cheese Quesadillas and a glass of water while Aria ordered Chicken Enchiladas and a lemon-lime soda. Both Rarity and Pinkie Pie ordered Chicken Fajitas (with hot sauce for Pinkie) with a glass of water.

Finally, it was Sonata’s turn. Trixie’s eyes narrowed. “And what do you want to order?”

Sonata scratched her chin in deep thought. “Uh… let me think…”

Aria gritted her teeth in frustration. “Sonata, we’ve been sitting in this restaurant for more than twenty minutes and you decided to think about what you want to eat now?!

Sonata frowned at Aria with her arms crossed. “Hey, it’s hard to decide! Cut me some slack!”

“Don’t worry about it darling,” said Rarity, reassuring to Sonata. “Just take your time.”

Sonata nodded happily and resumed her deep thought about what she wanted to order.

Aria, Adagio, Rainbow and Trixie were getting impatient with Sonata while the rest of the teens looked tired and hungry. Just as Aria was about to tell Sonata to hurry up, Sonata leaped off of her chair and pointed her finger upward.

“I’ve decided!” Sonata announced!

“FINALLY!” Trixie cried, glad that her waiting was over. “Now what do you want?”

Sonata sat back down to her seat. “I’ll have tacos!” Sonata said happily.

The two other sirens slapped their foreheads and groaned loudly. “Should’ve known,” Adagio muttered.

Trixie sighed heavily. “Fine, do you want beef, chicken or veggie?”

Sonata blinked. “Uhhhhhh…..”

Everyone at the table groaned loudly, while Trixie banged her head on her notepad repeatedly.


Trixie stared at Aria in shock as if she had grown two heads. “Are you crazy!? All three different batches of tacos cost too much for Trixie!”


Trixie gave Aria her glare. “Fine, One of each batches of tacos coming up!” said Trixie while grinding her teeth.

“Oh, and a drink please!” Sonata said cheerfully.

Trixie turned and glared at Sonata. “What kind of drink?”

“I’ll have Sombra’s Super-Ultra-Extra-Large-Barrel-Size-Apple-Cider Drink please!” Sonata answered, oblivious to Trixie’s shock.

“Are you trying to make Trixie suffer!?!” Trixie screeched.

“Whoa there Sonata!” Applejack said hastily. “As much as I love apple cider as much as the next gal, but are ya sure you’re going to drink all dat cider? The menu said here that the Super-Ultra-Whatever-It-Was contains about one hundred and twenty-eight ounces!

Sonata blinked. “So?”

“That’s nearly two gallons!” Applejack cried.

Sonata shrugged. “Eh, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

Before Applejack could argue, Adagio interrupted her. “Oh just let her get that drink! Her stomach is like a black hole! Nothing fills that airhead up!”

Applejack frowned. “You want her to have a stomachache?”

“Would you rather hear her whining for not getting her drink?” Adagio countered.

Applejack opened her mouth to make a comeback, only to realize that she couldn’t think of anything to say to counter that argument. “Touché,” Applejack muttered.

“No way Trixie is serving you that drink!” Trixie snapped. “It’s the most expensive drink on the menu! I rather eat a pinecone!”

“How about we go to your manager’s office and have a talk with him!” Rainbow smirked.

“…Trixie will get you that drink!”

Trixie turned and stomped away from the table to get their drinks.

Rainbow Dash snickered at Trixie’s expense while Applejack gave Rainbow her look.

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t ya?” Applejack asked in her deadpanned voice.

“You bet!” Rainbow chuckled. “Like I said, payback!”

Applejack rolled her eyes and was about to comment, until they heard someone called out to them.

“Well hello there everyone!”

Everyone turned to the source of the voice and spotted two older women who run Canterlot High!

“Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna!” Sunset said, surprised to see the human counterpart of her former mentor. “What are you two doing here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Oh well… my sister and I decided to go out to eat for a change instead at home. I was in a mood for Mexican food so we wanted to try this new place out.” Principal Celestia answered with some hesitation.

“That’s not what you said earlier.” Vice Principal Luna said dryly.

Sunset raised her eyebrow. “Um, what does she-”

“SO, what brings you kids here?” Celestia asked quickly.

“We decided to eat out too!” Rarity replied. “We were originally going to eat Applejack’s meal that she prepared for us… but that didn’t work out.” Everyone at the table nodded while Sonata looked down at the table in shame.

“I see,” said Principal Celestia. “Well, I hoped you kids enjoy yourself tonight. I heard that the food here tasted really good!”

Rainbow smiled. “Oh we’re already looking forward to it!”

Vice Principal Luna turned towards Sonata and cleared her throat. “Sonata, I was going to tell you this on Monday, but since you’re here, I might as well tell you now.”

Everyone gave Vice Principal Luna their full attention, waiting to hear what she had to say.

Vice Principal Luna sighed. “Despite what happened at the cafeteria a few weeks ago, you’ve been on best behavior and helped out around the school. Therefore… I decided to end your weekly detention a week early.”

Everyone gasped in shock. Vice Principal Luna was usually very strict with the rules in school, including having the students stay in detention for a full period of time. To hear that their Vice Principal decided to end Sonata’s time in detention a week early was a real surprise.

“For realizes?” Sonata cried out in joy and her eyes danced with glee. She leaped from her chair and hugged the startled Vice Principal. “Thank you so SO much Vice Principal Luna! I promise I won’t cause another food fight with someone else ever again… even though it was both fun AND delicious!”

After Vice Principal Luna got over her small shock from the hug, she gently separated from Sonata with the look of irritation. “I’m only allowing this ONE time, so don’t expect any more treatments from me. Just… stay out of trouble and don’t make me regret this.” Vice Principal Luna turned and walked away from group to the other side of the restaurant.

Sonata frowned and looked down at the floor, sighed dejectedly. “Even when I tried to make up for what I did, she still hates me… just like everyone else,” she said sadly.

Principal Celestia softly placed her hand on Sonata’s shoulder. “She didn’t hate you Sonata,” she said in her motherly voice. “She was having a long stressful week and probably starving from lack of food. She will come around, you’ll see.”

“She’s right Sonata,” said Sunset. “It was hard for me too when I decided to redeem myself with everyone at school. Some of them are not easily forgivable than others, but they will, once they see just how much you’ve changed. You just need to give Vice Principal Luna some time and she’ll warm up to you.”

Everyone except for Adagio and Aria nodded at Sunset with a smile, approving her speech. Sonata sat back down to her seat and gave Sunset her appreciative smile.

“Well said, Miss Shimmer,” said Principal Celestia. “Anyway, I’ll leave you kids to yourselves now. Enjoy your weekends!” Everyone but the two sirens waved goodbye at their Principal as she walked away while deep in thought.

“Hmmm… I wonder if this place serves cake as dessert?”

Once the principle was out of their sight, Sonata was suddenly hugged by Pinkie. “YAY! You’re not in detection anymore Sonata!” Pinkie cheered. “Now we got more reasons to celebrate tonight!”

“So Sonata’s out a week early, whoop-a-dee-freakin’-doo!” Aria scoffed. “I doubt this will make any difference. She’ll probably end up back in detection within a day tops!”

Everyone glared at Aria except for Adagio while Sonata frowned.

“Hey, cut her some slack!" Rainbow shouted. "You don’t even know for sure if she is going back to detection!”

“What? I’m only speaking the truth.” Aria snapped.

Before Rainbow began to argue, Sunset cleared her throat and gave them her stern look.

“Girls, we just ordered our food.” Sunset said calmly but with force. “I want both of you to try to make it through dinner without starting a fight, okay? Aria, I don’t know Sonata as long as you do, but don’t ever put her down in front of us again! Rainbow, keep your temper in check! The last thing we need is to get thrown out!”

Rainbow and Aria gave each other the stink eyes, but they did not say a word.

There was an awkward silence throughout the table until Flash decided to speak up. “…soooo where’s our drinks? Trixie should brought them over by now…”

Before any of the girls responded, they heard someone huffing and puffing towards them. They turned just in time to see Trixie approaching to their table while carrying a huge glass mug filled with apple cider, which was almost bigger than Trixie’s head. Trixie kept walking towards their table with sweat pouring down from the sides of her face. Once she reached her destination, she slammed the huge glass of cider in front of Sonata. “Huff… puff… Here’s your… special… drink,” said Trixie, nearly out of breath.

Sonata’s eyes lit up and clapped with joy. “Oh boy, apple cider!”

Sonata easily lifted the huge glass up (much to Trixie’s shock) and brought it to her lips, chugging down the sweat taste of apple cider.

While everyone was stunned by Sonata’s fast drinking, Sunset spoke up. “Uh Sonata… maybe you should drink it slowly so you won’t get a stomac-”

Sunset never had the chance to finish her sentence when Sonata suddenly slammed her now empty glass on the table and let out a huge burp.

“Done!” said Sonata with her huge satisfied smile.

Everyone was taken back by how quickly Sonata finished her drink, despite the huge amount.

“What! Already!? But that’s not possible!” Sunset cried out in shock. Sure, she seen Pinkie Pie drank apple cider at a record speed before… and never questioned it, but she never seen someone else drank just as fast or even faster than Pinkie. It was truly mind-boggling!

“Well, it looks like I got myself a completion!” Pinkie said with a huge smile. “Trixie, I would like to change my drink order the same as Sonata’s please!”

Trixie groaned in despair.

Rainbow whispered into Applejack’s ear. “Are you sure those two aren’t lost sisters?” Applejack rolled her eyes at Rainbow’s question.

“Told you it wasn’t a big deal!” Sonata boasted. “I used to lived in the water you know. No way those two-gallons of apple cider is gonna-”

Sonata suddenly stopped speaking when she felt a very uncomfortable pressure from her bladder. Sonata crossed her legs to ease the pain. “Uh-oh… I think now my bladder is full of apple cider!”

Sonata quickly turned to Trixie. “Um… where’s the bathroom in this place?” Sonata asked Trixie in her pleading tone.

Trixie sighed heavily and pointed towards the other side of the restaurant. “The bathroom is just down the hall,” Trixie answered in her flat tone. “Just follow the arrow.”

“Thank you!” Sonata cried.

Sonata immediately leaped out of her chair and she quickly ran towards the hallway as fast as her legs can carry her.


Once Sonata disappeared down the hall, Applejack turned towards Adagio with her one eyebrow raised.

Nothing fills her up, huh?”

Two tall slim men with red and white streaks of hair were carrying a huge box full of food on each side down the hallway.

“Remind me again my dear brother, why are we working in this crappy restaurant?” said one of the men with a red brushy mustache on his face.

“I already told you Flam,” the other responded without a mustache. “We need to make some more money before we start going back on our feet with our new business just to make even more money! You just got to be more patient!”

“Well at this rate, I don’t think I have any more patience left! Especially in this dump!” Flam scoffed, as he struggled with his side of the box he was carrying.

As the two brothers were ready to make a turn to the next hallway, they failed to notice a blue teenaged girl running towards them.


Sonata crashed into the Flim Flam Brothers, which caused them to drop their cargo to the ground and bumped onto the sign on the wall. The arrow was knocked off from the sign and landed onto the floor. Both Sonata and the brothers were on the floor in a daze; tiny pony versions of themselves were spinning around their visions.

Once their heads were cleared, the brothers turned towards their fallen cargo, frowning at the site of a half-opened create with spilled frozen food on the floor. The brothers then turned towards Sonata with irritated glares.

Sonata smiled at them sheepishly. “Heh heh… sorry about that.”

Her eyes then landed on the half open create. “Um… you dropped your box.”

“You don’t say,” Flam said flatly, rolling his eyes.

As the two brothers were picking up the spilled food and put them back in the box, Sonata stared at them in deep thought.

These guys looked familiar.

After watching the brothers in less than a minute, her eyes suddenly lit up. “Oh hey, I recognized you two! Weren’t you the two con artists who once owned a pawn shop at Canterlot Town and then suddenly lost your business in less than a week?”

The two brothers stopped cleaning up the mess and gave Sonata their annoyed glares when they heard her said, con artists.

“For your information… little girl,” Flim hissed. “We would still be in business if not for some country hick girl who accused us for taking her bass-”

“Which we bought fair and square-” Flam added.

“Then lost credibility to our customers-” Flim jumped in.

“And caused us to go bankrupt!” Flam shouted, slamming his fist on their crate in frustration.

“And we are certainly not con artists!” Flim sneered.

“We would prefer ourselves as…promoters!” said Flam with his head held high.

Sonata blinked and then titled her head with a confused look. “Isn’t that the same thing?”

Flim was about to open his mouth to make a rebuttal but Flam interrupted him.

“Forget about her Flim, we still have a job to do! The last thing we want to happen to us is getting fired from this job!”

Flim eyes widened with realization. “Ah yes, you’re right Flam! Let’s go!”

As the brothers finished cleaning up and resealing their box, Sonata quickly stood up from the floor. “Hey um… can either one of you please tell me where the bathroom is?”

As the brothers lifted the box off from the ground, Flim gave Sonata his icy glare.

“You have eyes,” Flim said coldly. “I suggest you follow the arrow! Come my brother!”

The Flim Flam Brothers walked away while carrying their box and disappeared down the hallway.

Sonata frowned at their retreating figures. Well that’s rude!

She turned towards the sign as Flim suggested, only to see that the sign was bare except for the bold word Bathroom on it.

Now where’s the arrow? I don’t see the arrow.

Sonata looked around the hallway until she spotted the arrow on the floor, underneath the sign.

Ah ha, there it is!

Sonata picked up the sign and turned towards the sign again. She was about to place the arrow back on the sign, until she realized that she doesn’t know which direction the arrow was facing, which leads to the bathroom.

Sonata was deep in thought. Hmmm, there are only two hallways and one of them leads to the bathroom. Okay, all I need to do is to approach this in the most logical manor possible…

…and I know just how to do it!

Sonata smiled and then she covered her eyes with her left hand. Then she used her right hand and pointed back and forth to two different directions of the hallway in order.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a dragon by the toe. If he hollers, let him go… my mother told me to pick the very best one and you are I… T… IT… FOR REAL-SIES!”

Sonata uncovered her eyes to see that she was pointing towards the left hallway.

“AH-HA!” Sonata exclaimed with a smile. “That’s where I need to go! Aria said to me that I don’t have logic. Well, joke’s on her!”

Sonata placed the arrow back on the board and have it pointed towards the left hallway and then she hurried down the hall to get to her destination.

Sonata arrived in front of the metal door at the end of the hallway. She opened the door and stepped inside, letting it slammed shut behind her. As Sonata looked around the room, she noticed that this bathroom looked very… different. The colors on the walls are grey and made of metal, including the floor and ceiling. There were plies of boxes almost on each side of the room, except for that one wall which was occupied by a metal cart and various frozen meats, hanging from the ceiling. There were also multiple fans, overhead lights, even icicles, which are hanging almost everywhere around the room.

“…Huh, this is a strange looking bathroom!” Sonata wondered out loud. “How come I don’t see any soap dispensers?”

Before she could look further, she began to shake from the cold air within the room.

“Brrrrr… it’s freezing in here!” Sonata exclaimed while hugging herself to stay warm. “Did someone turned up the AC too high?”

Sonata frowned. “This bathroom stinks… and I don’t mean the smelly kind of stink! I’m gonna give this Bixie girl a piece of my mind!”

Sonata turned around and ran towards the metal door. She turned the long, thin door handle to open, but the handle was stuck in place. With a grunt, she used both of her hands and pulled the handle with a little more force, but it still wouldn’t budge. Desperate, she placed her leg on the wall next to the door and then pulled the handle with all of her strength…

…until the handle popped out of the door, causing her to fell and landed on her butt.

Ignoring the pain from her bottom, she shifted her eyes back and forth between the broken handle, which was now in her hands and the door with no handle. After her brain finally registered all of this, Sonata’s eyes widen.

“…uh oh.”

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As usual, let me know if you see any mistakes, but please be nice! :twilightsmile:

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