• Published 3rd Jul 2015
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Freezer Burned - sonicfan05

While dinning at the new restaurant, Sombra’s Taco Ranch, Sonata accidentally switches a restroom sign, which leaves herself, her new friends and quite a few others trapped in the freezer.

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Chapter 5

Half of the restaurant was empty at this point with less customers and staff. Usually, that was when the restaurant was close to closing time, but this place still has more than two hours before closing time. Something was fishy going on in this restaurant, but despite that fact, it was none of the girls concern for a moment.

It’s been a half hour since Rainbow and the two sirens left their table to go find the other girls and they still haven’t returned yet. They all sat in silence with their worry expressions except for Flash.

Finally, Applejack spoke up. “Okay, somethin’s up! First Sonata disappeared, then Sunset, then Trixie, then Pinkie Pie and now Rainbow Dash, Adagio and Aria! Just where the hay are they?”

“Oh my, I’m really getting worried for them!” said Fluttershy nervously. “You don’t think something bad happened to them do you?”

Rarity frowned. “If you asked me that an hour ago, I would say they’ll be fine, but now… I’m very concerned about their whereabouts as well.”

“Not to mention, I still didn’t get my guacamole yet!” Flash complained with a huff.

Flash then noticed the icy glares he was receiving from the three girls, which made him gulp. “Oh… and I’m worried about the girls too… their safety is more important then my stomach... yeah,” Flash said awkwardly.

Applejack gave Flash her hard look before she stood up from her seat. “Well, ah go find them. Even if somethin’ did happened, I can handle it!”

“Alright, but please be careful darling,” said Rarity.

Applejack smiled reassuringly at them and then walked off towards the hallway.

“Are you sure there isn’t another way out of this freezer?” asked the raven-haired girl with pink dress and bowtie.

Sunset sighed for like a hundred times. “No Octavia, there isn’t another way out. So we have no choice but to wait until someone opens that door from the other side.”

“Blast! I knew we should’ve eat somewhere else!” Octavia groaned.

Octavia turned to her DJ friend with spiky blue hair and purple shades. “Why didn’t you stop me Vinyl?” Octavia scolded. Her mute friend just shrugged with an amused smirk.

Within a half hour, more and more people trapped in the freezer with them, including just now, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. One of the newcomers was the chiefs, aka the Flim Flam brothers. They were not amused when they found out who was the cause of this mess, especially when Sonata claimed that it was all their fault. They were already planning to find ways to escape from the freezer.

So far, no dice.

The next new arrivals are the two young couple. One was a strong young man with short orange hair and freckles on his face. He was wearing a white tee with red jacket over it and blue jeans. He is Big Mac, Applejack’s older brother. The other was a light pink woman with long magenta hair. She wore a brown top with white long sleeves and a long green skirt with flowers on them. She is Miss Cheerilee, Canterlot High school’s librarian.

The two of them decided to eat at Sombra’s Taco Ranch for their date… only to cut their date short after they got themselves trapped in the freezer. Big Mac remained calm throughout the ordeal while poor Miss Cheerilee was shivering from the cold, despite that she was wearing Big Mac’s jacket that he offered to her earlier and the hug to keep her warm.

Another newly trapped arrivals were five younger kids from Canterlot High. The two kids were standing far away from the three other children as possible. One was an angry looking pink girl with white hair and a tiara on her head. The other was a grey girl with white hair and light green glasses. They hugged each other to try to keep themselves warm.

The other three kids were more familiar. They are well known trios who would go around the school to unintentionally caused trouble when looking for talents. They formed their own club as, The Crusaders. The only members of the club are Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They are younger sisters to each member of the Rainbooms (except for Scootaloo, she had a surrogate sister). Right now, they were shivering from the cold air within the freezer and they each hugged themselves for warmth.

“A-a-ah knew we s-s-should’ve go to M-M-McDonny’s for d-d-dinner but NO, you g-g-guys preferred to have d-d-dinner at a M-M-Mexican restaurant!” Apple Bloom stated complained while shivering.

“How d-d-do we s-s-supposed to k-k-know that we’ll get t-t-trapped in a f-f-freezer Apple Bloom?” Scottaloo argued while her teeth clattered.

“Hey! M-m-maybe our s-s-special talent is to g-g-get ourselves f-f-frozen s-s-solid!” said a very cold Sweetie Belle.

“T-t-that’s not f-f-funny S-S-Sweetie Belle!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

Apple Bloom frowned. “A-a-ah agree! How c-c-can we s-s-show off our t-t-talents afterwards if we f-f-freeze ourselves to d-d-death?”

Sweetie Belle huffed. “Geeze, t-t-tough c-c-crowd.”

The pink girl with a tiara, who overheard their conversation, shook her head with a scowl. “Id-Id-Idiots!” she mumbled. Her glasses wearing companion nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Vice Principal Luna was busy berating Sonata. “I let you off the hook over an hour ago and you already caused trouble again?”

“Hey come on Vice Principal Luna!” Sonata protested. “It’s not fair that you blame me when something happens before you know the full story!”

Vice Principal Luna cocked her eyebrow with an unamused expression.

“…okay it was me,” said Sonata, scratching the back of her head sheepishly. “But I didn’t mean to get us all trapped in here, honest!”

Principal Celestia walked right up to her sister. “She’s right sister, it was just a mistake. Besides, we won’t be here long.”

Vice Principal Luna gave her sister a flat look. “That’s what you said earlier before the Crusaders arrived, then the server, then the two customers, then the server again, then the chefs—”

“Okay I get it Luna!” Principal Celestia huffed. “I don’t know when we’ll be out, but you got to be more patient.”

“Just one problem Principal Celestia,” said Rainbow. “How long are we going to keep waiting to be rescued before we freeze to death?”

“Maybe if you stop complaining then someone will find us faster!” Aria jeered.

“No one’s asking you Aria!” Rainbow snapped.

“Rainbow, Aria, please stop fighting!” Sunset cried as she stepped in between them. “We won’t accomplish anything if we keep on-”

Suddenly they heard the door open. There stood Applejack with a mixture of shock and confusion on her face.

“Girls? Apple Bloom? Big Mac? Everybody? What the hay is goin’ on round here?”

As Applejack stepped into the room, Aria cried, “Don’t close the—”



Everyone but Applejack groaned loudly.

Applejack looked back over her shoulder at the freezer door, raising an eyebrow as she noticed the missing handle on the door. She turned her head back towards the crowd, specifically at Big Mac with her deadpan expression.

“Let me guess… we’re all trapped in here aren’t we?” asked Applejack.

“Eeyup,” Big Mac answered simply.

“Sign knocked over?”


“Arrow puts back on the wrong way?”


“This ain’t the bathroom?”


“This is the freezer?”


“Dat handle on the door broke?”


“Dat was Sonata?”


“Including the sign?”


“And now y’all been waiting for someone to come in to let everyone out, only y’all kept letting them close the door every time a new person showed up and now we’re waiting for someone else to come in to save us before we might end up freeze to death?”

“…Eeyup,” Big Mac answered while looking at the floor in shame.

Applejack sighed heavily while she pinched her nose. “Well that explains a lot.”

Pinkie leaned over to Sunset and Sonata with her hand over her mouth and whispered, “Remind me not to play twenty questions with Applejack.”

Sonata nodded vigorously while Sunset just stared at Pinkie with her confused look.

Applejack noticed the two familiar looking chiefs at the back of the room and her eyes narrowed. “Hey! What are you two doing here?” Applejack demanded.

The two brothers stood calmly. “Well, just so it happens-” Flim trialed off.

“WE work here!” Flam finished.

Applejack stared at them with her skeptic expression. “To scam some more I bet!”

“We didn’t scam you!” Film replied loudly.

“We bought you bass fair and square!” Flam added just as loudly.

“Which wasn’t supposed to be on sale!” Applejack exclaimed with a frown. “You won’t give it back to me until I work for you two longer than we agreed on!”

“We lost our jobs and credibility thanks to you!” Flim yelled.

“Well, you two deserved it for selling items that don’t belong to you!” Applejack shouted.

Sonata walked up to Applejack with her curious expression. “Hey, you three know each other?” Sonata asked.

“…you could say that.” Applejack replied as she glared at the brothers.

Sonata tapped her chin thoughtfully for a moment, then her eyes lit up. “OH, you must be that country hick girl they were talking about!”

Applejack turned towards Sonata with her shocked expression as well as Big Mac and Apple Bloom.

“They called me WAT!?” Applejack screeched.

Applejack and two of her siblings turned and gave the brothers their murderous glares.

“W-what? N-no we didn’t!” claimed Flam as he was sweating and shaking in fear.

“Y-yeah, she must have heard us wrong.” Flam insisted, who was also sweating and shaking from the sight of the Apple family’s wrath.

Sonata gave the brothers words some thought before shaking her head. “Nah, I’m pretty sure that’s what they said along the lines of that it was Applejack’s fault for ruining them.”

Applejack was about to march over to the cowering brothers a piece of her mind but she was held back by Sunset. “Hold on Applejack, as much as I wanted to punch these con artists myself—”

“WE’RE NOT CON ARTISTS!” Both brothers shouted from the background.

Sunset continued, ignoring them. “But we should focus on getting out of here, that’s most important!”

“Sunset is right,” said Principal Celestia. “Like I said, we should wait for a while until someone else comes in and—”

The door suddenly burst open, revealing an angry looking Sombra. “Where is my staff!? They better not be slacking off or—”

Applejack shouted, “Don’t close the—”



The whole room groaned yet again.

Sombra was flabbergasted at the amount of people in the room. “What is the meaning of this?” Sombra demanded. “Why are my staff and customers in the freezer? Someone better explain this to me right now or—”


Sombra stopped talking when he heard this very familiar voice. He turned to the source and his eyes widen when he spotted someone he hadn’t seen in a long time.

“…Celestia,” Sombra crocked softly. “…is that you?”

Principal Celestia walked up to Sombra until she was about a foot away from him. “Hello Sombra, long time no see!”

“Oh my sweet Celestia,” he breathed. “You are still as lovely and beautiful as I remembered.”

Principal Celestia blushed, but her face remain professional. “I’m flattered! You are looking good yourself! I never imaged you be wearing a suit.”

Sombra nodded. “Yes, I know I’m the least likely person to be a businessman. Especially when I acted… you know… years ago.”

“How are you doing with yourself? You… served your time?” Principal Celestia asked gently.

“Yeah… I was out a couple years early for good behavior, but even when I look back at my actions, I wasn’t very proud of it… especially that I driven you away.” Sombra sighed sadly.

“That’s all in the past Sombra,” said Principal Celestia. “You felt remorseful and you are trying to make up for your actions, that is something to be proud of.”

“Yeah… but my most regret… was to hurt you for my selfish desires.” said Sombra as he looked down in shame.

Principal Celestia walked closer to Sombra until she was inches away from his face. “And I’ve told you from our last visit, I forgave you.” Principal Celestia placed her hand on Sombra’s shoulder. “Now you must forgive yourself.”

Sombra stared deeply at her eyes while his own was getting misty. “I don’t deserved such a kind, wonderful and beautiful woman as you… Celestia.”

They kept staring at each other’s eyes until Sunset cleared her throat.

“Sorry to interrupt, but do you two know each other?” Sunset asked.

Before either of the two responded, Luna answered for them with a sigh. “Yes Sunset, Sombra and my sister… were once a couple.”

“WHAT!” they all screamed in shock.

“Hold on a second!” Pinkie exclaimed. She took out a glass of water from… somewhere… and chugged down the water, only to do a huge spit take and then had a shocking expression afterwards.

“It’s true. Sombra and I used to date when we we’re students of Canterlot High.” Principal Celestia sighed.

“What do you mean, used to?" Sunset asked, after she recovered from her shock.

“Well… let’s just say, I’ve made some… decisions that I thought was right, but I hurt everyone in the process… even Celestia.” Sombra answered awkwardly.

“Wow, Trixie didn’t know you actually had a romantic life back then,” Trixie stated.

Sombra turned and scowled at Trixie. “That’s because it’s none of your business!”

Trixie recoiled in fear.

Realizing that he nearly shown his anger side in front of Celestia, he turned back to her and cleared his throat in an awkward manner. “A-Anyway, I had no right of asking you this, but um… may we… um… go out to lunch sometime… just to catch up? If you’re busy or… not interested then I under—”

“Well I don’t know Sombra,” Celestia trailed off loudly. She was then in her thinking pose. “While I am busy next week…”

Sombra slumped in sadness and disappointment.

Celestia smirked. “But I am available next Thursday at noon. Does that sound good?”

Sombra’s face brightened. “Oh, yes! Next Thursday sounds perfect!”

Celestia smiled sweetly. “Good, then it’s a date!”

The two of them stared deeply at each other’s eyes again in their soft expressions.

Both Rainbow and Aria gagged, while Luna groaned loudly.

“ARGH! This is more torture than slowly freeze to death!” Aria grimaced.

“For once, I agree with you!” Rainbow moaned.

Vice Principal Luna sighed heavily. “Is there any booze in this freezer?”

The three teens sat silently, waiting for Applejack and the other girls to return to their table. They lost track of how long they’ve been waiting, but it felt like forever since Applejack disappeared. Both the girls were highly concerned while Flash Sentry looked like he was ready to sleep.

“Boy do I feel tired,” Flash stated with a yawn. He took out his cell phone to check the time. “Oh no wonder, it’s eight o’clock! I’m usually in bed by now!”

Fluttershy turned to Rarity. “Rarity, I’m very worried for our friends now. Will you please come with me to the bathroom so we can check up on them… if you don’t mind that is.”

Rarity smiled gently. “Of course I’ll come with you Fluttershy, they’ve been gone for a long time. Plus, I had to powder my nose anyway.”

Both the girls stood up from their seats. “Please excuse us Flash,” said Rarity.

Flash nodded while the girls headed off towards the hallway.

“Oh I hope everyone is okay,” Fluttershy said with a worried frown.

Rarity waved her hand reassuringly. “Oh don’t you fret darling, I’m sure they’ll be fine by the time we found them. What could go wrong?"

Author's Note:

You really had to ask that Rarity? :facehoof:

Anyway, stay tuned for the next chapter!

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