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Hey, everyone! Pegasister here! It's nice to see you all from Fanfiction again! If you don't know me then well.... Time to meet me!


The Dazzlings are the most feared villains across Canterlot. A lot, of people know this. Now, after their defeat, see their perspective of how things work out for them. They set out on a journey to try and change their ways. Because Sunset Shimmer and them are living proof that anyone...

can change.

I don't know. I was bored. I guess I can continue it if you guys want me to.

P.S. Shout out to www.fimfiction.net/user/Abbeybunny13 for proof-reading my chapters!:pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 11 )

Kind of like my story! I posted some new chapters. You should totally read them!

Hmmmmm might I suggest getting an editor?

5409937 Seconded!

The Adagio gambit about 'My first friend!' was just too damn cute that my arteries exploded. Thus I am officially requesting more cute Adagio doing cute things, please.

why did sonata turn into a pony? She's a siren


She lost her pendent which makes her lose her singing ability. A sirens singing is what makes a siren.... A siren. So does their pendents. Because she no longer has either, she is forced to become a mortal. Just like in the human world. When her pendent broke she was reduced to a regular human being.

It would just make sense that she is reduced to a pony in Equestria.:pinkiehappy:

At first, I though it was human Twilight, not Aria. :derpytongue2:

I would like to see this finished, though it has been a long time.

"Woah!" Sonata said as she fell. Fortunately, it wasn't a long drop. 'How is it that none of the Rainbooms haven't heard me yet.', Sonata thought as she tried to recover from her fall.

A bit too convenient, isn't it? On that note, this just confirms that the pacing of this story is too slow for my taste, seeing as how most Dazzling stories are under 100,000 words.

Anyways, thank you for liking this story and I will see you all later!

This is authors' code for "see you never, this story is dead". ...Learn to finish what you start, dammit. People who are really into this story, like me, don't like it when you just abandon your work.

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