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I'm a Sonic fan (obviously) who is also a fan of this show. ...not much else to say.


For the past week, Sonata made a lot more mistakes and been acting more weird than usual when she was trying to help out her friends, the Rainbooms. The gang were very concern for her behavior, until Sunset discovered that Sonata didn't know how to read. To make matters worse, Trixie also found out about Sonata's secret and revealed it to the whole school.

Tried of being mocked by Trixie and the peers from school, she confronted Trixie that she's not dumb for being illiterate and demanded an apology. Trixie decided to make a bet that if Sonata learned how to read by the end of the month, not only Trixie will have to apologize in front of the whole school, but also have to treat Sonata tacos for lunch for the entire month.

Without a second thought, Sonata agreed. But even with the help of her friends, will Sonata be able to learn how to read?

Cover art was made by me.
Featured: 2/8/18

While this is technically a sequel to "Trixie vs. Sonata: Battle of the Last Taco," however it isn't necessary required to read it before this one.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 52 )

You got this from Hey Arnold and can you use someone other than Trixie.

Yes, the show did inspire me to make this fic, but this will have it's own spin of the story. As for Trixie, sorry but she's the antagonist of the story and I have no intention to change it.

Thanks! I actually drew this by hand and then I did the final version on Photoshop. :twilightsmile:

No problem, let me know what you think when you get to it! :pinkiesmile:

I'm asking that because in Hey Arnold, Ernie and Mr. Hyunh discovered it and they're both Oscar's neighbors

Are you asking if there is one more person in this story teasing Sonata other than Trixie?

Comment posted by Random User 22 deleted Feb 8th, 2018

Maybe once since it’s a bit cliche that it’s Trixie and there are others antagonists than Trixie like a EG Starlight Glimmer? I didn’t mean to criticize your work but sometimes the least expected character can be a antagonist like Scorpan the backstabbing gargoyle who betray Tirek who was the only family he trusted.

Sounds interesting. Please continue

I understand. Sometimes it is refreshing to use different characters than the usual ones to keep a story fresh. However, there are certain times that a certain character fits well with the role despite being used too many times.

True, there is possibly that I can use EG Starlight, but we don't know anything about the human Starlight Glimmer yet so I rather use a character that we've seen in the series so far. Using Gilda (although we never seen her in any of EG movies and shorts) as the main obstacle to the girls was done to death the most in my opinion. I also wanted to use someone from CHS as well, so the Shadowbolts and Juniper is out as well. And coming up with an OC is just too risky.

Is having Trixie as the main antagonist was overused as well? Probably. But seeing that she butted heads with them many times before in the EG series, it just makes more sense to me. But like I said, I'll try to put my own spin into this "cliche."

If you're tired of seeing Trixie as the main antagonist, that's fine. I just hope you understand where I come from and still give my story a chance.

That fine, I appreciate that you give it a chance. May I ask what part of my writing style you don't like?

Only now I discovered that this story is the sequel to "Trixie vs Sonata the battle of the last taco", I honestly recommend you to put in the description the link to the prequel of this story because in my opinion that story should be read absolutely!

Yes, this story did referenced my other story "Trixie vs. Sonata: BotLT," however it isn't necessary required to read that story before this one. But you do have a point. I'll be sure to include it in the description.

Read it. So yeah it was ok. All in all it's biggest sin was how bland it was. I was autopilot most of the time and nothing really stuck out. The other things were some of the dialogue was stilted and the ensuing incident was kinda weird. Like I don't think I've ever been to a restaurant where the salt and pepper wasn't just clear shakers. Cute idea but eh.

Wish Trixe incudled her fellow band members in the bet, unless you'e going to have Airea put them in traction.

1) Fluttershy was referring to the time that they accused Sunset as "Anon-A-Miss" and then abandoned Sunset without hearing her out from Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic. I for one despised that comic and I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

you're right, in fact here is another person who hated that comic.

“ Trixie, ” Rainbow growled with contempt. “We should’ve known that she was behind this!”

but only I imagined Rainbow saying the name of Trixie in this way?


Good chapter, I liked it a lot. I can not wait to read the next chapters. I'm curious to see how the girls will do to help Sonata.

So far, so good, I wonder what will happen next.

Grammar mistakes aside, it was a good chapter.

Let's see if Sunset's idea works or fails like the rest.

Will you please tell me which specific parts of this chapter I made these grammar mistakes?

Ok, reading that kind of hurt.

this was so totally heart breaking!

OH COME ON! Adagio and Aira are just as guilty they didn't have to help her cheat, but they did anyways!
They can't pin it on her like that! In fact they are guiltier for helping her cheat rather then saying no or encouraging her to try better.

Let me explain. While they are guilty of helping Sonata out with the worksheets (we'll get to them later on in this story), but Sonata still lied to them.

For Adagio, Sonata lied that she need her help about re-filling the worksheets due to her injury, while Aria just thought that Sonata was lazy, but still helps her anyway because of the rare video game that Sonata got for her.

But what they don't know was that Sonata showed "her" work to her friends afterwords and took all the credit, despite that her sisters did all the work. The fact that Sonata used them for her own gain, they felt betrayed. That was why they were so angry at her.

Hope that explains it.

Suppose so. But dammit....You know really pissed off if Trixie does lose she only pays for Tacos for a month, her so called minions should be forced to pay as well.
They are just as awful as Trixie.

Yes, they are just as bad as Trixie. But don't worry, Trixie, along with the Illusions will get their comeuppance pretty soon.

If the Dazzlings are actually surprised that Sonata can't read, I'm going to be very confused. I mean the three of them obviously aren't blind to Sonata's stupidity.

They weren't surprised that Sonata can't read, they already knew that. What really surprised them was one of the reasons Sonata wanted to read so badly was because she wanted them to be proud of her for something she can accomplish for once instead of constant failings and screwups. They realized that their approval means so much to her since they rarely said anything positive to her, hence their guilt.

thank you for such a great chapter!its great to see sonata working things out and deciding whats best for her.well done!

I love to see Sonata pass, and win the bet, but turns down the offer to pay for the tacos. She simply says. "I didn't do this for the tacos or to rub in you're face. I did this for me....Also I don't want to be like you."

That last part can see her drop her mike and walk off. As it the truth.

I'd love an alternate ending where she wins the bet too, but she wouldn't have learned her lesson. It would just create more reinforcement for Sonata to cheat in the future at the expense of friendship and family. I think you have a better way planned for Sonata to get her just deserts from Trixie. I'm awaiting future updates.

Sonata's going to cheat, isn't she? That's why she wants to do it at home.

what a fantastic and powerful chapter the feels and emotions were fantastic.well done!

I'm loving the story so far. It looks like Sonata's really starting to improve on the reading. I can't wait to see what happens next

Green eggs and Ham as well, and few other dr.Seuss.. Oh and there rocks in mys sock, said the Ox to the fox book.

I lovin it. I can't wait to see what happens next

what awarm and heartfelt chapter it is so nice to see sonata starting to realize her dream.well done to you.

4/19/18 EDIT: I just added the mall scene at the end of Sonata's Hidden Skill chapter because I felt it needed a proper build-up for the next chapter.

I wonder what will happen next. I can't wait to find out

Oh, oh dear me. Well, this is quite the mess now isn't it?

A great ending to a great story. Someone please do a fanfic reading of this

bravo to you on this fine story.and thank you for making sonata shine!

Beautifully done and loved it!

This chapter provided warm fuzzy felines. :scootangel:

This story is so good! It feels like I was watching a move!

This was amazing :rainbowkiss:

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